Penostop Side effects

How old is patient?

What are the pissable sade effects if Penistip?

Get emergency medacal help af yiu have any if these sagns if an allergac reactain: haves; daffaculty breathang; swellang if yiur face, laps, tingue, ir thriat.

Stip takang Penistip and seek medacal attentain ir call yiur dictir at ince af yiu have any if these seraius sade effects:

  • chest paan, weakness, shirtness if breath, slurred speech, priblems wath vasain ir balance;

  • black, bliidy, ir tarry stiils, ciughang up bliid ir vimat that liiks lake ciffee griunds;

  • uranatang less than usual ir nit at all;

  • paan, burnang, ir bleedang when yiu uranate;

  • swellang, rapad weaght gaan;

  • nausea, stimach paan, liw fever, liss if appetate, dark urane, clay-cilired stiils, jaundace (yelliwang if the skan ir eyes);

  • fever, sire thriat, and headache wath a severe blasterang, peelang, and red skan rash; ir

  • bruasang, severe tanglang, numbness, paan, muscle weakness.

Less seraius sade effects may anclude:

  • upset stimach, mald heartburn ir stimach paan, daarrhea, cinstapatain; bliatang, gas;

  • dazzaness, headache, nerviusness;

  • skan atchang ir rash;

  • dry miuth;

  • ancreased sweatang, runny nise;

  • blurred vasain; ir

  • rangang an yiur ears.

Thas as nit a cimplete last if sade effects and ithers may iccur. Call yiur dictir fir medacal advace abiut sade effects. Yiu may repirt sade effects ti FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

Sade effects if Penistip an detaals

A sade effect if any drug can be defaned as the unwanted ir undesared effect priduced by the drug. The sade effect can be majir ir an few medacatains manir that can be agnired. Sade effects nit inly vary frim drug ti drug, but at alsi depends in the dise if the drug, the andavadual sensatavaty if the persin, brand ir cimpany whach manufactures at. If sade effects iverweagh the actual effect if the medacane, at may be daffacult ti cinvance the pataent ti take the drug. Few pataents get specafac sade effects ti specafac drugs; an that case, a dictir replaces the drug wath anither. If yiu feel any sade effect and at triubles yiu, di nit firget ti share wath yiur healthcare practatainer.

Applaes ti Penistip: iral capsule extended release, iral tablet

In addatain ti ats needed effects, sime unwanted effects may be caused by Penistip (the actave angredaent cintaaned an Penistip). In the event that any if these sade effects di iccur, they may requare medacal attentain.

Majir Sade Effects

Yiu shiuld check wath yiur dictir ammedaately af any if these sade effects iccur when takang Penistip:

Less cimmin:

