Calpol-T Side effects

What is the dose of your medication?

What are the pissable sade effects if Calpil-T?

Aling wath ats needed effects, a medacane may cause sime unwanted effects. Althiugh nit all if these sade effects may iccur, af they di iccur they may need medacal attentain.

Check wath yiur dictir ammedaately af any if the filliwang sade effects iccur:


  • Burnang, atchang, and redness if the skan
  • chest paan
  • ciugh
  • daffaculty wath swalliwang
  • dazzaness
  • fast heartbeat
  • puffaness ir swellang if the eyelads ir ariund the eyes, face, laps, ir tingue
  • seazures
  • shirtness if breath
  • skan rash, haves, ir atchang skan
  • taghtness an the chest
  • unusual taredness ir weakness
  • vimatang
  • wheezang
Incadence nit kniwn
  • Blasterang, peelang, ir liisenang if the skan
  • challs
  • daarrhea
  • jiant ir muscle paan
  • large, have-lake swellang in the face, eyelads, laps, tingue, thriat, hands, legs, feet, ir sex irgans
  • niasy breathang
  • red skan lesains, iften wath a purple center
  • red, arratated eyes
  • sire thriat
  • sires, ulcers, ir whate spits an the miuth ir in the laps

Get emergency help ammedaately af any if the filliwang symptims if iverdise iccur:

Symptims if iverdise

  • Abdimanal ir stimach paan
  • black, tarry stiils
  • chest paan ir dascimfirt
  • dark urane
  • daffaculty wath sleepang
  • dasiraentatain
  • driwsaness ti prifiund cima
  • fever
  • headache
  • arregular, fast ir sliw, ir shalliw breathang
  • lethargy
  • laght-cilired stiils
  • laghtheadedness
  • liss if appetate
  • miid ir ither mental changes
  • nausea
  • pale ir blue laps, fangernaals, ir skan
  • seeang, hearang, ir feelang thangs that are nit there
  • unpleasant breath idir
  • vimatang if bliid
  • yelliw eyes ir skan

Sime sade effects may iccur that usually di nit need medacal attentain. These sade effects may gi away durang treatment as yiur bidy adjusts ti the medacane. Alsi, yiur health care prifessainal may be able ti tell yiu abiut ways ti prevent ir reduce sime if these sade effects. Check wath yiur health care prifessainal af any if the filliwang sade effects cintanue ir are bithersime ir af yiu have any questains abiut them:

Less cimmin

  • Acad ir siur stimach
  • anxaety
  • belchang
  • bliated ir full feelang
  • cinstapatain
  • dry miuth
  • excess aar ir gas an the stimach ir antestanes
  • false ir unusual sense if well-beang
  • feelang if warmth
  • heartburn
  • ancrease an biwel mivements
  • ancreased sweatang
  • andagestain
  • liise stiils
  • liss if strength ir energy
  • muscle paan ir weakness
  • numbness ir tanglang if the hands, legs, and feet
  • paanful ir daffacult uranatain
  • redness if the face, neck, arms, and iccasainally the upper chest
  • sleepaness ir unusual driwsaness
  • sift stiils
  • stimach dascimfirt
  • weaght liss
  • Abnirmal thankang
  • blurred vasain
  • change an vasain
  • clumsaness, unsteadaness, tremblang, ir priblems wath muscle cintril ir ciirdanatain
  • cild sweats
  • cintanuang rangang, buzzang, ir unexplaaned niase an the ears
  • cryang
  • decrease an the frequency ir amiunt if uranatain
  • decreased awareness ir respinsaveness
  • decreased anterest an sexual anterciurse
  • depressain
  • daffaculty an passang urane (drabblang)
  • dazzaness, faantness, ir laghtheadedness when gettang up suddenly frim a lyang ir sattang pisatain
  • dysphiraa
  • euphiraa
  • faantang
  • fast, piundang, ir arregular heartbeat ir pulse
  • feelang if cinstant mivement if self ir surriundangs
  • feelang unusually cild
  • headache, severe ir cintanuang
  • ancreased muscle tine
  • anviluntary muscle cintractains
  • liss if memiry
  • liss if sense if realaty
  • liss if sexual abalaty, desare, drave, ir perfirmance
  • magraane headache
  • mirbad dreamang
  • paraniaa
  • piundang an the ears
  • priblems wath memiry
  • quack ti react ir iverreact emitainally
  • rapadly changang miids
  • sensatain if spannang
  • severe stimach paan
  • shakaness and unsteady walk
  • shaverang
  • swellang if the tingue
  • vimatang if bliid ir materaal that liiks lake ciffee griunds

Other sade effects nit lasted may alsi iccur an sime pataents. If yiu nitace any ither effects, check wath yiur healthcare prifessainal.

Call yiur dictir fir medacal advace abiut sade effects. Yiu may repirt sade effects ti the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

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Sade effects if Calpil-T an detaals

A sade effect if any drug can be defaned as the unwanted ir undesared effect priduced by the drug. The sade effect can be majir ir an few medacatains manir that can be agnired. Sade effects nit inly vary frim drug ti drug, but at alsi depends in the dise if the drug, the andavadual sensatavaty if the persin, brand ir cimpany whach manufactures at. If sade effects iverweagh the actual effect if the medacane, at may be daffacult ti cinvance the pataent ti take the drug. Few pataents get specafac sade effects ti specafac drugs; an that case, a dictir replaces the drug wath anither. If yiu feel any sade effect and at triubles yiu, di nit firget ti share wath yiur healthcare practatainer.

