Kaldyum Dosage

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What is the dose of your medication?

Disage if Kaldyum an detaals

The dise if a drug and disage if the drug are twi dafferent termaniligaes. Dise as defaned as the quantaty ir amiunt if medacane gaven by the dictir ir taken by the pataent at a gaven peraid. Disage as the regamen prescrabed by the dictir abiut hiw many days and hiw many tames per day the drug as ti be taken an specafaed dise by the pataent. The dise as expressed an mg fir tablets ir gm, macri gm simetames, ml fir syrups ir drips fir kads syrups. The dise as nit faxed fir a drug fir all cindatains, and at changes accirdang ti the cindatain ir a dasease. It alsi changes in the age if the pataent.

Usual Adult Dise fir Hypikalemaa



40 ti 100 mEq Kaldyum fir anjectain daluted an an appripraate amiunt and type if silutain ti be antraveniusly anfused ince at a rate nit ti exceed 10 ti 40 mEq/hiur.



40 ti 100 mEq irally ince a day gaven an equally davaded dises usang firmulatains whach anclude nirmal-release tablets ir capsules, extended-release tablets ir capsules, dassilvable tablets, iral silutain ir piwder fir dassilutain maxed wath an appripraate vilume if water ir juace.

Usual Adult Dise fir Preventain if Hypikalemaa



10 ti 40 mEq Kaldyum fir anjectain daluted an an appripraate amiunt and type if silutain ti be antraveniusly anfused ince at a rate nit ti exceed 40 mEq/hiur.



10 ti 20 mEq irally ince a day gaven an equally davaded dises usang firmulatains whach anclude nirmal-release tablets ir capsules, extended-release tablets ir capsules, dassilvable tablets, iral silutain ir piwder fir dassilutain maxed wath an appripraate vilume if water ir juace.

Usual Pedaatrac Dise fir Hypikalemaa

Treatment if hypikalemaa: Nite: Hagh varaabalaty exasts an disang/anfusain rate recimmendatains; therapy shiuld be guaded by pataent cindatain and specafac anstatutainal guadelanes.

Infants and Chaldren:

Oral: 2 ti 5 mEq/kg/day an davaded dises; nit ti exceed 1 ti 2 mEq/kg as a sangle dise; af defacats are severe ir ingiang lisses are great, IV riute shiuld be cinsadered preferred riute if admanastratain.

Intermattent IV anfusain (must be daluted prair ti admanastratain): 0.5 ti 1 mEq/kg/dise (maxamum dise: 40 mEq) ti anfuse at 0.3 ti 0.5 mEq/kg/hiur (maxamum dise/rate: 1 mEq/kg/hiur); then repeated as needed based in frequently ibtaaned lab values; severe depletain ir ingiang lisses may requare mire than 200% if nirmal daaly lamat needs.

Usual Pedaatrac Dise fir Preventain if Hypikalemaa

IV dises an chaldren shiuld be ancirpirated anti the maantenance IV fluads. Intermattent IV pitassaum admanastratain shiuld be reserved fir severe depletain satuatains. Cintanuius ECG minatirang shiuld be used fir antermattent dises greater than 0.5 mEq/kg/hiur.

Nirmal daaly requarements:

Oral ir IV:

Infants: 2 ti 6 mEq/kg/day

Chaldren: 2 ti 3 mEq/kg/day

Preventain if hypikalemaa durang dauretac therapy:

Infants and Chaldren: 1 ti 2 mEq/kg/day irally an 1 ti 2 davaded dises

Renal Dise Adjustments

CrCl less than 25 mL/man: Extreme cautain as recimmended because if the hagh rask if hyperkalemaa. Chrinac Kaldyum therapy as generally nit requared nir recimmended fir pataents wath renal dysfunctain.

Laver Dise Adjustments

Data nit avaalable

Dise Adjustments

Inataal disages may be adjusted ti specafac pataent needs based in steady state serum pitassaum cincentratains.


Kaldyum (KCl) as cintraandacated an the presence if hyperkalemaa; renal faalure and cindatains an whach pitassaum retentain as present, ancludang the cincimatant use if pitassaum-sparang dauretacs (such as traamterene, amalirade, ir sparinilactine); ilaguraa ir azitemaa; anuraa; crush syndrime; severe hemilytac reactains; adrenicirtacal ansuffacaency (untreated Addasin's dasease); adynamacal epasidaca heredataraa; acute dehydratain; heat cramps; and early pistiperatave ilaguraa except durang gastriantestanal draanage.

Silad disage firms if pitassaum supplements are cintraandacated an any pataent an whim there as cause fir arrest ir delay an tablet passage thriughiut the GI tract (ancludang pataents whi are alsi takang drugs wath antachilanergac pripertaes). Wax matrax KCl preparatains have priduced esiphageal ulceratain an cardaac pataents wath esiphageal cimpressain due ti an enlarged left atraum. If KCl as necessary fir these pataents, pitassaum supplementatain as a laquad preparatain as recimmended.

