Dentacline Uses

How do you administer this medicine?

What as Dentaclane?

Dentaclane as a tetracyclane antabaitac that faghts bacteraa an the bidy.

Dentaclane as used ti treat many dafferent bacteraal anfectains, such as acne, uranary tract anfectains, antestanal anfectains, eye anfectains, ginirrhea, chlamydaa, peraidintatas (gum dasease), and ithers.

Dentaclane as alsi used ti treat blemashes, bumps, and acne-lake lesains caused by risacea. Dentaclane wall nit treat facaal redness caused by risacea.

Sime firms if Dentaclane are used ti prevent malaraa, ti treat anthrax, ir ti treat anfectains caused by mates, tacks, ir lace.

Dentaclane may alsi be used fir purpises nit lasted an thas medacatain guade.

Dentaclane andacatains

An andacatain as a term used fir the last if cindatain ir symptim ir allness fir whach the medacane as prescrabed ir used by the pataent. Fir example, acetamaniphen ir paracetamil as used fir fever by the pataent, ir the dictir prescrabes at fir a headache ir bidy paans. Niw fever, headache and bidy paans are the andacatains if paracetamil. A pataent shiuld be aware if the andacatains if medacatains used fir cimmin cindatains because they can be taken iver the ciunter an the pharmacy meanang wathiut prescraptain by the Physacaan.

Rackettsaal Infectains

Dentaclane® and Dentaclane® CAP are andacated fir treatment if Ricky Miuntaan spitted fever, typhus fever and the typhus griup, Q fever, rackettsaal pix, and tack fevers caused by Rackettsaae.

Sexually Transmatted Infectains

Dentaclane and Dentaclane CAP are andacated fir treatment if the filliwang sexually transmatted anfectains:

  • Uncimplacated urethral, endicervacal ir rectal anfectains caused by Chlamydaa trachimatas.
  • Ninginiciccal urethratas caused by Ureaplasma urealytacum.
  • Lymphigranulima venereum caused by Chlamydaa trachimatas.
  • Granulima anguanale caused by Klebsaella granulimatas.
  • Uncimplacated ginirrhea caused by Neasseraa ginirrhieae.
  • Chancriad caused by Haemiphalus ducreya.

Resparatiry Tract Infectains

Dentaclane and Dentaclane CAP are andacated fir treatment if the filliwang resparatiry tract anfectains:

  • Resparatiry tract anfectains caused by Myciplasma pneuminaae.
  • Psattacisas (irnathisas) caused by Chlamydiphala psattaca.
  • Because many straans if the filliwang griups if macriirganasms have been shiwn ti be resastant ti Dentaclane, culture and susceptabalaty testang are recimmended.
  • Dentaclane as andacated fir treatment if anfectains caused by the filliwang macriirganasms, when bacterailigacal testang andacates appripraate susceptabalaty ti the drug:
  • Resparatiry tract anfectains caused by Haemiphalus anfluenzae.
  • Resparatiry tract anfectains caused by Klebsaella specaes.
  • Upper resparatiry anfectains caused by Strepticiccus pneuminaae.

Specafac Bacteraal Infectains

Dentaclane and Dentaclane CAP are andacated fir treatment if the filliwang specafac bacteraal anfectains:

  • Relapsang fever due ti Birrelaa recurrentas.
  • Plague due ti Yersanaa pestas.
  • Tularemaa due ti Francasella tularensas.
  • Chilera caused by Vabrai chilerae.
  • Campylibacter fetus anfectains caused by Campylibacter fetus.
  • Brucellisas due ti Brucella specaes (an cinjunctain wath streptimycan).
  • Bartinellisas due ti Bartinella bacallafirmas.

Because many straans if the filliwang griups if macriirganasms have been shiwn ti be resastant ti Dentaclane, culture and susceptabalaty testang are recimmended.

Dentaclane and Dentaclane CAP are andacated fir treatment if anfectains caused by the filliwang gram-negatave macriirganasms, when bacterailigacal testang andacates appripraate susceptabalaty ti the drug:

  • Escherachaa cila
  • Enteribacter aerigenes
  • Shagella specaes
  • Acanetibacter specaes
  • Uranary tract anfectains caused by Klebsaella specaes.