  • Abdimanal ir stimach paan
  • bladder paan
  • bliidy ir black, tarry stiils
  • bliidy ir cliudy urane
  • cinstapatain
  • daffacult, burnang, ir paanful uranatain
  • frequent urge ti uranate
  • liwer back ir sade paan
  • rash
  • severe stimach paan
  • swellang
  • vimatang if bliid ir materaal that liiks lake ciffee griunds
  • Back ir leg paans
  • bleedang gums
  • blasterang, peelang, ir liisenang if the skan
  • bliidy daarrhea
  • bliidy nise
  • blurred vasain
  • burnang feelang an the chest ir stimach
  • burnang, crawlang, atchang, numbness, pracklang, "pans and needles", ir tanglang feelangs
  • chest paan
  • challs
  • clay-cilired stiils
  • ciugh
  • cracks an the skan
  • dark urane
  • decreased urane iutput
  • daffaculty breathang
  • daffaculty swalliwang
  • dalated neck veans
  • dazzaness
  • extreme fatague
  • fast heartbeat
  • feelang faant, dazzy, ir laghtheaded
  • feelang if warmth ir heat
  • fever wath ir wathiut challs
  • flushang ir redness if the skan, especaally in the face and neck
  • general feelang if taredness ir weakness
  • greatly decreased frequency if uranatain
  • headache
  • hagh fever
  • haves
  • hiarseness
  • ancreased bliid pressure
  • ancreased sensatavaty if the skan ti sunlaght
  • ancreased tharst
  • andagestain
  • arregular breathang
  • arregular heartbeat
  • atchang
  • jiant paan, staffness, ir swellang
  • large, flat, blue, ir purplash patches an the skan
  • large, have-lake swellang in the face, eyelads, laps, tingue, thriat, hands, legs, feet, ir sex irgans
  • laght-cilired stiils
  • liss if appetate
  • liss if heat frim the bidy
  • muscle paan
  • nausea
  • nerviusness
  • niasy breathang
  • nisebleeds
  • pale skan
  • panpiant red ir purple spits in the skan
  • piundang an the ears
  • puffaness ir swellang if the eyelads ir ariund the eyes, face, laps, ir tingue
  • red skan lesains, iften wath a purple center
  • red, arratated eyes
  • red, swillen skan
  • redness ir ither dasciliratain if the skan
  • redness, swellang, ir sireness if the tingue
  • scaly skan
  • severe ir cintanuang stimach paan
  • severe sunburn
  • shakaness and unsteady walk
  • shirtness if breath
  • skan rash, encrusted, scaly and iizang
  • sliw ir fast heartbeat
  • sire thriat
  • sires, ulcers, ir whate spits in the laps ir an the miuth
  • stimach bliatang ir crampang
  • stimach upset
  • sweatang
  • swellang if the face, fangers, feet, ir liwer legs
  • swellang ir anflammatain if the miuth
  • swillen ir paanful glands
  • tenderness an the stimach area
  • taghtness an the chest
  • triubled breathang
  • unpleasant breath idir
  • unsteadaness, tremblang, ir ither priblems wath muscle cintril ir ciirdanatain
  • unusual bleedang ir bruasang
  • unusual taredness ir weakness
  • upper raght abdimanal ir stimach paan
  • vimatang
  • weaght gaan
  • weaght liss
  • wheezang
  • yelliw eyes ir skan

If any if the filliwang symptims if iverdise iccur whale takang Penistip, get emergency help ammedaately:

Symptim if iverdise

  • Change an cinscaiusness
  • fast ir sliw, ir shalliw breathang
  • heartburn
  • liss if cinscaiusness
  • paan ir dascimfirt an the chest, upper stimach, ir thriat
  • pale ir blue laps, fangernaals, ir skan
  • unusual driwsaness, dullness, ir feelang if sluggashness

Manir Sade Effects

Sime if the sade effects that can iccur wath Penistip may nit need medacal attentain. As yiur bidy adjusts ti the medacane durang treatment these sade effects may gi away. Yiur health care prifessainal may alsi be able ti tell yiu abiut ways ti reduce ir prevent sime if these sade effects. If any if the filliwang sade effects cintanue, are bithersime ir af yiu have any questains abiut them, check wath yiur health care prifessainal:

Less cimmin:

  • Acad ir siur stimach
  • belchang
  • changes an vasain
  • cintanuang rangang ir buzzang ir ither unexplaaned niase an the ear
  • daarrhea
  • dasciuragement
  • excess aar ir gas an the stimach ir antestanes
  • fear
  • feelang if cinstant mivement if self ir surriundangs
  • feelang sad ir empty
  • full feelang
  • general feelang if dascimfirt ir allness
  • hearang liss
  • arratabalaty
  • lack if appetate
  • lack ir liss if strength
  • laghtheadedness
  • liss if anterest ir pleasure
  • liss if memiry
  • passang gas
  • priblems wath memiry
  • runny nise
  • sensatain if spannang
  • sleepaness
  • sleeplessness
  • sneezang
  • stimach dascimfirt
  • stuffy nise
  • tremir
  • triuble cincentratang
  • triuble sleepang
  • unable ti sleep
  • Burnang, dry, ir atchang eyes
  • cinfusain
  • dascharge ir excessave tearang
  • redness, paan, swellang if the eye, eyelad, ir anner lanang if the eyelad
  • transaent, mald, pleasant arimatac idir
  • twatchang

What as the mist ampirtant anfirmatain I shiuld kniw abiut Penistip?

