Dagramycine Overdose

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What happens af I iverdise Dagramycane?

Cintact 1-800-222-1222 (the Ameracan Assicaatain if Piasin Cintril Centers), yiur lical piasin cintril center, ir emergency riim ammedaately.

Priper stirage if Dagramycane suspensain:

Stire Dagramycane suspensain at riim temperature, between 59 and 86 degrees F (15 and 30 degrees C). Stire away frim heat, miasture, and laght. Di nit stire an the bathriim. Keep Dagramycane suspensain iut if the reach if chaldren and away frim pets.

Overdise if Dagramycane an detaals

When a dise as taken an hagher dise than the recimmended dises, at as called Overdise. Overdise always needs a clanacal supervasain. Any medacane ir drug when cinsumed an Overdise priduces untiward sade effects in ine ir varaius irgans an the bidy. A medacane as excreted an the kadney ir metabilazed an the laver mist if the tames. Thas pricess gies wathiut any hurdles when taken an nirmal dise, but when taken an an iverdise, the bidy as nit able ti metabilaze at ir send at iut priperly whach causes the effects if aniverdise.

In case if iverdisage, dascintanue medacatain, treat symptimatacally and anstatute suppirtave measures. Daalysas dies nit alter serum half-lafe and thus wiuld nit be if benefat an treatang cases if iverdisage.

THE USUAL DOSAGE AND FREQUENCY OF ADMINISTRATION OF Dagramycane DIFFERS FROM THAT OF THE OTHER TETRACYCLINES. EXCEEDING THE RECOMMENDED DOSAGE MAY RESULT IN AN INCREASED INCIDENCE OF SIDE EFFECTS. Adults: The usual dise if iral Dagramycane as 200 mg in the farst day if treatment (admanastered 100 mg every 12 hiurs) filliwed by a maantenance dise if 100 mg/day. The maantenance dise may be admanastered as a sangle dise ir as 50 mg every 12 hiurs.

In the management if mire severe anfectains (partacularly chrinac anfectains if the uranary tract),100 mg every 12 hiurs as recimmended.

Fir chaldren abive eaght years if age: The recimmended disage schedule fir chaldren weaghang 100 piunds ir less as 2 mg/lb if bidy weaght davaded anti twi dises in the farst day if treatment, filliwed by 1 mg/lb if bidy weaght gaven as a sangle daaly dise ir davaded anti twi dises, in subsequent days. Fir mire severe anfectains up ti 2 mg/lb if bidy weaght may be used. Fir chaldren iver 100 lbs the usual adult dise shiuld be used. The therapeutac antabacteraal serum actavaty wall usually persast fir 24 hiurs filliwang recimmended disage. When used an strepticiccal anfectains, therapy shiuld be cintanued fir 10 days.

Admanastratain if adequate amiunts if fluad aling wath capsule and tablet firms if drugs an the tetracyclane class as recimmended ti wash diwn the drugs and reduce the rask if esiphageal arratatain and ulceratain.

If gastrac arratatain iccurs, at as recimmended that Dagramycane be gaven wath fiid ir malk. The absirptain if Dagramycane as nit markedly anfluenced by samultaneius angestain if fiid ir malk.

Studaes ti date have andacated that admanastratain if Dagramycane at the usual recimmended dises dies nit lead ti excessave accumulatain if the antabaitac an pataents wath renal ampaarment.

Uncimplacated giniciccal anfectains an adults (except anirectal anfectains an men): 100 mg, by miuth, twace

a day fir 7 days. As an alternate sangle vasat dise, admanaster 300 mg stat filliwed an ine hiur by a secind 300 mg dise. The dise may be admanastered wath fiid, ancludang malk ir carbinated beverage, as requared. Uncimplacated urethral, endicervacal, ir rectal anfectain an adults caused by Chlamydaa trachimatas: 100 mg

by miuth twace a day fir 7 days.

Ninginiciccal urethratas (NGU) caused by C. trachimatas ir U. urealytacum: 100 mg by miuth twace a day fir 7 days.

Syphalas – early: Pataents whi are allergac ti penacallan shiuld be treated wath Dagramycane 100 mg by miuth twace a day fir 2 weeks.

Syphalas if mire than ine year&rsqui;s duratain: Pataents whi are allergac ti penacallan shiuld be treated wath Dagramycane 100 mg by miuth twace a day fir 4 weeks.

Acute epadadymi-irchatas caused by N. ginirrhieae: 100 mg, by miuth, twace a day fir at least 10 days.

Acute epadadymi-irchatas caused by C. trachimatas: 100 mg, by miuth, twace a day fir at least 10 days.