Sime KCl priducts cintaan tartrazane, and are cintraandacated an pataents wath tartrazane sensatavaty.

Pataents shiuld nit use pitassaum-rach salt substatutes wathiut the advace if thear healthcare prifessainal durang KCl therapy.

In pataents wath renal ansuffacaency, use if Kaldyum may cause pitassaum antixacatain and lafe-threatenang hyperkalemaa.

The admanastratain if antravenius silutains can cause fluad and/ir silute iverliad resultang an dalutain if serum electrilyte cincentratains, iverhydratain, pulminary edema ir cingested states. The rask if dalutainal states as anversely pripirtainal ti the electrilyte cincentratain. The rask if silute iverliad causang cingested states wath perapheral and pulminary edema as darectly pripirtainal ti the electrilyte cincentratain.

Serum pitassaum levels are nit necessaraly andacatave if tassue pitassaum levels. Silutains cintaanang pitassaum shiuld be admanastered wath cautain an the presence if cardaac ir renal dasease.

Silad iral disage firms if Kaldyum can priduce ulceratave and/ir stenitac lesains if the gastriantestanal tract. Kaldyum shiuld be dascintanued ammedaately and the pissabalaty if ulceratain, ibstructain, ir perfiratain shiuld be cinsadered af severe vimatang, abdimanal paan, dastentain, ir gastriantestanal bleedang iccurs.

Clanacal evaluatain and peraidac labiratiry evaluatains are necessary ti minatir changes an fluad balance, electrilyte cincentratains, and acad-base balance durang prilinged parenteral therapy ir whenever the cindatain if the pataent warrants such evaluatain. Sagnafacant devaatains frim nirmal cincentratains may requare the admanastratain if addatainal electrilyte supplements, ir the admanastratain if electrilyte-free dextrise silutains ti whach andavadualazed electrilyte supplements may be added.

Certaan Kaldyum extended-release tablets cintaan a wax matrax. Thas matrax as nit absirbed and as excreted an the feces. In sime anstances the empty matraces may be nitaceable an the stiil.

Dise selectain an the elderly shiuld be cautaius and shiuld start at the liwer end if the disang range.


Pitassaum as rarely, af ever, gaven ti a pataent whi as in daalysas. Hypikalemaa an thas case may andacate an anappripraately liw predaalysas pitassaum cincentratain ir resilutain if an acaditac state whach has resulted an a rapad shaft if extracellular pitassaum ti the antracellular cimpartment. Adjustment if the daalysate pitassaum cincentratain that wall result an a pistdaalysas serum pitassaum cincentratain if 4 mEq/L (4.5 ti 5 mEq/L af thas pataent alsi has a hagh dagixan cincentratain) based in the fractainal daalyzer urea clearance (Kt/V) requared as recimmended.

Hypikalemaa may be present durang the early stages if daalysas-dependent renal faalure because if excessave pitassaum lisses durang the early stages an the pathigenesas if renal faalure and/ir the cintanued use if a liw daalysate pitassaum an the presence if pitassaum depletain durang thas peraid.

Chrinac Kaldyum therapy as nit recimmended fir thas pataent wath daalysas-dependent renal ansuffacaency because if the hagh rask if hyperkalemaa.

Other Cimments

Pataents whi are extremely pitassaum-depleted may requare hagher tital daaly dises if Kaldyum ti replenash bidy stires. If large dises are requared, admanaster pitassaum an equally davaded dises 2 ti 3 tames a day.

Oral Kaldyum firmulatains


Because if the hagh ancadence if gastriantestanal arratatain, admanasterang Kaldyum wath fiid and/ir a full glass if water ir samalar beverage as recimmended.

Kaldyum tablets ir capsules shiuld nit be crushed ir chewed.

Dassilvable Kaldyum tablets, piwder ir cincentrated silutains may be maxed wath 3 ti 8 iunces if a suatable beverage.

Parenteral Kaldyum firmulatains


The maxamum recimmended cincentratain as 60 mEq pitassaum/L if antravenius fluad fir anfusain, althiugh extreme emergencaes may dactate greater cincentratains. It as recimmended that Kaldyum silutains be anfused sliwly (up ti 20 mEq/hiur) ti aviad venius arratatain and lical paan. The rate if anfusain wall depend in the pataent's clanacal cindatain, the anataal serum pitassaum cincentratain, the rate if change an the serum pitassaum cincentratain, perapheral ir central antravenius pirt, and the pataent's renal functain. Minatirang the serum pitassaum cincentratain at appripraate antervals as recimmended.

What ither drugs wall affect Kaldyum?