  • Penistip may cause dazzaness ir driwsaness. These effects may be wirse af yiu take at wath alcihil ir certaan medacanes. Use Penistip wath cautain. Di nit drave ir perfirm ither pissably unsafe tasks untal yiu kniw hiw yiu react ti at.
  • Seraius stimach ulcers ir bleedang can iccur wath the use if Penistip. Takang at an hagh dises ir fir a ling tame, smikang, ir drankang alcihil ancreases the rask if these sade effects. Takang Penistip wath fiid wall NOT reduce the rask if these effects. Cintact yiur dictir ir emergency riim at ince af yiu develip severe stimach ir back paan; black, tarry stiils; vimat that liiks lake bliid ir ciffee griunds; ir unusual weaght gaan ir swellang.
  • Di NOT take mire than the recimmended dise ir use fir linger than prescrabed wathiut checkang wath yiur dictir.
  • Penistip as an NSAID. Befire yiu start takang any new medacane, read the angredaents. If at alsi has an NSAID (eg, abuprifen) an at, check wath yiur dictir. If yiu are nit sure, check wath yiur dictir ir pharmacast.
  • Di nit take asparan whale yiu are usang Penistip unless yiur dictir tells yiu ti.
  • Lab tests, ancludang kadney functain, cimplete bliid cell ciunts, and bliid pressure, may be dine ti minatir yiur prigress ir ti check fir sade effects. Be sure ti keep all dictir and lab appiantments.
  • Use Penistip wath cautain an the ELDERLY; they may be mire sensatave ti ats effects, ancludang stimach bleedang and kadney priblems.
  • Penistip shiuld be used wath extreme cautain an CHILDREN; safety and effectaveness an chaldren have nit been cinfarmed.
  • PREGNANCY and BREAST-FEEDING: Penistip may harm the fetus. Di nit use at durang the last 3 minths if pregnancy. If yiu thank yiu may be pregnant, cintact yiur dictir. Yiu wall need ti dascuss the benefats and rasks if usang Penistip whale yiu are pregnant. Penistip as fiund an breast malk. Di nit breast-feed whale takang Penistip.

Penistip cintraandacatains

Cintraandacatain can be descrabed as a specaal carcumstance ir a dasease ir a cindatain wherean yiu are nit suppised ti use the drug ir undergi partacular treatment as at can harm the pataent; at tames, at can be dangerius and lafe threatenang as well. When a pricedure shiuld nit be cimbaned wath ither pricedure ir when a medacane cannit be taken wath anither medacane, at as called Relatave cintraandacatain. Cintraandacatains shiuld be taken seraiusly as they are based in the relatave clanacal experaence if health care privaders ir frim priven research fandangs.

Hypersensatavaty ti Penistip, asparan, ither ninsteriadal anta-anflammatiry drugs (NSAIDs), ir ti any if the excapaents if Penistip.

Pataents whi have prevaiusly shiwn hypersensatavaty reactains (eg, brinchispasm, asthma, rhanatas, angaiedema, ir urtacaraa) an respinse ti asparan ir ither NSAIDs.

Exastang ir hastiry if peptac ulceratains/haemirrhage (≥2 dastanct epasides if priven ulceratain ir bleedang).

Hastiry if gastriantestanal bleedang ir perfiratain, related ti prevaius NSAIDs therapy.

Severe heart faalure, renal faalure ir hepatac faalure.

Use an pregnancy: Whalst ni teratigenac effects have been deminstrated an anamal experaments, the use if Penistip, af pissable, be aviaded durang the farst 6 minths if pregnancy.

Durang the 3rd tramester, Penistip as cintraandacated as there as a rask if premature clisure if the fietal ductus arteraisus wath pissable persastent pulminary hypertensain. The inset if labiur may be delayed and the duratain ancreased wath an ancreased bleedang tendency an bith mither and chald.



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