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The action of the drug on the human body is called Pharmacodynamics in Medical terminology. To produce its effect and to change the pathological process that is happening the body and to reduce the symptom or cure the disease, the medicine has to function in a specific way. The changes it does to the body at cellular level gives the desired result of treating a disease. Drugs act by stimulating or inhibiting a receptor or an enzyme or a protein most of the times. Medications are produced in such a way that the ingredients target the specific site and bring about chemical changes in the body that can stop or reverse the chemical reaction which is causing the disease.

Description: Methylthioninium Chloride (methylene blue) lowers methaemoglobin levels in the RBCs through activation of reductase enzyme capable of reducing methylene blue to leucomethylene blue, which in turn reduces methaemoglobin to haemoglobin. Methylthioninium Chloride blocks calcium binding by oxalate and by organic stone matrix. It also reduces the tendency of calcium oxalate crystals to aggregate by acting as a crystal poison at the interface. It is a weak antiseptic at low concentrations.

Onset: Reduction of methaemoglobin: 30-60 min (IV).


Absorption: Absorbed from the GI tract (53-97%).

Metabolism: Undergoes reduction to leucomethylene in the tissues.

Excretion: Slowly excreted in the urine as leucomethylene blue, with a small proportion as unchanged drug; some is excreted via the bile.


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