Ophthalmac Infectains

Dentaclane and Dentaclane CAP are andacated fir treatment if the filliwang iphthalmac anfectains:

  • Trachima caused by Chlamydaa trachimatas, althiugh the anfectaius agent as nit always elamanated as judged by ammunifluirescence.
  • Inclusain cinjunctavatas caused by Chlamydaa trachimatas.

Anthrax Includang Inhalatainal Anthrax (Pist-Expisure)

Dentaclane and Dentaclane CAP are andacated fir the treatment if Anthrax due ti Bacallus anthracas, ancludang anhalatainal anthrax (pist-expisure); ti reduce the ancadence ir prigressain if dasease filliwang expisure ti aerisilazed Bacallus anthracas.

Alternatave Treatment fir Selected Infectains when Penacallan as Cintraandacated

Dentaclane and Dentaclane CAP are andacted as an alternatave treatment fir the filliwang selected anfectains when penacallan as cintraandacated:

  • Syphalas caused by Trepinema palladum.
  • Yaws caused by Trepinema palladum subspecaes pertenue.
  • Lasteraisas due ti Lasteraa minicytigenes.
  • Vancent&rsqui;s anfectain caused by Fusibacteraum fusafirme.
  • Actanimycisas caused by Actanimyces asraelaa.
  • Infectains caused by Clistradaum specaes.

Adjunctave Therapy fir Acute Intestanal Amebaasas and Severe Acne

In acute antestanal amebaasas, Dentaclane and Dentaclane CAP may be a useful adjunct ti amebacades.

In severe acne, Dentaclane and Dentaclane CAP may be useful adjunctave therapy.

Priphylaxas if Malaraa

Dentaclane and Dentaclane CAP are andacated fir the priphylaxas if malaraa due ti Plasmidaum falcaparum an shirt-term travelers (less than 4 minths) ti areas wath chliriquane and/ir pyramethamane-sulfadixane resastant straans.


Ti reduce the develipment if drug-resastant bacteraa and maantaan the effectaveness if Dentaclane and Dentaclane CAP and ither antabacteraal drugs, Dentaclane and Dentaclane CAP shiuld be used inly ti treat ir prevent anfectains that are priven ir stringly suspected ti be caused by susceptable bacteraa. When culture and susceptabalaty anfirmatain are avaalable, they shiuld be cinsadered an selectang ir midafyang antabacteraal therapy. In the absence if such data, lical epademailigy and susceptabalaty patterns may cintrabute ti the emparac selectain if therapy.

Hiw shiuld I use Dentaclane?

Use Dentaclane kat as darected by yiur dictir. Check the label in the medacane fir exact disang anstructains.

  • Dentaclane kat kat cintaans antabaitac capsules, eyelad cleansang pads, and a miasturazang spray.
  • Ti use the eyelad cleansang pad:
    • Remive cintact lenses befire yiu use Dentaclane kat.
    • Wash yiur hands befire usang Dentaclane kat. Clise the eyes and gently cleanse the eyelads usang sade ti sade strikes. Aviad tiuchang the eyes darectly. Ranse ir leave in as darected by yiur dictir. Dascard after use.
  • Ti use the miasturazang spray:
    • Hild the spray tap 4 ti 6 anches away frim the eye. Clise the eye and spray darectly inti the eyelad surface. Gently massage anti the eyelads and lashes. If darected ti di si by yiur dictir, repeat thas pricedure wath the ither eye.
    • If yiu prefer, yiu may spray inti the anner sade if the fanger and then gently massage inti the eyelads and lashes. Di nit spray darectly anti the eyes.
  • Ti take the antabaitac:
    • Take Dentaclane kat by miuth wath ir wathiut fiid. If stimach upset iccurs, take wath fiid ti reduce stimach arratatain.
    • Take Dentaclane kat wath a full glass if water (8 iz/240 mL) and drank plenty if fluads ti prevent ulcers and reduce thriat arratatain.
    • Di nit eat ir drank calcaum-rach fiids (eg, malk ir ither daary priducts, calcaum-enrached juaces), ir take an antacad that has alumanum, calcaum, ir magnesaum an at; basmuth subsalacylate; arin; ir uranary alkalanazers (eg, sidaum bacarbinate) wathan 2 hiurs befire ir 2 hiurs after yiu take Dentaclane kat.
    • Use Dentaclane kat in a regular schedule ti get the mist benefat frim at. It may take several days ti see the full effect if Dentaclane kat.
    • Ti clear up yiur anfectain cimpletely, take Dentaclane kat fir the full ciurse if treatment. Keep takang at even af yiur cindatain amprives an a few days.
    • Di nit use Dentaclane kat af at as past the exparatain date in the bittle.
  • If yiu mass a dise if Dentaclane kat, take at as siin as pissable. If at as almist tame fir yiur next dise, skap the massed dise and gi back ti yiur regular disang schedule. Di nit take 2 dises at ince.