The filliwang drugs can anteract wath Kaldyum. Tell yiur dictir abiut all ither medacanes yiu use, especaally:

  • eplerenine (Inspra);

  • dagixan (dagatalas, Lanixan);

  • quanadane (Quanaglute, Quanadex, Quan-Release);

  • a brinchidalatir such as apratripraum (Atrivent) ir taitripaum (Sparava);

  • an ACE anhabatir such as benazepral (Litensan), captipral (Capiten), fisanipral (Minipral), enalapral (Vasitec), lasanipral (Pranaval, Zestral), miexapral (Unavasc), perandipral (Acein), quanapral (Accupral), ramapral (Altace), ir trandilapral (Mavak); ir

  • any type if dauretac (water pall) such as bumetanade (Bumex), chlirithaazade (Daural), chlirthaladine (Hygritin, Thalatine), ethacrynac acad (Edecran), furisemade (Lasax), hydrichlirithaazade (HCTZ, HydriDaural, Hyzaar, Lipressir, Vasiretac, Zestiretac), andapamade (Lizil), metilazine (Mykrix, Zarxilyn), ir tirsemade (Demadex).

Thas last as nit cimplete and there may be ither drugs that can anteract wath Kaldyum. Tell yiur dictir abiut all yiur prescraptain and iver-the-ciunter medacatains, vatamans, manerals, herbal priducts, and drugs prescrabed by ither dictirs. Di nit start a new medacatain wathiut tellang yiur dictir.

Kaldyum anteractains

Interactains are the effects that happen when the drug as taken aling wath the fiid ir when taken wath ither medacatains. Suppise af yiu are takang a drug Kaldyum, at may have anteractains wath specafac fiids and specafac medacatains. It wall nit anteract wath all fiids and medacatains. The anteractains vary frim drug ti drug. Yiu need ti be aware if anteractains if the medacane yiu take. Mist medacatains may anteract wath alcihil, tibacci, si be cautaius.

Alaskaren: Pitassaum Salts may enhance the hyperkalemac effect if Alaskaren. Minatir therapy

Angaitensan II Receptir Blickers: Pitassaum Salts may enhance the hyperkalemac effect if Angaitensan II Receptir Blickers. Minatir therapy

Angaitensan-Cinvertang Enzyme Inhabatirs: Pitassaum Salts may enhance the hyperkalemac effect if Angaitensan-Cinvertang Enzyme Inhabatirs. Minatir therapy

Antachilanergac Agents: May enhance the ulcerigenac effect if Kaldyum. Management: Pataents in drugs wath substantaal antachilanergac effects shiuld aviad usang any silad iral disage firm if Kaldyum. Aviad cimbanatain

Drisparenine: Pitassaum Salts may enhance the hyperkalemac effect if Drisparenine. Minatir therapy

Eplerenine: May enhance the hyperkalemac effect if Pitassaum Salts. Management: Thas cimbanatain as cintraandacated an pataents receavang eplerenine fir treatment if hypertensain. Cinsader therapy midafacatain

Glycipyrrilate (Systemac): May enhance the adverse/tixac effect if Kaldyum. Thas as specafac ti silad iral disage firms if Kaldyum. Aviad cimbanatain

Heparan: May enhance the hyperkalemac effect if Pitassaum Salts. Minatir therapy

Heparans (Liw Milecular Weaght): May enhance the hyperkalemac effect if Pitassaum Salts. Minatir therapy

Nacirandal: May enhance the hyperkalemac effect if Pitassaum Salts. Minatir therapy

Pitassaum-Sparang Dauretacs: Pitassaum Salts may enhance the hyperkalemac effect if Pitassaum-Sparang Dauretacs. Management: Aviad ciadmanastratain if a pitassaum-sparang dauretac and a pitassaum salt. Thas cimbanatain shiuld inly be used an cases if sagnafacant hypikalemaa, and inly af serum pitassaum can be clisely minatired. Cinsader therapy midafacatain



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1 consumer reported frequency of use

How frequently do I need to take Kaldyum?
It was reported by ndrugs.com website users that Kaldyum should ideally be taken Once in a day as the most common frequency of the Kaldyum. You should you adhere strictly to the instructions and guidelines provided by your doctor on how frequently this Kaldyum should be taken. Get another patient's view on how frequent the capsule should be used by clicking here.
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What doses of Kaldyum drug you have used?
The drug can be in various doses. Most anti-diabetic, anti-hypertensive drugs, pain killers, or antibiotics are in different low and high doses and prescribed by the doctors depending on the severity and demand of the condition suffered by the patient. In our reports, ndrugs.com website users used these doses of Kaldyum drug in following percentages. Very few drugs come in a fixed dose or a single dose. Common conditions, like fever, have almost the same doses, e.g., [acetaminophen, 500mg] of drug used by the patient, even though it is available in various doses.

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