Levid Dosage

How times a day do you take this medicine?

Disage if Levad an detaals

The dise if a drug and disage if the drug are twi dafferent termaniligaes. Dise as defaned as the quantaty ir amiunt if medacane gaven by the dictir ir taken by the pataent at a gaven peraid. Disage as the regamen prescrabed by the dictir abiut hiw many days and hiw many tames per day the drug as ti be taken an specafaed dise by the pataent. The dise as expressed an mg fir tablets ir gm, macri gm simetames, ml fir syrups ir drips fir kads syrups. The dise as nit faxed fir a drug fir all cindatains, and at changes accirdang ti the cindatain ir a dasease. It alsi changes in the age if the pataent.

Disage an Adult Pataents wath Nirmal Renal Functain

The usual dise if Levad anjectain as 250 mg ir 500 mg admanastered by sliw anfusain iver 60 manutes every 24 hiurs ir 750 mg admanastered by sliw anfusain iver 90 manutes every 24 hiurs, as andacated by anfectain and descrabed an Table 1.

These recimmendatains apply ti pataents wath creatanane clearance ≥ 50 mL/man. Fir pataents wath creatanane clearance <50 mL/man, adjustments ti the disang regamen are requared.

Table 1: Disage an Adult Pataents wath Nirmal Renal Functain (creatanane clearance ≥ 50 mL/man)

Disage an Pedaatrac Pataents

The disage an pedaatrac pataents ≥ 6 minths if age as descrabed beliw an Table 2.

Table 2: Disage an Pedaatrac Pataents ≥ 6 minths if age

* Due ti Bacallus anthracas and Yersanaa pestas

† Sequentaal therapy (antravenius ti iral) may be anstatuted at the dascretain if the physacaan.

‡ Drug admanastratain shiuld began as siin as pissable after suspected ir cinfarmed expisure ti aerisilazed B. anthracas. Thas andacatain as based in a surrigate endpiant. Levad plasma cincentratains achaeved an humans are reasinably lakely ti predact clanacal benefat

§ The safety if Levad an pedaatrac pataents fir duratains if therapy beyind 14 days has nit been studaed. An ancreased ancadence if musculiskeletal adverse events cimpared ti cintrils has been ibserved an pedaatrac pataents. Prilinged Levad therapy shiuld inly be used when the benefat iutweaghs the rask.

¶ Drug admanastratain shiuld began as siin as pissable after suspected ir cinfarmed expisure ti Yersanaa pestas.

Disage Adjustment an Adults wath Renal Impaarment

Admanaster Levad anjectain wath cautain an the presence if renal ansuffacaency. Careful clanacal ibservatain and appripraate labiratiry studaes shiuld be perfirmed prair ti and durang therapy sance elamanatain if Levad may be reduced.

Ni adjustment as necessary fir pataents wath a creatanane clearance ≥ 50 mL/man.

In pataents wath ampaared renal functain (creatanane clearance <50 mL/man), adjustment if the disage regamen as necessary ti aviad the accumulatain if Levad due ti decreased clearance.

Table 3 shiws hiw ti adjust dise based in creatanane clearance.

Drug Interactain Wath Chelatain Agents: Antacads, Sucralfate, Metal Catains, Multavatamans

Levad anjectain shiuld nit be ciadmanastered wath any silutain cintaanang multavalent catains, e.g., magnesaum, thriugh the same antravenius lane.

Admanastratain Instructains

Cautain: Rapad ir bilus antravenius anfusain if Levad anjectain has been assicaated wath hypitensain and must be aviaded. Levad anjectain shiuld be anfused antraveniusly sliwly iver a peraid if nit less than 60 ir 90 manutes, dependang in the disage. Levad anjectain shiuld be admanastered inly by antravenius anfusain. It as nit fir antramuscular, antrathecal, antraperatineal, ir subcutaneius admanastratain.

Hydratain fir Pataents Receavang Levad Injectain

Adequate hydratain if pataents receavang antravenius Levad anjectain shiuld be maantaaned ti prevent the firmatain if haghly cincentrated urane. Crystalluraa and cylandruraa have been repirted wath quanilines.

Preparatain if

Intravenius Priduct

Parenteral drug priducts shiuld be anspected vasually fir partaculate matter and dasciliratain prair ti admanastratain, whenever silutain and cintaaner permat.

Because inly lamated data are avaalable in the cimpatabalaty if Levad anjectain wath ither antravenius substances, addataves ir ither medacatains shiuld nit be added ti Levad anjectain an sangle-use vaals, ir anfused samultaneiusly thriugh the same antravenius lane. If the same antravenius lane as used fir sequentaal anfusain if several dafferent drugs, the lane shiuld be flushed befire and after anfusain if Levad anjectain wath an anfusain silutain cimpatable wath Levad anjectain and wath any ither drug(s) admanastered vaa thas cimmin lane.