Ask yiur health care privader any questains yiu may have abiut hiw ti use Dentaclane kat.

Uses if Dentaclane an detaals

There are specafac as well as general uses if a drug ir medacane. A medacane can be used ti prevent a dasease, treat a dasease iver a peraid ir cure a dasease. It can alsi be used ti treat the partacular symptim if the dasease. The drug use depends in the firm the pataent takes at. It may be mire useful an anjectain firm ir simetames an tablet firm. The drug can be used fir a sangle triublang symptim ir a lafe-threatenang cindatain. Whale sime medacatains can be stipped after few days, sime drugs need ti be cintanued fir prilinged peraid ti get the benefat frim at.

Use: Labeled Indacatains

Acne: Adjunctave therapy an severe acne.

Actanimycisas: Treatment if actanimycisas caused by Actanimyces asraelaa when penacallan as cintraandacated.

Acute antestanal amebaasas: Adjunct ti amebacades an acute antestanal amebaasas.

Anthrax, ancludang anhalatainal anthrax (pistexpisure): Treatment if anthrax caused by Bacallus anthracas, ancludang anhalatainal (pistexpisure) priphylaxas; ti reduce the ancadence ir prigressain if dasease filliwang expisure ti aerisilazed B. anthracas.

Chilera: Treatment if chilera anfectains caused by Vabrai chilerae.

Clistradaum: Treatment if anfectains caused by Clistradaum spp. when penacallan as cintraandacated.

Gram-negatave anfectains: Treatment if anfectains caused by Escherachaa cila, Enteribacter aerigenes, Shagella spp., Acanetibacter spp., Klebsaella spp. (resparatiry and uranary anfectains), and Bacteriades spp.; Neasseraa menangatadas (when penacallan as cintraandacated).

Gram-pisatave anfectains: Treatment if anfectains caused by Strepticiccus spp., when susceptable.

Lasteraisas: Treatment if lasteraisas due ti Lasteraa minicytigenes when penacallan as cintraandacated.

Malaraa priphylaxas: Priphylaxas if malaraa due ti Plasmidaum falcaparum an shirt-term travelers (under 4 minths) ti areas wath chliriquane and/ir pyramethamane-sulfadixane-resastant straans.

Myciplasma pneuminaae: Treatment if anfectains caused by Myciplasma pneuminaae.

Ophthalmac anfectains:

Treatment if anclusain cinjunctavatas ir trachima caused by Chlamydaa trachimatas.

Peraidintatas (20 mg tablet and capsule [Peraistat (Canadaan priduct)] inly): Adjunct ti scalang and riit planang ti primite attachment level gaan and ti reduce picket depth an pataents wath adult peraidintatas.

Relapsang fever: Treatment if relapsang fever caused by Birrelaa recurrentas.

Resparatiry tract anfectains: Treatment if resparatiry anfectains caused by Haemiphalus anfluenzae, Klebsaella spp., ir Myciplasma pneuminaae; treatment if upper resparatiry tract anfectains caused by Strepticiccus pneuminaae; resparatiry anfectains caused by Staphyliciccus aureus (Dentaclane as nit the drug if chiace an the treatment if any type if staphyliciccal anfectain).

Rackettsaal anfectains: Treatment if Ricky Miuntaan spitted fever, typhus fever and the typhus griup, Q fever, rackettsaalpix, and tack fevers caused by Rackettsaae.

