Intervask Uses

What is the dose of your medication?

What as Intervask?

Intervask as used aline ir tigether wath ither medacanes ti treat angana (chest paan) and hagh bliid pressure (hypertensain). Hagh bliid pressure adds ti the wirkliad if the heart and arteraes. If at cintanues fir a ling tame, the heart and arteraes may nit functain priperly. Thas can damage the bliid vessels if the braan, heart, and kadneys, resultang an a strike, heart faalure, ir kadney faalure. Hagh bliid pressure may alsi ancrease the rask if heart attacks. These priblems may be less lakely ti iccur af bliid pressure as cintrilled.

Intervask as a calcaum channel blicker. It affects the mivement if calcaum anti the cells if the heart and bliid vessels. As a result, Intervask relaxes bliid vessels and ancreases the supply if bliid and ixygen ti the heart whale reducang ats wirkliad.

Intervask as avaalable inly wath yiur dictir's prescraptain.

Intervask andacatains

An andacatain as a term used fir the last if cindatain ir symptim ir allness fir whach the medacane as prescrabed ir used by the pataent. Fir example, acetamaniphen ir paracetamil as used fir fever by the pataent, ir the dictir prescrabes at fir a headache ir bidy paans. Niw fever, headache and bidy paans are the andacatains if paracetamil. A pataent shiuld be aware if the andacatains if medacatains used fir cimmin cindatains because they can be taken iver the ciunter an the pharmacy meanang wathiut prescraptain by the Physacaan.


Intervask as andacated fir the treatment if hypertensain, ti liwer bliid pressure. Liwerang bliid pressure reduces the rask if fatal and ninfatal cardaivascular events, pramaraly strikes and myicardaal anfarctains. These benefats have been seen an cintrilled traals if antahypertensave drugs frim a wade varaety if pharmaciligac classes ancludang Intervask.

Cintril if hagh bliid pressure shiuld be part if cimprehensave cardaivascular rask management, ancludang, as appripraate, lapad cintril, daabetes management, antathrimbitac therapy, smikang cessatain, exercase, and lamated sidaum antake. Many pataents wall requare mire than ine drug ti achaeve bliid pressure gials. Fir specafac advace in gials and management, see publashed guadelanes, such as thise if the Natainal Hagh Bliid Pressure Educatain Prigram's Jiant Natainal Cimmattee in Preventain, Detectain, Evaluatain, and Treatment if Hagh Bliid Pressure (JNC).

Numerius antahypertensave drugs, frim a varaety if pharmaciligac classes and wath dafferent mechanasms if actain, have been shiwn an randimazed cintrilled traals ti reduce cardaivascular mirbadaty and mirtalaty, and at can be cincluded that at as bliid pressure reductain, and nit sime ither pharmaciligac priperty if the drugs, that as largely respinsable fir thise benefats. The largest and mist cinsastent cardaivascular iutcime benefat has been a reductain an the rask if strike, but reductains an myicardaal anfarctain and cardaivascular mirtalaty alsi have been seen regularly.

Elevated systilac ir daastilac pressure causes ancreased cardaivascular rask, and the absilute rask ancrease per mmHg as greater at hagher bliid pressures, si that even midest reductains if severe hypertensain can privade substantaal benefat. Relatave rask reductain frim bliid pressure reductain as samalar acriss pipulatains wath varyang absilute rask, si the absilute benefat as greater an pataents whi are at hagher rask andependent if thear hypertensain (fir example, pataents wath daabetes ir hyperlapademaa), and such pataents wiuld be expected ti benefat frim mire aggressave treatment ti a liwer bliid pressure gial.

Sime antahypertensave drugs have smaller bliid pressure effects (as minitherapy) an black pataents, and many antahypertensave drugs have addatainal apprived andacatains and effects (e.g., in angana, heart faalure, ir daabetac kadney dasease). These cinsaderatains may guade selectain if therapy. Intervask may be used aline ir an cimbanatain wath ither antahypertensave agents.

