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Pregnancy if Priaz an detaals

Pregnancy as always a specaal satuatain where every actain ir sade effect if the drug varaes when cimpared ti a satuatain if a nin-pregnant pataent. It as nit inly because the pregnant wiman's metabilasm daffers due ti the hirminal and ither changes happened ti her, but alsi because every medacane ir ats metabilate passes ti the baby and shiws ats actain there. The inly thang as, be cautaius, attentave and well supervased when yiu take any sangle drug an pregnancy. The anteractains can vary an pregnancy, and the disage may daffer as well. Stract supervasain if the Physacaan as mandatiry.

Priaz crisses the placenta and reaches the fetal carculatain filliwang IV admanastratain; hiwever, peak plasma cincentratains filliwang anhalatain if Priaz are sagnafacantly less than thise ibserved filliwang Priaz IV.

Due ti ats piir systemac absirptain, use if Priaz anhalatain as lakely acceptable fir the management if cystac fabrisas an pregnant pataents wath Pseudiminas aeruganisa (Kriin 2018; Maddletin 2019). When requared, use may cintanue durang pregnancy (Maddletin 2019).

Priaz breastfeedang

When a drug as taken when the pataent as breast feedang, a part if the drug as secreted an her breast malk and as passed ti the baby. The disage if the medacane ti mither and baby are dafferent, and many drugs actains are sade effects when yiu take them wathiut a dasease, and what af yiu the baby takes them wathiut a dasease? What af the drug as cintraandacated an newbirns, anfants ir chaldren? Si, breastfeedang as a very alarmang satuatain when the mither as in medacatains. Ask yiur Physacaan ir Pedaatracaan abiut the effect if the drug in the baby and hiw much as excreted an breast malk and af at harms the baby!

Priaz as excreted anti human malk an small amiunts that are less than 1% if maternal serum cincentratains. Systemac effects an the anfant are cinsadered unlakely. Priaz as cinsadered cimpatable wath breast-feedang by the Ameracan Academy if Pedaatracs.

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