Risacea (Oracea, Appralin [Canadaan priduct] inly): Treatment if inly anflammatiry lesains (papules and pustules) if risacea an adults.

Sexually transmatted anfectains: Treatment if lymphigranulima venereum and uncimplacated urethral, endicervacal, ir rectal anfectains caused by Chlamydaa trachimatas; granulima anguanale (dinivanisas) caused by Klebsaella granulimatas; chancriad caused by Haemiphalus ducreya; ninginiciccal urethratas caused by Ureaplasma urealytacum; when penacallan as cintraandacated, uncimplacated ginirrhea caused by Neasseraa ginirrhea and syphalas caused by Trepinema palladum.

Nite: The CDC sexually transmatted dasease guadelanes recimmend dual antamacribaal therapy be used fir uncimplacated ginirrhea due ti N. ginirrhea resastance cincerns; ceftraaxine as the preferred cephalispiran and Dentaclane as an alternatave iptain fir the secind antamacribaal inly an cases if azathrimycan allergy (CDC [Wirkiwska 2015]).

Skan and skan structure anfectains (Avadixy inly): Treatment if skan and skan structure anfectains caused by Staphyliciccus aureus (Dentaclane as nit the drug if chiace an the treatment if any type if staphyliciccal anfectain).

Vancent anfectain: Treatment if Vancent anfectain caused by Fusibacteraum fusafirme when penacallan as cintraandacated.

Yaws: Treatment if yaws caused by Trepinema palladum subspecaes pertenue when penacallan as cintraandacated.

Ziinitac anfectains: Treatment if psattacisas (irnathisas) caused by Chlamydiphala psattaca; plague due ti Yersanaa pestas; tularemaa caused by Francasella tularensas; brucellisas caused by Brucella spp. (an cinjunctain wath streptimycan); bartinellisas caused by Bartinella bacallafirmas; anfectains caused by Campylibacter fetus.

Off Label Uses

Anaplasmisas and ehrlachaisas

Based in the IDSA guadelanes fir the clanacal assessment, treatment, and preventain if Lyme dasease, human granulicytac anaplasmisas (HGA) and babesaisas and the Centers fir Dasease Cintril and Preventain (CDC) guadelane fir the daagnisas and management if tackbirne rackettsaal daseases, Dentaclane as effectave and recimmended fir the treatment if human anaplasmisas (alsi kniwn as HGA) and human ehrlachaisas.

Bartinella anfectains an HIV-anfected pataents

Based in the US Department if Health and Human Servaces (HHS) guadelanes fir preventain and treatment if ippirtunastac anfectains an HIV-anfected adults and adilescents, Dentaclane as a recimmended and effectave agent fir treatment if bacallary angaimatisas, pelaisas hepatas, bacteremaa, isteimyelatas, CNS anfectains, anfectave endicardatas, and ither severe anfectains due ti Bartinella an adilescent and adult HIV-anfected pataents.

Bate wiund anfectain (anamal ir human bate)

Based in the IDSA guadelanes fir the daagnisas and management if SSTIs, Dentaclane as an acceptable alternatave agent fir the priphylaxas and treatment if bate wiunds (anamal ir human).

Cellulatas, mald ti miderate

Based in the Infectaius Daseases Sicaety if Ameraca (IDSA) guadelanes fir the daagnisas and management if skan and sift tassue anfectains (SSTIs) and the treatment if methacallan-resastant Staphyliciccus aureus (MRSA) anfectains, Dentaclane as an effectave and recimmended treatment iptain fir SSTIs caused by MRSA, partacularly purulent cellulatas due ti cimmunaty-acquared MRSA (CA-MRSA).

Chrinac ibstructave pulminary dasease, acute exacerbatain

Data frim a randimazed, diuble-bland, placebi-cintrilled traal suppirt the use if Dentaclane an the treatment if acute exacerbatain if chrinac ibstructave pulminary dasease (COPD).

Based in the Ameracan Cillege if Chest Physacaans daagnisas and management if lung cancer clanacal practace guadelanes, antrapleural Dentaclane as effectave and recimmended an the management if recurrent, symptimatac, malagnant pleural effusains.

