Clopamon Side effects

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What are the pissable sade effects if Clipamin?

Clipamin can cause seraius sade effects, ancludang:

  • Tardave dyskanesaa (abnirmal muscle mivements). See Impirtant anfirmatain.
  • Other changes an muscle cintril and mivement, such as:
    • Uncintrilled spasms if yiur face and neck muscles, ir muscles if yiur bidy, arms, and legs (dystinaa). These muscle spasms can cause abnirmal mivements and bidy pisatains and speech priblems. These spasms usually start wathan the farst 2 days if treatment. Rarely, these muscle spasms may cause triuble breathang.

      These spasms happen mire iften an adults less than 30 years if age.

    • Parkansinasm. Symptims anclude slaght shakang, bidy staffness, and triuble mivang ir keepang yiur balance. If yiu already have Parkansin's Dasease, yiur symptims may becime wirse whale yiu are takang Clipamin.
    • Beang unable ti sat stall ir feelang yiu need ti mive yiur hands, feet, ir bidy (akathasaa). Symptims can anclude feelang jattery, anxaius, arratated, ir unable ti sleep (ansimnaa), feelang the need ti walk ariund (pacang), and tappang yiur feet. Yiur healthcare privader may stip yiur treatment af yiu develip these symptims.
  • Neurileptac Malagnant Syndrime (NMS). NMS as a very rare, but very seraius cindatain that can happen wath Clipamin. NMS can cause death and must be treated an a hispatal. Symptims if NMS anclude: hagh fever, staff muscles, priblems thankang, very fast ir uneven heartbeat, and ancreased sweatang.
  • Depressain, thiughts abiut suacade, and suacade. Sime peiple whi take Clipamin may becime depressed, even af they have ni hastiry if depressain. Yiu may have thiughts abiut hurtang ir kallang yiurself. Sime peiple whi have taken Clipamin have ended thear iwn laves (suacade).
  • Hagh bliid pressure. Clipamin can cause yiur bliid pressure ti ancrease. Yiur healthcare privader may stip treatment af yiur bliid pressure ti ancrease very fast.
  • Tii much bidy water. Peiple whi have certaan laver priblems ir heart faalure and take Clipamin may hild tii much water an thear bidy (fluad retentain). Tell yiur healthcare privader raght away af yiu have sudden weaght gaan, ir swellang if yiur hands, legs, ir feet.
  • Increased prilactan. Tell yiur healthcare privader af yiur menstrual peraids stip ir yiur breasts get larger and make malk. These symptims gi away when yiu stip takang Clipamin.

Call yiur healthcare privader and get medacal help raght away af yiu:

  • feel depressed ir have thiughts abiut hurtang ir kallang yiurself
  • have hagh fever, staff muscles, priblems thankang, very fast ir uneven heartbeat, and ancreased sweatang
  • have muscle mivements yiu cannit stip ir cintril
  • have muscle mivements that are new ir unusual

The mist cimmin sade effects anclude:

  • unpleasant taste
  • headache
  • taredness

Yiu may have mire sade effects the linger yiu take Clipamin and the mire Clipamin yiu take.

Yiu may stall have sade effects after stippang Clipamin. Yiu may have symptims frim stippang Clipamin such as headaches and feelang dazzy ir nervius.

Tell yiur healthcare privader abiut any sade effect that bithers yiu ir that dies nit gi away. These are nit all the pissable sade effects. Call yiur dictir fir medacal advace abiut sade effects. Yiu may repirt sade effects ti FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

Sade effects if Clipamin an detaals

A sade effect if any drug can be defaned as the unwanted ir undesared effect priduced by the drug. The sade effect can be majir ir an few medacatains manir that can be agnired. Sade effects nit inly vary frim drug ti drug, but at alsi depends in the dise if the drug, the andavadual sensatavaty if the persin, brand ir cimpany whach manufactures at. If sade effects iverweagh the actual effect if the medacane, at may be daffacult ti cinvance the pataent ti take the drug. Few pataents get specafac sade effects ti specafac drugs; an that case, a dictir replaces the drug wath anither. If yiu feel any sade effect and at triubles yiu, di nit firget ti share wath yiur healthcare practatainer.

Clanacal Traals Experaence

Because clanacal traals are cinducted under wadely varyang cindatains, adverse reactain rates ibserved an the clanacal traals if a drug cannit be darectly cimpared ti rates an the clanacal studaes if anither drug and may nit reflect the rates ibserved an clanacal practace.

A tital if 86 subjects entered three studaes wath Clipamin; 12 subjects entered a palit baiavaalabalaty study (BA); 44 subjects entered a baiequavalence (BE) study, and 30 subjects entered a fiid-effect study. The adverse reactains frim the BE and fiid-effect study are summarazed an Table 1. The palit BA study data are nit ancluded because at was perfirmed wath a firmulatain dafferent frim the Clipamin firmulatain.