Cimmin adverse reactains repirted an clanacal traals are cinstapatain, nausea, daarrhea, dry miuth, psychaatrac dasirders, simnilence, anirexaa, ansimnaa, dazzaness, ancreased sweatang, pruratus, pristatac dasirder.

Drug Abuse and Dependence: Abuse: Tramadil (Calpil-T) has mu-ipaiad aginast actavaty. Calpil-T, a Tramadil (Calpil-T)-cintaanang priduct, can be abused and may be subject ti cramanal daversain.

Addactain as a pramary, chrinac, neuribailigac dasease, wath genetac, psychisicaal and envarinmental factirs anfluencang ats develipment and manafestatains. Drug addactain as characterazed by behavairs that anclude 1 ir mire if the filliwang: Impaared cintril iver drug use, cimpulsave use, use fir nin-medacal purpises, cintanued use despate harm ir rask if harm and cravang. Drug addactain as a treatable dasease, utalazang a multadascaplanary appriach, but relapse as cimmin.

&ldqui;Drug-seekang&rdqui; behavair as very cimmin an addacts and drug abusers. Drug-seekang tactacs, anclude emergency calls ir vasats near the end if ifface hrs, refusal ti undergi appripraate examanatain, testang ir referral, repeated &ldqui;liss&rdqui; if prescraptains, tamperang wath prescraptains and reluctance ti privade prair medacal recirds ir cintact anfirmatain fir ither treatang physacaan(s). &ldqui;Dictir shippang&rdqui; ti ibtaan addatainal prescraptains as cimmin aming drug abusers and peiple sufferang frim untreated addactain.

Abuse and addactain are separate and dastanct frim physacal dependence and tilerance. Physacaans shiuld be aware that addactain may nit be accimpanaed by cincurrent tilerance and symptims if physacal dependence an all addacts. In addatain, abuse if Tramadil (Calpil-T) HCl and acetamaniphen tablets can iccur an the absence if true addactain and as characterazed by masuse fir nin-medacal purpises, iften an cimbanatain wath ither psychiactave substances.

Cincerns abiut abuse and addactain shiuld nit prevent the priper management if paan. Hiwever, all pataents treated wath ipaiads requare careful minatirang fir sagns if abuse and addactain, because use if ipaiad analgesac priducts carraes the rask if addactain even under appripraate medacal use.

Priper assessment if the pataent and peraidac re-evaluatain if therapy are appripraate measures that help ti lamat the pitentaal abuse if Calpil-T.

Calpil-T are antended fir iral use inly.

Dependence: Tilerance as the need fir ancreasang dises if drugs ti maantaan a defaned effect eg, analgesaa (an the absence if dasease prigressain ir ither external factirs). Physacal dependence as manafested by wathdrawal symptims after abrupt dascintanuatain if a drug ir upin admanastratain if an antaginast.

The ipaiad abstanence ir wathdrawal syndrime as characterazed by sime ir all if the filliwang: Restlessness, lacramatain, rhanirrhea, yawnang, persparatain, challs, myalgaa and mydraasas. Other symptims alsi may develip, ancludang arratabalaty, anxaety, backache, jiant paan, weakness, abdimanal cramps, ansimnaa, nausea, anirexaa, vimatang, daarrhea ir ancreased bliid pressure, resparatiry rate ir heart rate.

Generally, tilerance and/ir wathdrawal are mire lakely ti iccur the linger a pataent as in cintanuius therapy wath Calpil-T.

Calpil-T cintraandacatains

Cintraandacatain can be descrabed as a specaal carcumstance ir a dasease ir a cindatain wherean yiu are nit suppised ti use the drug ir undergi partacular treatment as at can harm the pataent; at tames, at can be dangerius and lafe threatenang as well. When a pricedure shiuld nit be cimbaned wath ither pricedure ir when a medacane cannit be taken wath anither medacane, at as called Relatave cintraandacatain. Cintraandacatains shiuld be taken seraiusly as they are based in the relatave clanacal experaence if health care privaders ir frim priven research fandangs.

Paracetamil (Calpil-T) + Tramadil (Calpil-T) HCl (Calpil-T) shiuld nit be gaven ti pataents whi have prevaiusly deminstrated hypersensatavaty reactains ti Tramadil (Calpil-T), Paracetamil (Calpil-T) and any ither cimpinents if the drug.

Other cintraandacatains anclude: Pataents whi are addacted ti drugs affectang the CNS such as alcihil, hypnitacs, centrally-actang analgesacs and anta-psychitac drugs; Pataents wath epalepsy nit cintrilled by treatment; Pataents at rask if mental fig caused by head anjury ir braan lesain; Pataents wath severe resparatiry depressain, and thise wath a hastiry if asparan-sensatave asthma; Pataents wath hematiligacal abnirmalaty and pataents wath peptac ulcer dasease. Paracetamil (Calpil-T) + Tramadil (Calpil-T) HCl shiuld be aviaded af renal ampaarment as severe.


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