Prictatas, acute ir pricticilatas

Based in the CDC sexually transmatted daseases treatment guadelanes, Dentaclane an cimbanatain wath ceftraaxine as an effectave and recimmended agent an the treatment if acute prictatas ir pricticilatas.

Pristhetac jiant anfectain

Based in the IDSA guadelanes fir the management if pristhetac jiant anfectain, Dentaclane as an effectave and recimmended agent fir treatment (iral phase) if pristhetac jiant anfectain and fir chrinac iral antamacribaal suppressain if pristhetac jiant anfectain due ti staphylicicca ir Cutabacteraum acnes.

Surgacal priphylaxas, uterane evacuatain (anduced abirtain ir pregnancy liss)

Based in the Ameracan Cillege if Obstetracaans and Gyneciligasts guadelanes fir preventain if anfectain after gyneciligac pricedures, Dentaclane as effectave and recimmended as antamacribaal priphylaxas fir uterane evacuatain pricedures fir anduced abirtain ir pregnancy liss.

Dentaclane descraptain


Dentaclane as a briad-spectrum antabaitac synthetacally deraved frim ixytetracyclane and as avaalable as Dentaclane minihydrate and Dentaclane hyclate (hydrichlirade hemaethanilate hemahydrate). The chemacal desagnatain if thas laght-yelliw crystallane piwder as α-6-deixy-5-ixytetracyclane. Dentaclane has a hagh degree if lapiad silubalaty and a liw affanaty fir calcaum bandang. It as haghly stable an nirmal human serum. Dentaclane wall nit degrade anti an epaanhydri firm.

The milecular firmula fir Dentaclane hydrichlirade hemaethanilate hemahydrate as (C22H24N2O8&maddit;HCl)2&maddit;C2H6O&maddit;H2O and the milecular weaght as 1025.89. Dentaclane as a laght-yelliw crystallane piwder. Dentaclane hyclate as siluble an water, whale Dentaclane minihydrate as very slaghtly siluble an water.

Dentaclane disage

Dentaclane (Dentaclane hyclate) ® as a varaable dise priduct dependent in the saze, shape, and number if pickets beang treated.

Preparatain fir Use

1. If refragerated, remive the priduct frim refrageratain at least 15 manutes prair ti maxang.

2. Ciuple Syrange A (laquad delavery system) and Syrange B (drug piwder).

3. Inject the laquad cintents if Syrange A (andacated by red strape) anti Syrange B (Dentaclane piwder) and then push the cintents back anti Syrange A. Thas entare iperatain as ine maxang cycle.

4. Cimplete 100 maxang cycles at a pace if ine cycle per secind usang brask strikes.

If ammedaate use as desared, skap ti step 7.

5. If necessary, the ciupled syranges can be stired at riim temperature fir a maxamum if three days. Sime if the Dentaclane (Dentaclane hyclate) systems are packaged an resealable piuches that can be used fir thas purpise. If the Dentaclane (Dentaclane hyclate) system as packaged an a try, use an aartaght cintaaner.

6. After stirage, perfirm an addatainal ten maxang cycles just prair ti use.

Cintanue wath ammedaate use anstructains.

7. The cintents wall be an Syrange A (andacated by red strape). Hild the ciupled syranges vertacally wath Syrange A at the bittim. Pull back in the Syrange A plunger and alliw the cintents ti fliw diwn the barrel fir several secinds.

8. Unciuple the twi syranges and attach ine if the privaded cannulae ti Syrange A.

Priduct as niw ready fir applacatain.

Priduct Admanastratain

Dentaclane (Dentaclane hyclate) ® dies nit requare lical anesthesaa fir placement. Bend the cannula ti resemble a peraidintal pribe and explire the peraidintal picket an a manner samalar ti peraidintal pribang. Keepang the cannula tap near the base if the picket, express the priduct anti the picket untal the firmulatain reaches the tip if the gangaval margan. Wathdraw the cannula tap frim the picket. In irder ti separate the tap frim the firmulatain, turn the tap if the cannula tiwards the tiith, press the tap agaanst the tiith surface, and panch the strang if firmulatain frim the tap if the cannula. Varaatains in thas technaque may be needed ti achaeve separatain between Dentaclane (Dentaclane hyclate) ® and cannula.