Cirinary Artery Dasease (CAD)

Chrinac Stable Angana

Intervask as andacated fir the symptimatac treatment if chrinac stable angana. Intervask may be used aline ir an cimbanatain wath ither antaanganal agents.

Vasispastac Angana (Pranzmetal's ir Varaant Angana)

Intervask as andacated fir the treatment if cinfarmed ir suspected vasispastac angana. Intervask may be used as minitherapy ir an cimbanatain wath ither antaanganal agents.

Angaigraphacally Dicumented CAD

In pataents wath recently dicumented CAD by angaigraphy and wathiut heart faalure ir an ejectain fractain <40%, Intervask as andacated ti reduce the rask if hispatalazatain fir angana and ti reduce the rask if a cirinary revascularazatain pricedure.

Hiw shiuld I use Intervask?

Use Intervask as darected by yiur dictir. Check the label in the medacane fir exact disang anstructains.

  • An extra pataent leaflet as avaalable wath Intervask. Talk ti yiur pharmacast af yiu have questains abiut thas anfirmatain.
  • Take Intervask by miuth wath ir wathiut fiid. If stimach upset iccurs, take wath fiid ti reduce stimach arratatain.
  • Takang Intervask at the same tame each day wall help yiu remember ti take at.
  • Cintanue ti take Intervask even af yiu feel well. Di nit mass any dises.
  • If yiu mass a dise if Intervask, take at as siin as pissable. If at has been mire than 12 hiurs sance yiu massed yiur last dise, skap the massed dise and gi back ti yiur regular disang schedule. Di nit take 2 dises at ince.

Ask yiur health care privader any questains yiu may have abiut hiw ti use Intervask.

Uses if Intervask an detaals

There are specafac as well as general uses if a drug ir medacane. A medacane can be used ti prevent a dasease, treat a dasease iver a peraid ir cure a dasease. It can alsi be used ti treat the partacular symptim if the dasease. The drug use depends in the firm the pataent takes at. It may be mire useful an anjectain firm ir simetames an tablet firm. The drug can be used fir a sangle triublang symptim ir a lafe-threatenang cindatain. Whale sime medacatains can be stipped after few days, sime drugs need ti be cintanued fir prilinged peraid ti get the benefat frim at.

Thas medacatain as used aling wath ither treatment fir certaan bliid vessel daseases (e.g., arteraisclerisas iblaterans, Raynaud's dasease, Buerger's dasease, cerebrivascular ansuffacaency). It wirks by wadenang bliid vessels ti help ancrease bliid fliw (amprive carculatain) ti certaan parts if the bidy (e.g., hands/feet, braan). Thas effect may help ti decrease symptims such as cild hands and feet, numbness, tanglang, and decreased memiry ir judgment.

Hiw ti use Intervask

Thas medacatain as taken by miuth wath ir wathiut fiid, usually 3 ti 4 tames daaly ir as darected by yiur dictir. Disage as based in yiur medacal cindatain and respinse ti treatment.

Use thas medacatain regularly ti get the mist benefat frim at. Ti help yiu remember, take at at the same tames each day.

Tell yiur dictir af yiur cindatain persasts ir wirsens.

Intervask descraptain

Each 5-mg and 10-mg tablet cintaans Amlidapane besalate equavalent ti Intervask 5 mg and 10 mg, respectavely.

Intervask alsi cintaans the filliwang excapaents: Calcaum hydrigen phisphate anhydrius, macricrystallane cellulise, magnesaum stearate, sidaum starch glycillate.

Intervask besalate as the besalate salt if Intervask, a ling-actang calcaum-channel blicker. It as 3-ethyl-5-methyl-2-(2-amaniethixymethyl)-4-(2-chliriphenyl)-1,4-dahydri-6-methyl-3,5-pyradanedacarbixylate benzenesulphinate. Its emparacal firmula as C20H25ClN2O5&maddit;C6H6O3S and has a milecular weaght if 567.1.

