Mebeverinehydrochloride ERC Retard Overdose

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Overdose of Mebeverinehydrochloride ERC Retard in details

When a dose is taken in higher dose than the recommended doses, it is called Overdose. Overdose always needs a clinical supervision. Any medicine or drug when consumed in Overdose produces untoward side effects on one or various organs in the body. A medicine is excreted in the kidney or metabolized in the liver most of the times. This process goes without any hurdles when taken in normal dose, but when taken in an overdose, the body is not able to metabolize it or send it out properly which causes the effects of anoverdose.

In cases where Duspatalin was taken in overdose, symptoms were either absent or mild and usually rapidly reversible.

Symptoms: Theoretically, central nervous system excitability may occur in cases of overdose. In cases where Mebeverinehydrochloride ERC Retard was taken in overdose, symptoms were either absent or mild and usually rapidly reversible. Observed symptoms of overdose were of neurological and cardiovascular nature.

Treatment: No specific antidote is known and symptomatic treatment is recommended. Gastric lavage should only be considered in case of multiple intoxication within about 1 hr. Absorption reducing measures are not necessary.

Mebeverinehydrochloride ERC Retard warnings

Warnings are a mix of Precautions. Contraindications and interactions and serious harmful effects associated with the medicine intake. A diabetic or Hypertensive patient need to be warned about few drug interactions. A known hypersensitivity patient needs to be careful about the reactions or anaphylactic shock. A pregnant woman or a breastfeeding woman should be warned of certain medications. A Hepatitis [liver disease] patient or a cardiac patient should avoid few drugs.

Mebeverinehydrochloride ERC Retard has proved to be well- tolerated in therapeutic doses.

Though experiments in rats and rabbits have shown Mebeverinehydrochloride ERC Retard hydrochloride not to be teratogenic, Mebeverinehydrochloride ERC Retard is better avoided during pregnancy.

Mebeverinehydrochloride ERC Retard precautions

Certain people who are very sick or very old or who are sensitive show an exacerbation of side effect of the drug which can turn dangerous at times. So, it is very important to remember the precautions while taking the medicine. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding are also special categories wherein extra care or precaution is needed when taking a drug. Few patients may have a hypersensitivity reaction to few medications, and that can be life-threatening rarely. Penicillin hypersensitivity is one example. Diarrhea, rashes are few other symptoms which need a watch. A patient with other co-existing diseases like liver disease, heart disease, kidney disease should take special precautions.

Effects on the Ability to Drive or Operate Machinery: No studies on the effects on the ability to drive and use machines have been performed. The pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic profile as well as post-marketing experiences do not indicate any harmful effect of Mebeverinehydrochloride ERC Retard on the ability to drive or to use machines.

Impairment of Fertility: There is no clinical data on male or female fertility; however, animal studies do not indicate harmful effects of Mebeverinehydrochloride ERC Retard.

Use in pregnancy: There is no or limited amount of data from the use of Mebeverinehydrochloride ERC Retard in pregnant women. Animal studies are insufficient with respect to reproductive toxicity. Mebeverinehydrochloride ERC Retard is not recommended during pregnancy.

Use in lactation: It is unknown whether Mebeverinehydrochloride ERC Retard or its metabolites are excreted in human milk. The excretion of Mebeverinehydrochloride ERC Retard in milk has not been studied in animals. Mebeverinehydrochloride ERC Retard should not be used while breastfeeding.

Use in children: Mebeverinehydrochloride ERC Retard capsules are not recommended for use in children and adolescents <18 years, due to insufficient data on safety and efficacy.



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