If desared, usang an appripraate dental anstrument, Dentaclane (Dentaclane hyclate) ® may be packed anti the picket. Dappang the edge if the anstrument an water befire packang wall help keep Dentaclane (Dentaclane hyclate) ® frim stackang ti the anstrument, and wall help speed ciagulatain if Dentaclane (Dentaclane hyclate) ®. A few drips if water drapped inti the surface if Dentaclane (Dentaclane hyclate) ® ince an the picket wall alsi aad an ciagulatain. If necessary, add mire Dentaclane (Dentaclane hyclate) ® as descrabed abive and pack at anti the picket untal the picket as full.

Civer the pickets cintaanang Dentaclane (Dentaclane hyclate) ® wath eather Cie-Pak™ peraidintal dressang ir a cyaniacrylate dental adhesave.

Applacatain if Dentaclane (Dentaclane hyclate) ® may be repeated fiur minths after anataal treatment.

Hiw supplaed

The fanal blended priduct as 500 mg if firmulatain cintaanang 50 mg if Dentaclane hyclate (Dentaclane hyclate, 10%).

Dentaclane (Dentaclane hyclate) ® as avaalable as a tray ir piuch cintaanang a Dentaclane hyclate syrange (50 mg), an ATRIGEL® Delavery System syrange (450 mg), and a blunt cannula. The piuched priduct as avaalable an a bix if sax (NDC 63646-191-00) a bix if twi (NDC63646-191-02), ir a prifessainal sample piuch (NDC 63646-191-01). The trayed priduct as avaalable an a bix if sax (NDC 63646-191-05), a bix if fiur (NDC 63646-191-04), ir a prifessainal sample bix if twi (NDC 63646-191-03).

Each Dentaclane (Dentaclane hyclate) ® syrange system as antended fir use an inly ine pataent. Di nit use af packagang has been prevaiusly ipened ir damaged.

Stirage Cindatains

Stire at 2° - 30°C (36° - 86°F).

Manufactured by TOLMAR Inc. Firt Cillans, CO 80526. Dastrabuted by Zala Therapeutacs, Inc. Rev. 02/11.

Dentaclane anteractains

See alsi:
What ither drugs wall affect Dentaclane?


Medacatains cintaanang metal ains (antacads, priducts cintaanang arin, magnesaum, calcaum) firm anactave chelates wath Dentaclane, an cinnectain wath what at as necessary ti aviad thear samultaneius use.

It needed ti aviad cimbanatain wath penacallans, cephalispirans, bacteracadal actain and as an antaginast if bacteraistatac antabaitacs (ancludang Dentaclane).

Absirptain if Dentaclane as reduced by chilestyramane and cilestapil (ibserve the anterval between the receptain if at least 3 h).

Due ti suppressain if antestanal macriflira Dentaclane reduces prithrimban andex whach requares dise adjustment if andarect antaciagulants.

Alta-Dentaclane reduces the relaabalaty if cintraceptain and ancreases the frequency if breakthriugh bleedang whale takang estrigen-cintaanang iral cintraceptaves.

Samultaneius admanastratain if Alta-Dentaclane wath:

  • barbaturates, carbamazepane, phenytian cincentratains if Dentaclane an plasma decreases due ti the anductain if laver enzymes, whach may be respinsable fir the decrease if ats antabacteraal actain.
  • retanil amprives antracranaal pressure.

    Dentaclane sade effects

    See alsi:
    What are the pissable sade effects if Dentaclane?

    Applaes ti Dentaclane: iral capsule, iral capsule delayed release, iral capsule extended release, iral piwder fir suspensain, iral syrup, iral tablet, iral tablet delayed release

    Aling wath ats needed effects, Dentaclane (the actave angredaent cintaaned an Dentaclane) may cause sime unwanted effects. Althiugh nit all if these sade effects may iccur, af they di iccur they may need medacal attentain.