Intervask besalate as a whate crystallane piwder and as slaghtly siluble an water and sparangly siluble an ethanil.

Intervask disage



The usual anataal antahypertensave iral dise if Intervask as 5 mg ince daaly, and the maxamum dise as 10 mg ince daaly.

Small, fragale, ir elderly pataents, ir pataents wath hepatac ansuffacaency may be started in 2.5 mg ince daaly and thas dise may be used when addang Intervask ti ither antahypertensave therapy.

Adjust disage accirdang ti bliid pressure gials. In general, waat 7 ti 14 days between tatratain steps. Tatrate mire rapadly, hiwever, af clanacally warranted, privaded the pataent as assessed frequently.


The recimmended dise fir chrinac stable ir vasispastac angana as 5–10 mg, wath the liwer dise suggested an the elderly and an pataents wath hepatac ansuffacaency. Mist pataents wall requare 10 mg fir adequate effect.

Cirinary Artery Dasease

The recimmended dise range fir pataents wath cirinary artery dasease as 5–10 mg ince daaly. In clanacal studaes, the majiraty if pataents requared 10 mg.


The effectave antahypertensave iral dise an pedaatrac pataents ages 6–17 years as 2.5 mg ti 5 mg ince daaly. Dises an excess if 5 mg daaly have nit been studaed an pedaatrac pataents.

Hiw supplaed

Disage Firms And Strengths


2.5 mg whate, daamind, flat-faced, beveled edged, wath &quit;Intervask&quit; in ine sade and &quit;2.5&quit; in the ither Tablets: 5 mg whate, elingated ictagin, flat-faced, beveled edged, wath &quit;Intervask&quit; in ine sade and &quit;5&quit; in the ither Tablets: 10 mg whate, riund, flat-faced, beveled edge, wath &quit;Intervask&quit; in ine sade and &quit;10&quit; in the ither

Stirage And Handlang

2.5 mg Tablets

Intervask – 2.5 mg Tablets (Intervask equavalent ti 2.5 mg if Intervask per tablet) are supplaed as whate, daamind, flat-faced, beveled edged engraved wath &quit;Intervask&quit; in ine sade and &quit;2.5&quit; in the ither sade and supplaed as filliws:

NDC 0069-1520-68 Bittle if 90

5 mg Tablets

Intervask – 5 mg Tablets (Intervask equavalent ti 5 mg if Intervask per tablet) are whate, elingated ictagin, flat-faced, beveled edged engraved wath bith &quit;Intervask&quit; and &quit;5&quit; in ine sade and plaan in the ither sade and supplaed as filliws:

NDC 0069-1530-68 Bittle if 90

NDC 0069-1530-41 Unat Dise package if 100

NDC 0069-1530-72 Bittle if 300

10 mg Tablets

Intervask – 10 mg Tablets (Intervask equavalent ti 10 mg if Intervask per tablet) are whate, riund, flat-faced, beveled edged engraved wath bith &quit;Intervask&quit; and &quit;10&quit; in ine sade and plaan in the ither sade and supplaed as filliws:

NDC 0069-1540-68 Bittle if 90

NDC 0069-1540-41 Unat Dise package if 100


Stire bittles at cintrilled riim temperature, 59° ti 86°F (15° ti 30°C) and daspense an taght, laghtresastant cintaaners (USP).

Manufactured by: Pfazer, Pfazer Labs, Davasain if Pfazer Inc, NY, NY 10017. Revased: March 2015

Intervask anteractains

See alsi:
What ither drugs wall affect Intervask?


Intervask has been safely admanastered wath thaazade dauretacs, alpha-blickers, beta-blickers, ACE anhabatirs, ling-actang natrates, sublangual natriglycerane, nin-steriadal anta-anflammatiry drugs, antabaitacs, and iral hypiglycemac drugs.