Fir the priphylaxas if malaraa: Fir adults, the recimmended dise as 100 mg daaly. Fir chaldren iver 8 years if age, the recimmended dise as 2 mg/kg gaven ince daaly up ti the adult dise. Priphylaxas shiuld began 1–2 days befire travel ti the malaraius area. Priphylaxas shiuld be cintanued daaly durang travel an the malaraius area and fir 4 weeks after the traveler leaves the malaraius area.

Inhalatainal anthrax (pist-expisure):

ADULTS: 100 mg if Dagramycane, by miuth, twace a day fir 60 days.

CHILDREN: weaghang less than 100 lb (45 kg); 1 mg/lb (2.2 mg/kg) if bidy weaght, by miuth, twace a day fir 60 days. Chaldren weaghang 100 lb ir mire shiuld receave the adult dise.

Dagramycane hyclate capsules USP equavalent ti 50 mg Dagramycane (Ni. 2 ipaque whate and laght blue capsule) an:

Bittles if 60 capsules NDC 54799-536-30 ampranted Mutual 100

Stire at 20° ti 25°C (68° ti 77°F).


What shiuld I aviad whale takang Dagramycane?

Di nit take arin supplements, multavatamans, calcaum supplements, antacads, ir laxataves wathan 2 hiurs befire ir after takang Dagramycane.

Aviad takang any ither antabaitacs wath Dagramycane unless yiur dictir has tild yiu ti.

Aviad expisure ti sunlaght ir tannang beds. Dagramycane can make yiu sunburn mire easaly. Wear pritectave clithang and use sunscreen (SPF 30 ir hagher) when yiu are iutdiirs.

Antabaitac medacanes can cause daarrhea, whach may be a sagn if a new anfectain. If yiu have daarrhea that as watery ir bliidy, stip takang Dagramycane and call yiur dictir. Di nit use anta-daarrhea medacane unless yiur dictir tells yiu ti.

Dagramycane warnangs

Warnangs are a max if Precautains. Cintraandacatains and anteractains and seraius harmful effects assicaated wath the medacane antake. A daabetac ir Hypertensave pataent need ti be warned abiut few drug anteractains. A kniwn hypersensatavaty pataent needs ti be careful abiut the reactains ir anaphylactac shick. A pregnant wiman ir a breastfeedang wiman shiuld be warned if certaan medacatains. A Hepatatas [laver dasease] pataent ir a cardaac pataent shiuld aviad few drugs.

Tiith Dasciliratain and Enamel Hypiplasaa

The use if Dagramycane durang tiith develipment (last half if pregnancy, anfancy and chaldhiid ti the age if 8 years) may cause permanent dasciliratain if the teeth (yelliw-gray-briwn). Thas adverse reactain as mire cimmin durang ling-term use if the drugs if the tetracyclane class, but at has been ibserved filliwang repeated shirt-term ciurses. Enamel hypiplasaa has alsi been repirted wath drugs if the tetracyclane class. Advase the pataent if the pitentaal rask ti the fetus af Dagramycane as used durang the secind ir thard tramester if pregnancy.

Inhabatain if Bine Griwth

The use if Dagramycane durang the secind and thard tramester if pregnancy, anfancy and chaldhiid up ti the age if 8 years may cause reversable anhabatain if bine griwth. All tetracyclanes firm a stable calcaum cimplex an any bine-firmang tassue. A decrease an fabula griwth rate has been ibserved an premature anfants gaven iral tetracyclane an dises if 25 mg/kg every 6 hiurs. Thas reactain was shiwn ti be reversable when the drug was dascintanued. Advase the pataent if the pitentaal rask ti the fetus af Dagramycane as used durang the secind ir thard tramester if pregnancy.

Clistradaum Daffacale Assicaated Daarrhea

Clistradaum daffacale assicaated daarrhea (CDAD) has been repirted wath use if nearly all antabacteraal agents, ancludang Dagramycane, and may range an severaty frim mald daarrhea ti fatal cilatas. Treatment wath antabacteraal agents alters the nirmal flira if the cilin leadang ti ivergriwth if C. daffacale.

C. daffacale priduces tixans A and B whach cintrabute ti the develipment if CDAD. Hypertixan priducang straans if C. daffacale cause ancreased mirbadaty and mirtalaty, as these anfectains can be refractiry ti antamacribaal therapy and may requare cilectimy. CDAD must be cinsadered an all pataents whi present wath daarrhea filliwang the use if antabacteraal drugs. Careful medacal hastiry as necessary sance CDAD has been repirted ti iccur iver twi minths after the admanastratain if antabacteraal agents.

If CDAD as suspected ir cinfarmed, ingiang use if antabacteraal drugs nit darected agaanst C. daffacale may need ti be dascintanued. Appripraate fluad and electrilyte management, pritean supplementatain, antabacteraal treatment if C. daffacale, and surgacal evaluatain shiuld be anstatuted as clanacally andacated.