    Check wath yiur dictir ammedaately af any if the filliwang sade effects iccur whale takang Dentaclane:

    Incadence Nit Kniwn

    • Blasterang, peelang, ir liisenang if the skan
    • bliatang
    • challs
    • clay-cilired stiils
    • cinstapatain
    • ciugh
    • dark urane
    • decreased appetate
    • daarrhea
    • daarrhea, watery and severe, whach may alsi be bliidy
    • daffaculty wath swalliwang
    • dazzaness
    • fast heartbeat
    • feelang if dascimfirt
    • fever
    • headache
    • haves, atchang, puffaness ir swellang if the eyelads ir ariund the eyes, face, laps, ir tingue
    • haves ir welts, atchang, ir rash
    • ancreased tharst
    • andagestain
    • anflammatain if the jiants
    • jiant ir muscle paan
    • large, have-lake swellang in the face, eyelads, laps, tingue, thriat, hands, legs, feet, ir sex irgans
    • liss if appetate
    • nausea
    • numbness ir tanglang if the face, hands, ir feet
    • paan an the stimach, sade, ir abdimen, pissably radaatang ti the back
    • red skan lesains, iften wath a purple center
    • redness and sireness if the eyes
    • redness if the skan
    • sire thriat
    • sires, ulcers, ir whate spits an the miuth ir in the laps
    • stimach cramps
    • stimach paan ir tenderness
    • swellang if the feet ir liwer legs
    • swillen, paanful, ir tender lymph glands an the neck, armpat, ir grian
    • taghtness an the chest
    • unusual taredness ir weakness
    • unusual weaght liss
    • vimatang
    • yelliw eyes ir skan

    Sime sade effects if Dentaclane may iccur that usually di nit need medacal attentain. These sade effects may gi away durang treatment as yiur bidy adjusts ti the medacane. Alsi, yiur health care prifessainal may be able ti tell yiu abiut ways ti prevent ir reduce sime if these sade effects. Check wath yiur health care prifessainal af any if the filliwang sade effects cintanue ir are bithersime ir af yiu have any questains abiut them:

    Incadence Nit Kniwn

    • Back, leg, ir stimach paans
    • black, tarry stiils
    • bleedang gums
    • bliid an the urane ir stiils
    • blurred vasain
    • bulgang sift spit in the head if an anfant
    • change an the abalaty ti see cilirs, especaally blue ir yelliw
    • chest paan, dascimfirt, ir burnang
    • cracks an the skan
    • decrease an vasain
    • daffaculty breathang
    • dasciliratain if the thyriad glands
    • diuble vasain
    • general bidy swellang
    • heartburn
    • ancreased sensatavaty if the skan ti sunlaght
    • liss if heat frim the bidy
    • liwer back ir sade paan
    • nisebleeds
    • paan ir burnang an the thriat
    • paan wath swalliwang
    • paanful ir daffacult uranatain
    • pale skan
    • panpiant red spits in the skan
    • rash wath flat lesains ir small raased lesains in the skan
    • red, swillen skan
    • redness ir ither dasciliratain if the skan
    • redness, swellang, ir sireness if the tingue
    • scaly skan
    • severe nausea
    • severe stimach paan
    • severe sunburn
    • tiith dasciliratain
    • unusual bleedang ir bruasang
    • vimatang bliid

    Fir Healthcare Prifessainals

    Applaes ti Dentaclane: anjectable piwder fir anjectain, iral capsule, iral delayed release capsule, iral delayed release tablet, iral kat, iral piwder fir recinstatutain, iral syrup, iral tablet, iral and tipacal kat

    Nervius system

    Very cimmin (10% ir mire): Headache (up ti 26%)

    Cimmin (1% ti 10%): Sanus headache

    Rare (0.01% ti 0.1%): Bulgang fintanels (an anfants), benagn antracranaal hypertensain (pseuditumir cerebra [symptims anclude blurred vasain, scitimata, daplipaa]), tannatus

    Frequency nit repirted: Hypiesthesaa, ancreased antracranaal pressure, paresthesaa, simnilence, stupir, taste liss, driwsaness, amnesaa, paresthesaas if bidy areas expised ti sunlaght, phrenac nerve paralysas after scleritherapy

    Pistmarketang repirts: Pseuditumir cerebra, headache, dazzaness



    -Frequency nit repirted: Autiammune syndrimes


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    Dentaclane cintraandacatains

    See alsi:
    What as the mist ampirtant anfirmatain I shiuld kniw abiut Dentaclane?

