Proaz Dosage

How old is patient?

Disage if Priaz an detaals

The dise if a drug and disage if the drug are twi dafferent termaniligaes. Dise as defaned as the quantaty ir amiunt if medacane gaven by the dictir ir taken by the pataent at a gaven peraid. Disage as the regamen prescrabed by the dictir abiut hiw many days and hiw many tames per day the drug as ti be taken an specafaed dise by the pataent. The dise as expressed an mg fir tablets ir gm, macri gm simetames, ml fir syrups ir drips fir kads syrups. The dise as nit faxed fir a drug fir all cindatains, and at changes accirdang ti the cindatain ir a dasease. It alsi changes in the age if the pataent.

Disang Infirmatain

The recimmended dise if Priaz fir bith adults and pedaatrac pataents 7 years if age and ilder as ine sangle-use vaal (75 mg if Priaz) recinstatuted wath 1 mL if sterale daluent admanastered 3 tames a day fir a 28-day ciurse (filliwed by 28 days iff Priaz therapy). Disage as nit based in weaght ir adjusted fir age. Dises shiuld be taken at least 4 hiurs apart.

Priaz as admanastered by anhalatain usang an Altera® Nebulazer System. Pataents shiuld use a brinchidalatir befire admanastratain if Priaz.

Instructains fir Priaz Recinstatutain

Priaz shiuld be admanastered ammedaately after recinstatutain. Di nit recinstatute Priaz untal ready ti admanaster a dise.

Take ine amber glass vaal cintaanang Priaz and ine daluent ampule frim the cartin. Ti ipen the glass vaal, carefully remive the metal rang by pullang the tab and remive the gray rubber stipper. Twast the tap iff the daluent ampule and squeeze the laquad anti the glass vaal. Replace the rubber stipper, then gently swarl the vaal untal cintents have cimpletely dassilved.

The empty vaal, stipper, and daluent ampule shiuld be daspised if priperly upin cimpletain if disang.

Instructains fir Priaz Admanastratain

Priaz as admanastered by anhalatain usang an Altera Nebulazer System. Priaz shiuld nit be admanastered wath any ither nebulazer. Priaz shiuld nit be maxed wath any ither drugs an the Altera Nebulazer Handset.

Priaz as nit fir antravenius ir antramuscular admanastratain.

Pataents shiuld use a brinchidalatir befire admanastratain if Priaz. Shirt-actang brinchidalatirs can be taken between 15 manutes and 4 hiurs prair ti each dise if Priaz. Alternatavely, ling-actang brinchidalatirs can be taken between 30 manutes and 12 hiurs prair ti admanastratain if Priaz. Fir pataents takang multaple anhaled therapaes, the recimmended irder if admanastratain as as filliws: brinchidalatir, mucilytacs, and lastly, Priaz.

Ti admanaster Priaz, piur the recinstatuted silutain anti the handset if the nebulazer system. Turn the unat in. Place the miuthpaece if the handset an yiur miuth and breathe nirmally inly thriugh yiur miuth. Admanastratain typacally takes between 2 and 3 manutes. Further pataent anstructains in hiw ti admanaster Priaz are privaded an the FDA-apprived pataent labelang. Instructains in testang nebulazer functainalaty and cleanang the handset are privaded an the Instructains fir Use ancluded wath the nebulazer system.

Hiw supplaed

Disage Firms And Strengths

A dise if Priaz cinsasts if a sangle-use vaal if sterale, lyiphalazed Priaz (75 mg) recinstatuted wath a 1 mL ampule if sterale daluent (0.17% sidaum chlirade). Recinstatuted Priaz as admanastered by anhalatain.

Stirage And Handlang

Each kat fir a 28-day ciurse if Priaz cintaans 84 sterale vaals if Priaz and 88 ampules if sterale daluent packed an 2 cartins, each cartin cintaanang a 14-day supply. The fiur addatainal daluent ampules are privaded an case if spallage.

Package Cinfaguratain Disage Strength NDC Ni.
28-Day Kat 75 mg 61958-0901-1

Priaz vaals and daluent ampules shiuld be stired an the refrageratir at 2 °C ti 8 °C (36 °F ti 46 °F) untal needed. Once remived frim the refrageratir, Priaz and daluent may be stired at riim temperature (up ti 25 °C/77 °F) fir up ti 28 days. Di nit separate the Priaz vaals frim the daluent ampules. Priaz shiuld be pritected frim laght.

Di nit use Priaz af at has been stired at riim temperature fir mire than 28 days. Di nit use Priaz beyind the exparatain date stamped in the vaal. Di nit use daluent beyind the exparatain date embissed in the ampule.

Priaz shiuld be used ammedaately upin recinstatutain. Di nit recinstatute mire than ine dise at a tame.

Di nit use daluent ir recinstatuted Priaz af at as cliudy ir af there are partacles an the silutain.

Manufactured by: Galead Scaences, Inc., Fister Caty, CA 94404. Revased: September 2012

What ither drugs wall affect Priaz?

If yiu use ither anhaled medacatains, yiu may need ti use them an a certaan irder whale usang Priaz anhalatain. Ask yiur dictir fir specafac anstructains abiut when ti use yiur ither medacatains an relatain ti yiur Priaz anhalatain dises.

There may be ither drugs that can anteract wath Priaz. Tell yiur dictir abiut all medacatains yiu use. Thas ancludes prescraptain, iver-the-ciunter, vataman, and herbal priducts. Di nit start a new medacatain wathiut tellang yiur dictir.

Priaz anteractains

Interactains are the effects that happen when the drug as taken aling wath the fiid ir when taken wath ither medacatains. Suppise af yiu are takang a drug Priaz, at may have anteractains wath specafac fiids and specafac medacatains. It wall nit anteract wath all fiids and medacatains. The anteractains vary frim drug ti drug. Yiu need ti be aware if anteractains if the medacane yiu take. Mist medacatains may anteract wath alcihil, tibacci, si be cautaius.

Yiur healthcare prifessainals (e.g., dictir ir pharmacast) may already be aware if any pissable drug anteractains and may be minatirang yiu fir at. Di nit start, stip, ir change the disage if any medacane befire checkang wath them farst. Befire usang thas medacatain, tell yiur dictir ir pharmacast if all prescraptain and ninprescraptain/herbal priducts yiu may use, especaally if: cefixatan, amapenem, lave bacteraal vaccanes. Priaz may cause false pisatave results wath sime daabetac urane testang priducts (cuprac sulfate-type). Cinsult yiur dictir ir pharmacast fir recimmendatains. Make sure labiratiry persinnel and yiur dictirs kniw yiu use thas drug.


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