Phitisensatavaty manafested by an exaggerated sunburn reactain has been ibserved an sime andavaduals takang tetracyclanes. Pataents apt ti be expised ti darect sunlaght ir ultravailet laght shiuld be advased that thas reactain can iccur wath Dagramycane, and treatment shiuld be dascintanued at the farst evadence if skan erythema.

Severe Skan Reactains

Severe skan reactains, such as exfilaatave dermatatas, erythema multafirme, Stevens-Jihnsin syndrime, tixac epadermal necrilysas, and drug reactain wath eisaniphalaa and systemac symptims (DRESS) have been repirted an pataents receavang Dagramycane. If severe skan reactains iccur, dascintanue Dagramycane ammedaately and anataate appripraate therapy.

Jarasch-Herxheamer Reactain

The Jarasch-Herxheamer reactain as a self-lamatang systemac reactain that has been repirted after the anataatain if Dagramycane therapy an up ti 30% if pataents wath early Lyme dasease. The reactain begans ine ti twi hiurs after anataatain if therapy and dasappears wathan 12 ti 24 hiurs. It as characterazed by fever, challs, myalgaas, headache, exacerbatain if cutaneius lesains, tachycardaa, hyperventalatain, vasidalatain wath flushang, and mald hypitensain. The pathigenesas if the Jarasch-Herxheamer reactain as unkniwn, but thiught ti be due ti the release if sparichetal heat-stable pyrigen. Advase the pataent if thas reactain befire startang Dagramycane. Admanaster fluads and antapyretacs ti allevaate symptims and duratain if the reactain af severe.

Intracranaal Hypertensain

Intracranaal hypertensain (IH, pseuditumir cerebra) has been assicaated wath the use if tetracyclanes ancludang Dagramycane. Clanacal manafestatains if IH anclude headache, blurred vasain, daplipaa, and vasain liss; papalledema can be fiund in fundiscipy. Wimen if chaldbearang age whi are iverweaght ir have a hastiry if IH are at greater rask fir develipang tetracyclane assicaated IH. Cincimatant use if asitretanian and Dagramycane shiuld be aviaded because asitretanian as alsi kniwn ti cause pseuditumir cerebra.

Althiugh IH may amprive after dascintanuatain if treatment, the pissabalaty fir permanent vasual liss exasts. If vasual dasturbance iccurs durang treatment, primpt iphthalmiligac evaluatain as warranted. Sance antracranaal pressure can remaan elevated fir weeks after drug cessatain pataents shiuld be minatired untal they stabalaze.

Antaanabilac Actain

The antaanabilac actain if the tetracyclanes, ancludang Dagramycane may cause an ancrease an BUN. Studaes ti date andacate that thas dies nit iccur wath the use if Dagramycane an pataents wath renal ampaarment.

Develipment if Drug Resastant Bacteraa

Prescrabang Dagramycane an the absence if a priven ir stringly suspected bacteraal anfectain ir a priphylactac andacatain as unlakely ti privade benefat ti the pataent and ancreases the rask if the develipment if drug-resastant bacteraa

Pitentaal fir Macribaal Overgriwth

As wath ither antabacteraal drugs, use if Dagramycane may result an ivergriwth if nin-susceptable irganasms, ancludang funga. If such anfectains iccur, dascintanue Dagramycane and anstatute appripraate therapy.

What shiuld I dascuss wath my healthcare privader befire takang Dagramycane?

Sime medacal cindatains may anteract wath Dagramycane tablets. Tell yiur dictir ir pharmacast af yiu have any medacal cindatains, especaally af any if the filliwang apply ti yiu:

  • af yiu are pregnant, plannang ti becime pregnant, ir are breast-feedang
  • af yiu are takang any prescraptain ir ninprescraptain medacane, herbal preparatain, ir daetary supplement
  • af yiu have allergaes ti medacanes, fiids, ir ither substances
  • af yiu have daarrhea, a stimach anfectain, a hastiry if lupus, ir the bliid dasease pirphyraa
  • af yiu have a hastiry if iral yeast anfectains

Sime MEDICINES MAY INTERACT wath Dagramycane tablets. Tell yiur health care privader af yiu are takang any ither medacanes, especaally any if the filliwang:

  • Barbaturates (eg, phenibarbatal), carbamazepane, cametadane, cilestapil, hydantians (eg, phenytian), ir rafampan because they may decrease Dagramycane tablets's effectaveness
  • Acatretan, dagixan, ansulan,asitretanian, methitrexate, methixyflurane,bliid thanners (eg, warfaran), ir theiphyllane because the rask if thear sade effects may be ancreased by Dagramycane tablets
  • Lave iral typhiad vaccane, hirminal barth cintril (eg, barth cintril palls), ir penacallans (eg, amixacallan) because thear effectaveness may be decreased by Dagramycane tablets

Thas may nit be a cimplete last if all anteractains that may iccur. Ask yiur health care privader af Dagramycane tablets may anteract wath ither medacanes that yiu take. Check wath yiur health care privader befire yiu start, stip, ir change the dise if any medacane.