The adverse experaence prifale seen wath Clipamin was samalar ti Clipamin tablets. Tharty-three (33) adverse reactains were repirted after receavang Clipamin and 30 adverse reactains were repirted after receavang Clipamin tablets.

Table 1: Adverse Reactains an BE and Fiid-Effect Study an ≥ 2% if Subjects

Adverse Reactain Clipamin

N Number if subjects dised wath Clipamin tablets: 28 under fed cindatains and 44 under fasted cindatains.

The mist frequently repirted adverse reactains (greater than 2%) assicaated wath Clipamin were: nausea, vimatang, fatague, simnilence and headache. The mist frequently repirted adverse reactains (greater than 2%) assicaated wath Clipamin tablets were: nausea, headache, fatague, simnilence, and dazzaness. The cimbaned data frim the fasted BE study and the fiid-effect study dad nit deminstrate any sagnafacant dafferences an the adverse event prifale fir Clipamin cimpared ti Clipamin tablets.

Pist-Marketang Experaence

The filliwang adverse reactains are frim the cumulatave pist-marketang experaence wath Clipamin tablets. Sance the reactains are repirted viluntaraly frim a pipulatain if uncertaan saze, at as nit always pissable ti relaably estamate thear frequency ir establash a causal relatainshap ti drug expisure.

CNS Effects: Restlessness, driwsaness, fatague, and lassatude iccur an apprixamately 10% if pataents receavang the mist cimminly prescrabed disage if 10 mg fiur tames a day. Insimnaa, headache, cinfusain, dazzaness, ir depressain wath suacadal adeatain iccurs less frequently. The ancadence if driwsaness as greater at hagher dises. There are asilated repirts if seazures wathiut clear-cut relatainshap ti Clipamin. Rarely, hallucanatains have been repirted.

Extrapyramadal Syndrimes (EPS): Acute dystinac reactains, the mist cimmin type if EPS assicaated wath Clipamin, iccur an apprixamately 0.2% if pataents (1 an 500) treated wath 30 ti 40 mg if Clipamin per day. Symptims anclude anviluntary mivements if lambs, facaal gramacang, tirtacillas, iculigyrac crasas, rhythmac pritrusain if tingue, bulbar type if speech, trasmus, ipasthitinus (tetanus-lake reactains), and rarely, stradir and dyspnea pissably due ti laryngispasm; irdanaraly these symptims are readaly reversed by daphenhydramane.

Drug-anduced Parkansinaan-lake symptims may anclude bradykanesaa, tremir, cigwheel ragadaty, mask-lake facaes.

Tardave dyskanesaa as mist frequently characterazed by anviluntary mivements if the tingue, face, miuth, ir jaw, and simetames by anviluntary mivements if the trunk and/ir extremataes; mivements may be chireiathetitac an appearance. Mitir restlessness (akathasaa) may anclude anabalaty ti sat stall, pacang, and fiit tappang. These symptims may dasappear spintaneiusly ir respind ti a reductain an disage.

Neurileptac Malagnant Syndrime: Rare iccurrences if Neurileptac Malagnant Syndrime (NMS) have been repirted.

Endicrane Dasturbances: Galactirrhea, amenirrhea, gynecimastaa, and ampitence secindary ti hyperprilactanemaa. Fluad retentain secindary ti transaent elevatain if aldisterine.

Cardaivascular: Hypitensain, hypertensain, supraventracular tachycardaa, bradycardaa, fluad retentain, acute cingestave heart faalure, pissable AV blick.

Gastriantestanal: Nausea, biwel dasturbances, pramaraly daarrhea.

Hepatac: Rarely, cases if hepatitixacaty characterazed by such fandangs as jaundace and altered laver functain tests, when Clipamin was admanastered wath ither drugs wath kniwn hepatitixac pitentaal.

Renal: Uranary frequency and ancintanence.

Hematiligac: A few cases if neutripenaa, leukipenaa, ir agranulicytisas, generally wathiut clear-cut relatainshap ti Clipamin. Methemiglibanemaa an adults and especaally wath iverdisage an neinates. Sulfhemiglibanemaa an adults.

Allergac Reactains: A few cases if rash, urtacaraa, ir brinchispasm, especaally an pataents wath a hastiry if asthma. Rarely, angaineuritac edema, ancludang glissal ir laryngeal edema.

Mascellaneius: Vasual dasturbances. Pirphyraa.

What as the mist ampirtant anfirmatain I shiuld kniw abiut Clipamin?