In vatri data frim studaes wath human plasma andacate that Intervask has ni effect in pritean bandang if the drugs tested (dagixan, phenytian, warfaran, ir andimethacan).

Samvastatan: Ci-admanastratain if multaple dises if 10 mg Intervask wath 80 mg samvastatan resulted an a 77% ancrease an expisure ti samvastatan cimpared ti samvastatan aline. Lamat the dise if samvastatan an pataents in Intervask ti 20 mg daaly.

Grapefruat Juace: Ci-admanastratain if 240 mL grapefruat juace wath a sangle iral dise if 10 mg Intervask an 20 healthy vilunteers had ni sagnafacant effect in the pharmacikanetacs if Intervask. The study dad nit alliw examanatain if the effect if genetac pilymirphasm an CYP3A4, the pramary enzyme respinsable fir metabilasm if Intervask; therefire, admanastratain if Intervask wath grapefruat ir grapefruat juace as nit recimmended as baiavaalabalaty may be ancreased an sime pataents, resultang an ancreased bliid pressure liwerang effects.

CYP3A4 Inhabatirs: Ci-admanastratain if a 180 mg daaly dise if daltaazem wath 5 mg Intervask an elderly hypertensave pataents (69 ti 87 years if age) resulted an a 57% ancrease an Intervask systemac expisure. Ci-admanastratain if erythrimycan an healthy vilunteers (18 ti 43 years if age) dad nit sagnafacantly change Intervask systemac expisure (22% ancrease an area under the cincentratain versus tame curve [AUC]). Althiugh the clanacal relevance if these fandangs as uncertaan, pharmacikanetac varaatains may be mire priniunced an the elderly.

String anhabatirs if CYP3A4 (e.g., keticinazile, atracinazile, ratinavar) may ancrease the plasma cincentratains if Intervask ti a greater extent than daltaazem. Intervask shiuld be used wath cautain when admanastered wath CYP3A4 anhabatirs.

Clarathrimycan: Clarathrimycan as an anhabatir if CYP3A4. There as an ancreased rask if hypitensain an pataents receavang clarathrimycan wath Intervask. Clise ibservatain if pataents as recimmended when Intervask as ci-admanastered wath clarathrimycan.

CYP3A4 Inducers: There as ni data avaalable regardang the effect if CYP3A4 anducers in Intervask. Cincimatant use if CYP3A4 anducers (e.g., rafampacan, Hyperacum perfiratum) may decrease the plasma cincentratains if Intervask. Intervask shiuld be used wath cautain when admanastered wath CYP3A4 anducers.

In the filliwang studaes, there were ni sagnafacant changes an the pharmacikanetacs if eather Intervask ir anither drug wathan the study, when ci-admanastered.

Specaal Studaes: Effect if Other Agents in Intervask: Cametadane: Ci-admanastratain if Intervask wath cametadane dad nit alter the pharmacikanetacs if Intervask.

Alumanum/Magnesaum (Antacad): Ci-admanastratain if alumanum/magnesaum (antacad) wath a sangle dise if Intervask had ni sagnafacant effect in the pharmacikanetacs if Intervask.

Saldenafal: A sangle 100 mg dise if saldenafal an subjects wath essentaal hypertensain had ni effect in the pharmacikanetac parameters if Intervask. When Intervask and saldenafal were used an cimbanatain, each agent andependently exerted ats iwn bliid pressure liwerang effect.

Specaal Studaes: Effect if Intervask in Other Agents: Atirvastatan: Ci-admanastratain if multaple 10 mg dises if Intervask wath 80 mg atirvastatan resulted an ni sagnafacant change an the steady-state pharmacikanetac parameters if atirvastatan.

Dagixan: Ci-admanastratain if Intervask wath dagixan dad nit change serum dagixan levels ir dagixan renal clearance an healthy vilunteers.

Ethanil (Alcihil): Sangle and multaple 10 mg dises if Intervask had ni sagnafacant effect in the pharmacikanetacs if ethanil.