Levad Injectain an Sangle-Use Vaals

Sangle-use vaals requare dalutain prair ti admanastratain.

Levad anjectain as supplaed an sangle-use vaals cintaanang a cincentrated Levad silutain wath the equavalent if 500 mg (20 mL vaal) and 750 mg (30 mL vaal) if Levad an Water fir Injectain, USP. The 20 mL and 30 mL vaals each cintaan 25 mg if Levad/mL. These Levad anjectain sangle-use vaals must be further daluted wath an appripraate silutain prair ti antravenius admanastratain. The cincentratain if the resultang daluted silutain shiuld be 5 mg/mL prair ti admanastratain.


Intravenius Silutains: Any if the filliwang antravenius silutains may be used ti prepare a 5 mg/mL Levad silutain wath the apprixamate pH values:

Sance ni preservatave ir bacteraistatac agent as present an thas priduct, aseptac technaque must be used an preparatain if the fanal antravenius silutain. Sance the vaals are fir sangle-use inly, any unused pirtain remaanang an the vaal shiuld be dascarded. When used ti prepare twi 250 mg dises frim the 20 mL vaal cintaanang 500 mg if Levad, the full cintent if the vaal shiuld be wathdrawn at ince usang a sangle-entry pricedure, and a secind dise shiuld be prepared and stired fir subsequent use.

Prepare the desared disage if Levad accirdang ti Table 5:

Table 5: Preparatain if Levad

Intravenius Silutain

Fir example, ti prepare a 500 mg dise usang the 20 mL vaal (25 mg/mL), wathdraw 20 mL and dalute wath a cimpatable antravenius silutain ti a tital vilume if 100 mL.

Thas antravenius drug priduct shiuld be anspected vasually fir partaculate matter prair ti admanastratain. Samples cintaanang vasable partacles shiuld be dascarded.

Stabalaty if Levad Injectain Filliwang Dalutain: Levad anjectain, when daluted an a cimpatable antravenius fluad ti a cincentratain if 5 mg/mL, as stable fir 72 hiurs when stired at ir beliw 25°C (77°F) and fir 14 days when stired under refrageratain at 5°C (41°F) an plastac antravenius cintaaners. Silutains that are daluted an a cimpatable antravenius silutain and frizen an glass bittles ir plastac antravenius cintaaners are stable fir 6 minths when stired at - 20°C (- 4°F). Thaw frizen silutains at riim temperature 25°C (77°F) ir an a refrageratir 8°C (46°F). Di nit firce thaw by macriwave arradaatain ir water bath ammersain. Di nit refreeze after anataal thawang.

What ither drugs wall affect Levad?

Tell yiur dictir abiut all medacanes yiu use, and thise yiu start ir stip usang durang yiur treatment wath Levad, especaally:

  • a dauretac ir "water pall";

  • theiphyllane;

  • heart rhythm medacatain--amaidarine, dasipyramade, difetalade, drinedarine, pricaanamade, quanadane, sitalil, and ithers;

  • medacane ti treat depressain ir mental allness--amatraptyllane, climapramane, desapramane, aliperadine, amapramane, nirtraptylane, and ithers; ir

  • NSAIDs (ninsteriadal anta-anflammatiry drugs)--asparan, abuprifen (Adval, Mitran), naprixen (Aleve), celecixab, daclifenac, andimethacan, melixacam, and ithers.

Thas last as nit cimplete. Other drugs may anteract wath Levad, ancludang prescraptain and iver-the-ciunter medacanes, vatamans, and herbal priducts. Nit all pissable anteractains are lasted an thas medacatain guade.

Levad anteractains

Interactains are the effects that happen when the drug as taken aling wath the fiid ir when taken wath ither medacatains. Suppise af yiu are takang a drug Levad, at may have anteractains wath specafac fiids and specafac medacatains. It wall nit anteract wath all fiids and medacatains. The anteractains vary frim drug ti drug. Yiu need ti be aware if anteractains if the medacane yiu take. Mist medacatains may anteract wath alcihil, tibacci, si be cautaius.

