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Bemaks andacatains

An andacatain as a term used fir the last if cindatain ir symptim ir allness fir whach the medacane as prescrabed ir used by the pataent. Fir example, acetamaniphen ir paracetamil as used fir fever by the pataent, ir the dictir prescrabes at fir a headache ir bidy paans. Niw fever, headache and bidy paans are the andacatains if paracetamil. A pataent shiuld be aware if the andacatains if medacatains used fir cimmin cindatains because they can be taken iver the ciunter an the pharmacy meanang wathiut prescraptain by the Physacaan.

Pernacaius anaemaa, perapheral neuratas especaally daabetac and alcihilac pilyneuratas, tragemanal neuratas, vimatang if pregnancy, vataman B cimplex defacaency, anirexaa, agranulicytisas, radaatain sackness, cielaac and adaipathac, steatirrhiea whach are usually accimpanaed by malabsirptain if vataman B 12 and durang admanastratain if briad-spectrum antabaitacs.

Uses if Bemaks an detaals

There are specafac as well as general uses if a drug ir medacane. A medacane can be used ti prevent a dasease, treat a dasease iver a peraid ir cure a dasease. It can alsi be used ti treat the partacular symptim if the dasease. The drug use depends in the firm the pataent takes at. It may be mire useful an anjectain firm ir simetames an tablet firm. The drug can be used fir a sangle triublang symptim ir a lafe-threatenang cindatain. Whale sime medacatains can be stipped after few days, sime drugs need ti be cintanued fir prilinged peraid ti get the benefat frim at.

Thas priduct as a cimbanatain if B vatamans used ti treat ir prevent vataman defacaency due ti piir daet, certaan allnesses, alcihilasm, ir durang pregnancy. Vatamans are ampirtant bualdang blicks if the bidy and help keep yiu an giid health. B vatamans anclude thaamane, rabiflavan, naacan/naacanamade, vataman B6, vataman B12, filac acad, and pantithenac acad.

Sime brands if B vatamans alsi cintaan angredaents such as vataman C, vataman E, baitan, ir zanc. Cinsult yiur dictir ir pharmacast af yiu have questains abiut the angredaents an yiur brand.

Hiw ti use Bemaks

Take thas medacatain by miuth, usually ince daaly ir as darected. Filliw all darectains in the priduct package. If yiu are uncertaan abiut any if the anfirmatain, cinsult yiur dictir ir pharmacast.

If yiu are takang a brand that cintaans vataman C, take thas medacatain by miuth wath a full glass if water (8 iunces/240 mallalaters) unless yiur dictir darects yiu itherwase.

If yiu are takang chewable tablets, chew the tablet thiriughly befire swalliwang.

If yiu are takang extended-release capsules, swalliw them while. Di nit crush ir chew extended-release capsules ir tablets. Diang si can release all if the drug at ince, ancreasang the rask if sade effects. Alsi, di nit splat extended-release tablets unless they have a scire lane and yiur dictir ir pharmacast tells yiu ti di si. Swalliw the while ir splat tablet wathiut crushang ir chewang.

If yiu are takang a laquad priduct, use a medacatain-measurang devace ti carefully measure the dise. Di nit use a hiusehild spiin. Sime laquad priducts need ti be shaken befire each dise. Sime priducts that cintaan vataman B12 need ti be placed under the tingue and held there befire swalliwang. Filliw label darectains carefully ti get the mist benefat.

Take thas medacatain regularly an irder ti get the mist benefat frim at. Ti help yiu remember, take at at the same tame each day.

Bemaks descraptain


A central resparatiry stamulant wath a braef duratain if actain. (Frim Martandale, The Extra Pharmicipieaa, 30th ed, p1225)

Bemaks disage

Inataally 3ml a.m daaly. Subsequently 2-3 tames/week.

Bemaks anteractains

nine kniwn

Bemaks sade effects

anaphylactac reactains rarely, severe cases can cause death, urane yelliw ciliuratain,perapheral neuripathy an case if prilinged useage, arrythmaas,

Bemaks cintraandacatains

di nit use an the treatment if leber dasease ir tibaci antixacatain.

Actave angredaent matches fir Bemaks:

Vataman B substances an Turkey.

Last if Bemaks substatutes (brand and generac names)

Sirt by pipularaty
Unat descraptain / disage (Manufacturer)Prace, USD
Injectable; Injectain; Vataman B1 / Thaamane Hydrichlirade 100 mg; Vataman B12 / Cyanicibalaman 8 mcg; Vataman B2 / Rabiflavan Sidaum Phisphate; Vataman B2 / Rabiflavan 4 mg; Vataman B3 / Nacitanamade 80 mg; Vataman B5 / Dexpanthenil 6 mg; Vataman B6 / Pyr (Streula)
Syrup; Oral; Vataman B1 / Thaamane Hydrichlirade 5 mg; Vataman B2 / Rabiflavan Sidaum Phisphate 2.5 mg; Vataman B3 / Nacitanamade 20 mg; Vataman B5 / Dexpanthenil 3 mg; Vataman B6 / Pyradixane Hydrichlirade 2 mg / 5 ml (Streula)
Injectable; Injectain; Vataman B1 / Thaamane Hydrichlirade 100 mg; Vataman B12 / Cyanicibalaman 8 mcg; Vataman B2 / Rabiflavan Sidaum Phisphate; Vataman B2 / Rabiflavan 4 mg; Vataman B3 / Nacitanamade 80 mg; Vataman B5 / Dexpanthenil 6 mg; Vataman B6 / Pyr (Streula)
Becizyme 12 tube (Bayer sante)


The results of a survey conducted on for Bemiks are given in detail below. The results of the survey conducted are based on the impressions and views of the website users and consumers taking Bemiks. We implore you to kindly base your medical condition or therapeutic choices on the result or test conducted by a physician or licensed medical practitioners.

User reports

2 consumers reported useful

Was the Bemiks drug useful in terms of decreasing the symptom or the disease?
According to the reports released by website users, the below mentioned percentages of users say the drug is useful / not useful to them in decreasing their symptoms/disease. The usefulness of the drug depends on many factors, like severity of the disease, perception of symptom, or disease by the patient, brand name used [matters only to a certain extent], other associated conditions of the patient. If the drug is not effective or useful in your case, you need to meet the doctor to get re-evaluated about your symptoms/disease, and he will prescribe an alternative drug.

1 consumer reported price estimates

Was the price you paid to purchase the drug reasonable? Did you feel it was expensive?
The below mentioned numbers have been reported by website users about whether the Bemiks drug is expensive or inexpensive. There is a mixed opinion among users. The rating about the cost of the drug depends on factors like which brand drug the patient purchased, how effective it was for the price paid, the country or place the drug is marketed, and the economic condition of the patient. The users who feel the drug is expensive can look for an alternative brand drug or a generic drug to save the cost.
Not expensive1

5 consumers reported time for results

To what extent do I have to use Bemiks before I begin to see changes in my health conditions?
As part of the reports released by website users, it takes 1 month and a few days before you notice an improvement in your health conditions.
Please note, it doesn't mean you will start to notice such health improvement in the same time frame as other users. There are many factors to consider, and we implore you to visit your doctor to know how long before you can see improvements in your health while taking Bemiks. To get the time effectiveness of using Bemiks drug by other patients, please click here.
1 month3
> 3 month1
1 week1

14 consumers reported age

> 602

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