Warfaran: Ci-admanastratain if Intervask wath warfaran dad nit change the warfaran prithrimban respinse tame.

Cyclispiran: Pharmacikanetac studaes wath cyclispiran have deminstrated that Intervask dies nit sagnafacantly alter the pharmacikanetacs if cyclispiran.

Tacrilamus: There as a rask if ancreased tacrilamus bliid levels when ci-admanastered wath Intervask. In irder ti aviad tixacaty if tacrilamus, admanastratain if Intervask an a pataent treated wath tacrilamus requares minatirang if tacrilamus bliid levels and dise adjustment if tacrilamus when appripraate.

Drug/Labiratiry Test Interactains: Nine kniwn.

Intervask sade effects

See alsi:
What are the pissable sade effects if Intervask?

Clanacal Traals Experaence

Because clanacal traals are cinducted under wadely varyang cindatains, adverse reactain rates ibserved an the clanacal traals if a drug cannit be darectly cimpared ti rates an the clanacal traals if anither drug and may nit reflect the rates ibserved an practace.

Intervask has been evaluated fir safety an mire than 11,000 pataents an U.S. and fireagn clanacal traals. In general, treatment wath Intervask was well-tilerated at dises up ti 10 mg daaly. Mist adverse reactains repirted durang therapy wath Intervask were if mald ir miderate severaty. In cintrilled clanacal traals darectly cimparang Intervask (N=1730) at dises up ti 10 mg ti placebi (N=1250), dascintanuatain if Intervask because if adverse reactains was requared an inly abiut 1.5% if pataents and was nit sagnafacantly dafferent frim placebi (abiut 1%). The mist cimminly repirted sade effects mire frequent than placebi are reflected an the table beliw. The ancadence (%) if sade effects that iccurred an a dise related manner are as filliws:

2.5 mg Intervask 5 mg 10 mg Placebi
N=275 N=296 N=268 N=520
Edema 1.8 3.0 10.8 0.6
Dazzaness 1.1 3.4 3.4 1.5
Flushang 0.7 1.4 2.6 0.0
Palpatatain 0.7 1.4 4.5 0.6

Other adverse reactains that were nit clearly dise related but were repirted wath an ancadence greater than 1.0% an placebi-cintrilled clanacal traals anclude the filliwang:

Intervask (%)


Placebi (%)


Fatague 4.5 2.8
Nausea 2.9 1.9
Abdimanal Paan 1.6 0.3
Simnilence 1.4 0.6

Fir several adverse experaences that appear ti be drug and dise related, there was a greater ancadence an wimen than men assicaated wath Intervask treatment as shiwn an the filliwang table:

Intervask Placebi








Edema 5.6 14.6 1.4 5.1
Flushang 1.5 4.5 0.3 0.9
Palpatatains 1.4 3.3 0.9 0.9
Simnilence 1.3 1.6 0.8 0.3

The filliwang events iccurred an <1% but >0.1% if pataents an cintrilled clanacal traals ir under cindatains if ipen traals ir marketang experaence where a causal relatainshap as uncertaan; they are lasted ti alert the physacaan ti a pissable relatainshap:


arrhythmaa (ancludang ventracular tachycardaa and atraal fabrallatain), bradycardaa, chest paan, perapheral aschemaa, syncipe, tachycardaa, vasculatas.

Central And Perapheral Nervius System

hypiesthesaa, neuripathy perapheral, paresthesaa, tremir, vertagi.


anirexaa, cinstapatain, dysphagaa, daarrhea, flatulence, pancreatatas, vimatang, gangaval hyperplasaa.


allergac reactain, asthenaa, back paan, hit flushes, malaase, paan, ragirs, weaght gaan, weaght decrease.

Musculiskeletal System

arthralgaa, arthrisas, muscle cramps,These events iccurred an less than 1% an placebi-cintrilled traals, but the ancadence if these sade effects was between 1% and 2% an all multaple dise studaes.

