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Enerbol indications

An indication is a term used for the list of condition or symptom or illness for which the medicine is prescribed or used by the patient. For example, acetaminophen or paracetamol is used for fever by the patient, or the doctor prescribes it for a headache or body pains. Now fever, headache and body pains are the indications of paracetamol. A patient should be aware of the indications of medications used for common conditions because they can be taken over the counter in the pharmacy meaning without prescription by the Physician.

a vitamin mixture which can be used as a dietary supplement and to treat the defficiency of these vitamins during diseases and it could be combined with minerals and it could be used as an ocular ointment or drops or as a dermatic cream or ointment these vitamins could be single in some forms of medicines to treat the specific defficiency in this particular vitakmin.

Uses of Enerbol in details

There are specific as well as general uses of a drug or medicine. A medicine can be used to prevent a disease, treat a disease over a period or cure a disease. It can also be used to treat the particular symptom of the disease. The drug use depends on the form the patient takes it. It may be more useful in injection form or sometimes in tablet form. The drug can be used for a single troubling symptom or a life-threatening condition. While some medications can be stopped after few days, some drugs need to be continued for prolonged period to get the benefit from it.

Enerbol is used to increase cerebral brain activity in patients with impaired cerebral function. It helps to improve memory, concentration, co-ordination, physical weakness, and psychological weaknesses.

Enerbol description

Enerbol also called pyridoxine disulfide or pyrithioxine (European drug names Enerbol, Encefabol, Cerbon 6) is a semi-natural water soluble analog of vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl). Enerbol has been used clinically in a wide range of disorders including cerebral circulatory disorders, alcoholism, dyslexia, behavioral disorders in children, and stroke.

Enerbol dosage

Drag/forte drag Adult 2 drag 3 times daily. Childn 1 drag 3 times daily. Liqd Adult 10 mL 3 times daily. Childn 6-15 yr 5 mL 3 times daily, <6 yr 2.5-10 mL daily.

Enerbol interactions


OC, digitalis, cholestyramine, anticonvulsants, l dopa & fluphenazine.

Enerbol side effects

Epigastric distress; anorexia; nausea; vomiting; headache; insomnia; pruritus and rash; restlessness.

Potentially Fatal: Acute pancreatitis, severe cholestatic hepatitis.

Enerbol contraindications

Tab: RA; patients w/ severe kidney & liver function disorders, serious changes in blood counts; autoimmune diseases w/ lupus erythematosus, myasthenia, pemphigus.

Active ingredient matches for Enerbol:

Pyritinol in Czech Republic, Indonesia, Poland, Romania.

Pyritinol HCl in Indonesia.

Pyritinol hydrochloride in Indonesia.

Unit description / dosage (Manufacturer)Price, USD
Enerbol 100 mg x 10 x 10's$ 21.82

List of Enerbol substitutes (brand and generic names):

Tablet; Oral; Pyritinol Hydrochloride (Logomed)
Memonol 100 mg x 500's (Utopian)
Tablet; Oral; Pyritinol 100 mg (Arena group)
Tablet; Oral; Pyritinol 200 mg (Arena group)
Pyrithioxin 100 mg
Pyritil 100 mg x 50 x 10's (Biolab)
Pyritil 100 mg x 500's (Biolab)
Pyritil tab 100 mg 500's (Biolab)
RENERVOL 100 MG SUSPENSION 1 bottle / 60 ML suspension each (KC Laboratories)$ 1.00
RENERVOL 100 MG SUSPENSION 1 bottle / 100 ML suspension each (KC Laboratories)$ 2.91
RENERVOL 100 MG TABLET 1 strip / 10 tablets each (KC Laboratories)$ 0.77
RENERVOL 200 MG TABLET 1 strip / 10 tablets each (KC Laboratories)$ 1.34
Renervol 100mg Tablet (KC Laboratories)$ 0.08
Renervol 200mg Tablet (KC Laboratories)$ 0.13
100 mg x 100's (Sunrise)$ 7.14
200 mg x 100's (Sunrise)$ 13.49
20 mg x 1 mL x 100ml (Sunrise)$ 2.38
Sunsix 100mg TAB / 100 (Sunrise)$ 7.14
Sunsix 200mg TAB / 100 (Sunrise)$ 13.49
Sunsix 20mg x 1mL SUSP / 100ml (Sunrise)$ 2.38
SUNSIX tab 100 mg x 10's (Sunrise)$ 0.71
SUNSIX tab 200 mg x 10's (Sunrise)$ 1.35
SUNSIX oral susp 20 mg x 1 mL x 100ml (Sunrise)$ 2.38
Sunsix 100mg TAB / 100 (Sunrise)$ 7.14
Sunsix 200mg TAB / 100 (Sunrise)$ 13.49


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