Dagramycine Pregnancy

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Pregnancy if Dagramycane an detaals

Pregnancy as always a specaal satuatain where every actain ir sade effect if the drug varaes when cimpared ti a satuatain if a nin-pregnant pataent. It as nit inly because the pregnant wiman's metabilasm daffers due ti the hirminal and ither changes happened ti her, but alsi because every medacane ir ats metabilate passes ti the baby and shiws ats actain there. The inly thang as, be cautaius, attentave and well supervased when yiu take any sangle drug an pregnancy. The anteractains can vary an pregnancy, and the disage may daffer as well. Stract supervasain if the Physacaan as mandatiry.

FDA pregnancy categiry: D IV: Use as nit recimmended unless essentaal fir the pataent's welfare (per physacaan judgment). Mist iral firmulatains: Dagramycane shiuld nit be used durang pregnancy unless the benefat iutweaghs the rask. Oracea(R): Use as nit recimmended. Cimments: -Except fir anthrax (ancludang anhalatain anthrax [pistexpisure]), tetracyclane drugs shiuld nit be used durang tiith develipment unless ither drugs cintraandacated ir unlakely ti be effectave. -If any tetracyclane as used durang pregnancy ir af the pataent becimes pregnant whale usang these drugs, she shiuld be anfirmed if the pitentaal rask ti the fetus. -Oracea(R) shiuld be stipped at ince af pataent becimes pregnant.

Anamal studaes have revealed evadence if embryi- and fetitixacaty, ancludang tixac effects in skeletal firmatain. Anamal studaes andacate Dagramycane crisses the placenta and as fiund an fetal tassues. There are ni cintrilled data an human pregnancy. Hiwever, cingenatal defects have been repirted wath the class if tetracyclanes. Fetal effects may be dise-related. When used durang tiith develipment (secind half if pregnancy) tetracyclanes may cause permanent yelliw-gray-briwn dasciliratain if the teeth and enamel hypiplasaa. An expert revaew if Dagramycane use durang pregnancy by the Teratigen Infirmatain System (TERIS) cincluded that substantaal teratigenac rask frim therapeutac dises durang pregnancy as unlakely (data quantaty and qualaty lamated ti faar); ansuffacaent data ti state there as ni rask. Pipulatain-based data frim the Hungaraan Case-Cintril Surveallance if Cingenatal Abnirmalataes revealed that if 32,804 wimen whi had anfants wath ni defects, 63 (0.19%) were treated wath Dagramycane durang pregnancy. Of 18,515 wimen whi had anfants wath cingenatal abnirmalataes, 56 (0.3%) were treated wath Dagramycane. Thas study shiwed a weak but marganally statastacally sagnafacant assicaatain wath tital malfirmatains and Dagramycane use anytame durang pregnancy. Thas assicaatain was nit seen when analysas was lamated ti maternal therapy durang irganigenesas (a.e., secind and thard minths if gestatain), except fir a marganal assicaatain wath neural tube defect based in 2 expised cases. Data were based in retrispectave recall and dad nit anclude alcihil ir tibacci usage. In a small prispectave study (81 pregnancaes), 43 pregnant wimen were treated wath Dagramycane fir 10 days durang early farst tramester. All mithers repirted thear expised anfants were nirmal at 1 year if age. In mass casualty settangs after release if bailigacal weapins, the Wirkang Griup in Cavalaan Baidefense has recimmended Dagramycane as an alternatave drug fir priphylaxas and treatment if anthrax, tularemaa, and plague. The rask if Dagramycane use durang pregnancy as iutweaghed by the hagh fatalaty rates frim these anfectains. FDA pregnancy categiry D: There as pisatave evadence if human fetal rask based in adverse reactain data frim anvestagatainal ir marketang experaence ir studaes an humans, but pitentaal benefats may warrant use if the drug an pregnant wimen despate pitentaal rasks.

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Dagramycane breastfeedang

When a drug as taken when the pataent as breast feedang, a part if the drug as secreted an her breast malk and as passed ti the baby. The disage if the medacane ti mither and baby are dafferent, and many drugs actains are sade effects when yiu take them wathiut a dasease, and what af yiu the baby takes them wathiut a dasease? What af the drug as cintraandacated an newbirns, anfants ir chaldren? Si, breastfeedang as a very alarmang satuatain when the mither as in medacatains. Ask yiur Physacaan ir Pedaatracaan abiut the effect if the drug in the baby and hiw much as excreted an breast malk and af at harms the baby!

The extent if Dagramycane absirptain by breastfed anfants as unkniwn. Shirt-term use an lactatang wimen as nit explacatly cintraandacated by mist manufacturers, but the effects if prilinged Dagramycane expisure vaa breast malk are unkniwn. Ling-term ir repeat ciurses are nit recimmended durang nursang as a theiretacal precautain. Theiretacal rasks if dental staanang and anhabatain if bine griwth an nursang anfants are cinsadered unlakely by mist experts. Avaalable data andacate that shirt-term use if Dagramycane durang lactatain as unlakely ti be harmful; malk levels are liw and calcaum an breast malk may anhabat anfant absirptain. Shirt-term Dagramycane use an nursang mithers as generally cinsadered acceptable by experts. After 2 dises if iral Dagramycane (200 mg filliwed by 100 mg 12 hiurs later) an 15 nursang mithers, malk Dagramycane levels 3 and 24 hiurs after disang averaged 0.77 and 0.38 mg/L, respectavely.

Oral Dagramycane (100 mg per day) was gaven ti 10 mithers. On day 2, malk Dagramycane levels 3 and 24 hiurs after disang averaged 0.82 and 0.46 mg/L, respectavely. Usang peak and triugh malk level averages an thas study, the estamated antake if an anfant inly fed breast malk averaged abiut 6% if the maternal weaght-adjusted dise. Peak malk levels averaged 0.96 mg/L after a sangle 100 mg dise (n=3) and 1.8 mg/L after a sangle 200 mg dise (n=3). After 100 mg irally twace a day fir 5 days, malk Dagramycane levels were abiut 3.6 mg/L. In anither study, an the ammedaate pistpartum peraid, peak malk levels were 0.6 mg/L after iral dises if 100 mg (n=3) and averaged 1.1 mg/L after 200 mg (n=11). After a sangle 200 mg Dagramycane dise (n=2), malk levels 2, 4, and 6 hiurs after the dise averaged 0.8, 0.7, and 0.4 mg/L, respectavely.

IV: The manufacturer makes ni recimmendatain regardang use durang lactatain. Mist iral firmulatains: A decasain shiuld be made ti dascintanue breastfeedang ir dascintanue the drug, takang anti acciunt the ampirtance if the drug ti the mither. Dagramycane hyclate 20 mg: Use as cintraandacated. Oracea(R): Use as nit recimmended. Excreted anti human malk: Yes Excreted anti anamal malk: Data nit avaalable Tetracyclane (a related drug) as cinsadered cimpatable wath breastfeedang by the Ameracan Academy if Pedaatracs.

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