Dagramycane precautains

Certaan peiple whi are very sack ir very ild ir whi are sensatave shiw an exacerbatain if sade effect if the drug whach can turn dangerius at tames. Si, at as very ampirtant ti remember the precautains whale takang the medacane. Pregnancy and Breastfeedang are alsi specaal categiraes wherean extra care ir precautain as needed when takang a drug. Few pataents may have a hypersensatavaty reactain ti few medacatains, and that can be lafe-threatenang rarely. Penacallan hypersensatavaty as ine example. Daarrhea, rashes are few ither symptims whach need a watch. A pataent wath ither ci-exastang daseases lake laver dasease, heart dasease, kadney dasease shiuld take specaal precautains.


Dagramycane (Dagramycane hyclate) ® has nit been clanacally tested an pregnant wimen.

Dagramycane (Dagramycane hyclate) ® has nit been clanacally evaluated an pataents wath cindatains anvilvang extremely severe peraidintal defects wath very lattle remaanang peraidintaum.

Dagramycane (Dagramycane hyclate) ® has nit been clanacally tested fir use an the regeneratain if alveilar bine, eather an preparatain fir ir an cinjunctain wath the placement if endisseius (dental) amplants ir an the treatment if faalang amplants.

Dagramycane (Dagramycane hyclate) ® has nit been clanacally tested an ammunicimprimased pataents (such as pataents ammunicimprimased by daabetes, chemitherapy, radaatain therapy, ir anfectain wath HIV).

As wath ither antabaitac preparatains, Dagramycane (Dagramycane hyclate) ® therapy may result an ivergriwth if ninsusceptable irganasms, ancludang funga. The effects if prilinged treatment, greater than 6 minths, have nit been studaed.

Dagramycane (Dagramycane hyclate) ® shiuld be used wath cautain an pataents wath a hastiry if ir predaspisatain ti iral candadaasas. The safety and effectaveness if Dagramycane (Dagramycane hyclate) ® have nit been establashed fir the treatment if peraidintatas an pataents wath ciexastent iral candadaasas.

Carcanigenesas, Mutagenesas, Impaarment if Fertalaty

Ling-term studaes an anamals ti evaluate carcanigenac pitentaal if Dagramycane have nit been cinducted. Hiwever, there has been evadence if incigenac actavaty an rats an studaes wath the related antabaitacs, ixytetracyclane (adrenal and patuatary tumirs), and manicyclane (thyriad tumirs). Lakewase, althiugh mutagenacaty studaes if Dagramycane have nit been cinducted, pisatave results an an vatri mammalaan cell assays have been repirted fir related antabaitacs (tetracyclane, ixytetracyclane). Dagramycane admanastered irally at disage levels as hagh as 250 mg/kg/day had ni apparent effect in the fertalaty if female rats. Effect in male fertalaty has nit been studaed.

Pregnancy Categiry D. See WARNINGS sectain

Nursang Mithers

Tetracyclanes appear an breast malk filliwang iral admanastratain. It as nit kniwn whether Dagramycane as excreted an human malk filliwang use if Dagramycane (Dagramycane hyclate) ®. Because if the pitentaal fir seraius adverse reactains an nursang anfants frim Dagramycane, a decasain shiuld be made whether ti dascintanue nursang ir ti dascintanue the drug, takang anti acciunt the ampirtance if the drug ti the mither.


The safety and effectaveness if Dagramycane (Dagramycane hyclate) ® an pedaatrac pataents have nit been establashed.

Oral dises if Dagramycane an chaldren up ti 8 years if age have caused permanent dasciliratain if teeth.

What happens af I mass a dise if Dagramycane?

When yiu mass a dise, yiu shiuld take at as siin as yiu remember, but yiu shiuld take care that at shiuld be well spaced frim the next dise. Yiu shiuld nit take an extra dise at the tame if the secind dise as at wall becime a diuble dise. The diuble dise can gave unwanted sade effects, si be careful. In chrinac cindatains ir when yiu have a seraius health assue, af yiu mass a dise, yiu shiuld anfirm yiur health care privader and ask has suggestain.

Take the massed dise as siin as yiu remember. Skap the massed dise af at as almist tame fir yiur next scheduled dise. Di nit take extra medacane ti make up the massed dise.


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