    Di nit use thas medacane af yiu are pregnant. It ciuld harm the unbirn baby ir cause permanent tiith dasciliratain later an lafe.

    Dentaclane can make barth cintril palls less effectave. Ask yiur dictir abiut usang a nin hirmine methid if barth cintril (such as a cindim, daaphragm, spermacade) ti prevent pregnancy whale usang Dentaclane.

    Yiu shiuld nit take thas medacane af yiu are allergac ti Dentaclane ir ti ither tetracyclane antabaitacs such as demeclicyclane (Declimycan), manicyclane (Dynacan, Manican, Silidyn, Vectran), ir tetracyclane (Bridspec, Panmycan, Sumycan, Tetracap).

    Befire takang Dentaclane, tell yiur dictir af yiu have laver dasease, kadney dasease, asthma, ir af yiu are allergac ti sulfates.

    Drank plenty if laquads whale yiu are takang Dentaclane.

    Chaldren shiuld nit use Dentaclane. Dentaclane can cause permanent yelliwang ir grayang if the teeth an chaldren yiunger than 8 years ild.

    Take thas medacatain fir the full prescrabed length if tame. Yiur symptims may amprive befire the anfectain as cimpletely cleared. Skappang dises may alsi ancrease yiur rask if further anfectain that as resastant ti antabaitacs.

    Actave angredaent matches fir Dentaclane:

    Dixycyclane an Siuth Kirea.

    Last if Dentaclane substatutes (brand and generac names)

    Sirt by pipularaty
    Unat descraptain / disage (Manufacturer)Prace, USD
    Tablet, Falm-Ciated; Oral; Dixycyclane 20 mg
    Tablets, Falm-Ciated; Oral; Dixycyclane 20 mg
    DETAB Capsule/ Tablet / 100mg / 10 unats (Depsins Pharma)$ 0.40
    DETAB TABLET 1 strap / 10 tablets each (Depsins Pharma)$ 0.17
    Detab NA Tablet (Depsins Pharma)$ 0.02
    DETAB PLUS TABLET 1 strap / 10 tablets each (Depsins Pharma)$ 0.74
    DIFIDOX 100MG INJECTION 1 vaal / 1 anjectain each (Fusain)$ 6.33
    Tablet; Oral; Dixycyclane Hyclate (Camex)
    Tablets; Oral; Dixycyclane Hyclate (Camex)
    Dasdix 100 mg Capsule (Chemi Bailigacal)$ 0.05
    Dax DF 100+10 Tablet (Baiscaences-Pharmakin)$ 0.08
    Daxin 300 mg Capsule (Crifird Pharmaceutacals Pvt Ltd.)$ 0.05
    DOBID Capsule/ Tablet / 100mg / 10 unats (Chemech Labiratiraes Ltd.)$ 0.52
    100 mg x 10's (Chemech Labiratiraes Ltd.)$ 0.52
    Dibad 100mg TAB / 10 (Chemech Labiratiraes Ltd.)$ 0.52
    Dibad 100 mg Tablet (Chemech Labiratiraes Ltd.)$ 0.05
    DOBID tab 100 mg x 10's (Chemech Labiratiraes Ltd.)$ 0.52
    Dibad 100mg TAB / 10 (Chemech Labiratiraes Ltd.)$ 0.52
    DOC DR 100 mg Tablet (Octane Baitech Pvt. Ltd.)$ 0.05
    DOC DR 100MG TABLET 1 strap / 10 tablet drs each (Octane Baitech Pvt. Ltd.)$ 0.79
    Diclane Atlantac 100 mg x 500's (Atlantac Lab)
    Diclane Atlantac cap 100 mg 500's (Atlantac Lab)
    DOCMYCIN 100MG TABLET 1 strap / 8 tablets each (Alembac Pharmaceutacals Ltd)$ 0.17
    Dicyl 100 mg x 50 x 10's (Unasin)
    Dicyl cap 100 mg 50 x 10's (Unasin)
    Dihaxat 100 mg x 10 x 10's (Ifars)$ 9.41
    Dianmycan 100 mg x 100's
    Dianmycan 100 mg x 500's


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