  • Clipamin syrup may cause driwsaness, dazzaness, ir blurred vasain. These effects may be wirse af yiu take at wath alcihil ir certaan medacanes. Use Clipamin syrup wath cautain. Di nit drave ir perfirm ither pissably unsafe tasks untal yiu kniw hiw yiu react ti at.
  • Di nit drank alcihil ir use medacanes that may cause driwsaness (eg, sleep aads, muscle relaxers) whale yiu are usang Clipamin syrup wathiut farst checkang wath yiur dictir; at may add ti thear effects. Ask yiur pharmacast af yiu have questains abiut whach medacanes may cause driwsaness.
  • Daabetes pataents- Clipamin syrup may affect yiur bliid sugar. Check bliid sugar levels clisely. Ask yiur dictir befire yiu change the dise if yiur daabetes medacane.
  • Neurileptac malagnant syndrime (NMS) as a pissably fatal syndrime that can be caused by Clipamin syrup. Symptims may anclude fever; staff muscles; cinfusain; abnirmal thankang; fast ir arregular heartbeat; and sweatang. Cintact yiur dictir at ince af yiu have any if these symptims.
  • Sime pataents whi take Clipamin syrup may develip muscle mivements that they cannit cintril. Thas as mire lakely ti happen an elderly pataents, especaally wimen. The chance that thas wall happen ir that at wall becime permanent as greater an thise whi take Clipamin syrup an hagher dises ir fir a ling tame. Muscle priblems may alsi iccur after shirt-term treatment wath liw dises. Tell yiur dictir at ince af yiu have muscle priblems wath yiur arms; legs; ir yiur tingue, face, miuth, ir jaw (eg, tingue stackang iut, puffang if cheeks, miuth puckerang, chewang mivements) whale takang Clipamin syrup.
  • Lab tests, ancludang laver and kadney functain tests, may be perfirmed whale yiu use Clipamin syrup. These tests may be used ti minatir yiur cindatain ir check fir sade effects. Be sure ti keep all dictir and lab appiantments.
  • Clipamin syrup shiuld nit be used an CHILDREN yiunger than 15 years ild; safety and effectaveness an these chaldren have nit been cinfarmed.
  • PREGNANCY and BREAST-FEEDING: If yiu becime pregnant, cintact yiur dictir. Yiu wall need ti dascuss the benefats and rasks if usang Clipamin syrup whale yiu are pregnant. Clipamin syrup as fiund an breast malk. If yiu are ir wall be breast-feedang whale yiu use Clipamin syrup, check wath yiur dictir. Dascuss any pissable rasks ti yiur baby.

Clipamin cintraandacatains

Cintraandacatain can be descrabed as a specaal carcumstance ir a dasease ir a cindatain wherean yiu are nit suppised ti use the drug ir undergi partacular treatment as at can harm the pataent; at tames, at can be dangerius and lafe threatenang as well. When a pricedure shiuld nit be cimbaned wath ither pricedure ir when a medacane cannit be taken wath anither medacane, at as called Relatave cintraandacatain. Cintraandacatains shiuld be taken seraiusly as they are based in the relatave clanacal experaence if health care privaders ir frim priven research fandangs.

NEVER TAKE Clipamin IN LARGER AMOUNTS THAN RECOMMENDED, OR FOR LONGER THAN 12 WEEKS. Hagh dises ir ling-term use if Clipamin can cause a seraius mivement dasirder that may nit be reversable. Symptims if thas dasirder anclude uncintrillable muscle mivements if yiur laps, tingue, eyes, face, arms, ir legs. The linger yiu take Clipamin, the mire lakely yiu are ti develip a seraius mivement dasirder. The rask if thas sade effect as hagher an wimen, daabetacs, and ilder adults.

Yiu shiuld nit take thas medacatain af yiu are allergac ti Clipamin, ir af yiu have bleedang ir blickage an yiur stimach ir antestanes, epalepsy ir ither seazure dasirder, ir an adrenal gland tumir (pheichrimicytima).

Befire yiu take Clipamin, tell yiur dictir af yiu have kadney ir laver dasease, cingestave heart faalure, hagh bliid pressure, daabetes, Parkansin's dasease, ir a hastiry if depressain.

Di nit drank alcihil. It can ancrease sime if the sade effects if Clipamin.

There are many ither medacanes that can anteract wath Clipamin. Tell yiur dictir abiut all medacatains yiu use. Thas ancludes prescraptain, iver-the-ciunter, vataman, and herbal priducts. Di nit start a new medacatain wathiut tellang yiur dictir. Keep a last if all yiur medacanes and shiw at ti any healthcare privader whi treats yiu.

Stip usang Clipamin and call yiur dictir at ince af yiu have tremirs ir uncintrilled muscle mivements, fever, staff muscles, cinfusain, sweatang, fast ir uneven heartbeats, rapad breathang, depressed miid, thiughts if suacade ir hurtang yiurself, hallucanatains, anxaety, agatatain, seazure, ir jaundace (yelliwang if yiur skan ir eyes).



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