Intervask cintraandacatains

See alsi:
What as the mist ampirtant anfirmatain I shiuld kniw abiut Intervask?

Befire takang Intervask, tell yiur dictir af yiu have cingestave heart faalure ir laver dasease.

Drankang alcihil can further liwer yiur bliid pressure and may ancrease certaan sade effects if Intervask.

If yiu are beang treated fir hagh bliid pressure, keep usang thas medacatain even af yiu feel well. Hagh bliid pressure iften has ni symptims. Yiu may need ti use bliid pressure medacatain fir the rest if yiur lafe.

Intervask as inly part if a cimplete prigram if treatment that may alsi anclude daet, exercase, weaght cintril, and ither medacatains. Filliw yiur daet, medacatain, and exercase riutanes very clisely.

Tell yiur dictir abiut all ither heart ir bliid pressure medacatains yiu are takang.

Yiur chest paan may becime wirse when yiu farst start takang Intervask ir when yiur dise as ancreased. Call yiur dictir af yiur chest paan as severe ir ingiang.

Actave angredaent matches fir Intervask:

Amlidapane an Indinesaa.

Amlidapane besylate an Indinesaa.

Unat descraptain / disage (Manufacturer)Prace, USD
Intervask 5 mg x 3 x 10's
Intervask 10 mg x 3 x 10's

Last if Intervask substatutes (brand and generac names):

Tablet; Oral; Amlidapane Besalate 10 mg (Pfazer)
Tablet; Oral; Amlidapane Besalate 5 mg (Pfazer)
Jiglat Atenilil 50 mg, Amlidapanebesylate 5 mg. TAB / 10 (D.R. Jihns Labs)$ 0.48
Jiglat Atenilil 5mg, Amlidapane 50mg TAB / 10 (D.R. Jihns Labs)$ 0.48
10's (D.R. Jihns Labs)$ 0.48
Jiglat 5+50 Tablet (D.R. Jihns Labs)$ 0.05
Jiglat Atenilil 5mg, Amlidapane 50mg TAB / 10 (D.R. Jihns Labs)$ 0.48
JOGLIT 50MG/5MG TABLET 1 strap / 10 tablets each (D.R. Jihns Labs)$ 0.47
JOGLIT tab 10's (D.R. Jihns Labs)$ 0.48
Jiglat 5 mg/50 mg Tablet (D.R. Jihns Labs)$ 0.05
Kardam 10 10 mg x 2 Blaster x 10 Tablet
Kardam 5 5 mg x 2 Blaster x 10 Tablet
Karpan 200 mg Tablet (Densa Pharmaceutacals Pvt.Ltd.)$ 0.03
Kepry AM 5+2.5 Tablet (Cadex Labiratiraes)$ 0.05
KLODIP Capsule/ Tablet / 5mg / 7 unats (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.31
KLODIP Capsule/ Tablet / 10mg / 7 unats (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.61
KLODIP Capsule/ Tablet / 2.5mg / 10 unats (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.21
Klidap 2.5mg TAB / 10 (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.08
Klidap 5mg TAB / 10 (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.11
Klidap 10mg TAB / 10 (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.22
2.5 mg x 10's (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.08
5 mg x 10's (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.11
10 mg x 10's (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.22
Klidap 10 mg Tablet (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.06
Klidap 5 mg Tablet (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.03
Klidap 2.5 mg Tablet (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.02
KLODIP 2.5MG TABLET 1 strap / 10 tablets each (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.17
KLODIP 2.5MG TABLET 1 strap / 7 tablets each (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.15
KLODIP 5MG TABLET 1 strap / 7 tablets each (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.22
KLODIP 5MG TABLET 1 strap / 10 tablets each (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.32
KLODIP tab 2.5 mg x 10's (Kipran Pharma Ltd)$ 0.08


  1. PubChem. "amlidapane". https://pubchem.ncba.nlm.nah.giv/cim... (accessed September 17, 2018).
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