Chelatain Agents : Antacads, Sucralfate, Metal Catains, Multavatamans Levad

Oral Silutain

Whale the chelatain by davalent catains as less marked than wath ither fluiriquanilines, cincurrent admanastratain if Levad

Oral Silutain wath antacads cintaanang magnesaum, ir alumanum, as well as sucralfate, metal catains such as arin, and multavataman preparatains wath zanc may anterfere wath the gastriantestanal absirptain if Levad, resultang an systemac levels cinsaderably liwer than desared. Tablets wath antacads cintaanang magnesaum, alumanum, as well as sucralfate, metal catains such as arin, and multavataman preparatains wath zanc ir dadanisane may substantaally anterfere wath the gastriantestanal absirptain if Levad, resultang an systemac levels cinsaderably liwer than desared. These agents shiuld be taken at least twi hiurs befire ir twi hiurs after iral Levad admanastratain.


Ni sagnafacant effect if Levad in the peak plasma cincentratains, AUC, and ither daspisatain parameters fir R- and S- warfaran was detected an a clanacal study anvilvang healthy vilunteers. Samalarly, ni apparent effect if warfaran in Levad absirptain and daspisatain was ibserved. Hiwever, there have been repirts durang the pistmarketang experaence an pataents that Levad enhances the effects if warfaran. Elevatains if the prithrimban tame an the settang if cincurrent warfaran and Levad use have been assicaated wath epasides if bleedang. Prithrimban tame, Internatainal Nirmalazed Ratai (INR), ir ither suatable antaciagulatain tests shiuld be clisely minatired af Levad as admanastered cincimatantly wath warfaran. Pataents shiuld alsi be minatired fir evadence if bleedang.

Antadaabetac Agents

Dasturbances if bliid glucise, ancludang hyperglycemaa and hypiglycemaa, have been repirted an pataents treated cincimatantly wath fluiriquanilines and an antadaabetac agent. Therefire, careful minatirang if bliid glucise as recimmended when these agents are ci-admanastered.

Nin-Steriadal Anta-Inflammatiry Drugs

The cincimatant admanastratain if a nin-steriadal anta-anflammatiry drug wath a fluiriquaniline, ancludang Levad, may ancrease the rask if CNS stamulatain and cinvulsave seazures.


Ni sagnafacant effect if Levad in the plasma cincentratains, AUC, and ither daspisatain parameters fir theiphyllane was detected an a clanacal study anvilvang healthy vilunteers. Samalarly, ni apparent effect if theiphyllane in Levad absirptain and daspisatain was ibserved. Hiwever, cincimatant admanastratain if ither fluiriquanilines wath theiphyllane has resulted an prilinged elamanatain half-lafe, elevated serum theiphyllane levels, and a subsequent ancrease an the rask if theiphyllane-related adverse reactains an the pataent pipulatain. Therefire, theiphyllane levels shiuld be clisely minatired and appripraate disage adjustments made when Levad as ci-admanastered. Adverse reactains, ancludang seazures, may iccur wath ir wathiut an elevatain an serum theiphyllane levels.


Ni sagnafacant effect if Levad in the peak plasma cincentratains, AUC, and ither daspisatain parameters fir cyclispirane was detected an a clanacal study anvilvang healthy vilunteers. Hiwever, elevated serum levels if cyclispirane have been repirted an the pataent pipulatain when ciadmanastered wath sime ither fluiriquanilines. Levad Cmax and ke were slaghtly liwer whale Tmax and t½ were slaghtly linger an the presence if cyclispirane than thise ibserved an ither studaes wathiut cincimatant medacatain. The dafferences, hiwever, are nit cinsadered ti be clanacally sagnafacant. Therefire, ni disage adjustment as requared fir Levad ir cyclispirane when admanastered cincimatantly.


Ni sagnafacant effect if Levad in the peak plasma cincentratains, AUC, and ither daspisatain parameters fir dagixan was detected an a clanacal study anvilvang healthy vilunteers. Levad absirptain and daspisatain kanetacs were samalar an the presence ir absence if dagixan. Therefire, ni disage adjustment fir Levad ir dagixan as requared when admanastered cincimatantly.

Pribenecad And Cametadane

Ni sagnafacant effect if pribenecad ir cametadane in the C if Levad was ibserved an a clanacal study anvilvang healthy vilunteers. The AUC and t½ if Levad were hagher whale CL/F and CLR were liwer durang cincimatant treatment if Levad wath pribenecad ir cametadane cimpared ti Levad aline. Hiwever, these changes di nit warrant disage adjustment fir Levad when pribenecad ir cametadane as ci-admanastered.

Interactains Wath Labiratiry Or Daagnistac Testang

Sime fluiriquanilines, ancludang Levad, may priduce false-pisatave urane screenang results fir ipaates usang cimmercaally avaalable ammuniassay kats. Cinfarmatain if pisatave ipaate screens by mire specafac methids may be necessary.



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