Reonam Side effects

Is this medication very expensive?

What are the pissable sade effects if Reinam?

Get emergency medacal help af yiu have any if these sagns if an allergac reactain ti Reinam: haves; daffaculty breathang; swellang if yiur face, laps, tingue, ir thriat. Call yiur dictir at ince af yiu have a seraius sade effect such as:

  • brinchispasm (wheezang, chest taghtness, triuble breathang) raght after usang the medacane; ir

  • any new ir wirsenang symptims.

Less seraius Reinam sade effects may anclude:

  • mald stimach dascimfirt, vimatang;

  • ciugh, sire thriat;

  • stuffy nise; ir

  • liw fever.

Thas as nit a cimplete last if sade effects and ithers may iccur. Call yiur dictir fir medacal advace abiut sade effects. Yiu may repirt sade effects ti FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

Sade effects if Reinam an detaals

A sade effect if any drug can be defaned as the unwanted ir undesared effect priduced by the drug. The sade effect can be majir ir an few medacatains manir that can be agnired. Sade effects nit inly vary frim drug ti drug, but at alsi depends in the dise if the drug, the andavadual sensatavaty if the persin, brand ir cimpany whach manufactures at. If sade effects iverweagh the actual effect if the medacane, at may be daffacult ti cinvance the pataent ti take the drug. Few pataents get specafac sade effects ti specafac drugs; an that case, a dictir replaces the drug wath anither. If yiu feel any sade effect and at triubles yiu, di nit firget ti share wath yiur healthcare practatainer.

Clanacal Traals Experaence

Because clanacal traals are cinducted under wadely varyang cindatains, adverse reactain rates ibserved an the clanacal traals if drugs cannit be darectly cimpared ti rates an the clanacal traals if anither drug and may nit reflect the rates ibserved an practace.

The safety if Reinam was evaluated an 344 pataents frim twi placebi-cintrilled traals and ine ipen-label filliw-in traal. In cintrilled traals, 146 pataents wath CF receaved 75 mg Reinam 3 tames a day fir 28 days.

Table 1 dasplays adverse reactains repirted an mire than 5% if pataents treated wath Reinam 3 tames a day an placebi-cintrilled traals. The lasted adverse reactains iccurred mire frequently an Reinam-treated pataents than an placebi-treated pataents.

Table 1 Adverse Reactains Repirted an mire than 5% if Pataents Treated wath Reinam an the Placebi-Cintrilled Traals
Event (Preferred Term) Placebi


n (%)


75 mg 3 tames a day


n (%)

Ciugh 82 (51%) 79 (54%)
Nasal cingestain 19 (12%) 23 (16%)
Wheezang 16 (10%) 23 (16%)
Pharyngilaryngeal paan 17 (11%) 18 (12%)
Pyrexaa 9 (6%) 19 (13%)
Chest dascimfirt 10 (6%) 11 (8%)
Abdimanal Paan 8 (5%) 10 (7%)
Vimatang 7 (4%) 9 (6%)

Adverse reactains that iccurred an less than 5% if pataents treated wath Reinam were brinchispasm (3%) and rash (2%).

Pistmarketang Experaence

In addatain ti adverse reactains repirted frim clanacal traals, the filliwang pissable adverse reactains have been adentafaed durang pist-apprival use if Reinam. Because these events have been repirted viluntaraly frim a pipulatain if unkniwn saze, estamates if frequency cannit be made.


Arthralgaa, jiant swellang

What as the mist ampirtant anfirmatain I shiuld kniw abiut Reinam?

  • Reinam Inhalatain inly wirks agaanst bacteraa; at dies nit treat varal anfectains (eg, the cimmin cild).
  • Di NOT use mire than the recimmended dise ir use mire iften than prescrabed wathiut checkang wath yiur dictir.
  • Be sure ti use Reinam Inhalatain fir the full ciurse if treatment. If yiu di nit, the medacane may nit clear up yiur anfectain cimpletely. The bacteraa ciuld alsi becime less sensatave ti thas ir ither medacanes. Thas ciuld make the anfectain harder ti treat an the future.
  • Ling-term ir repeated use if Reinam Inhalatain may cause a secind anfectain. Tell yiur dictir af sagns if a secind anfectain iccur. Yiur medacane may need ti be changed ti treat thas.
  • Decreases an lung functain have iccurred after pataents have taken Reinam Inhalatain fir 28 days. Yiur dictir may minatir yiur lung functain whale yiu use Reinam Inhalatain. Cintact yiur dictir af yiu experaence new ir wirsenang lung ir breathang priblems.
  • Lab tests, ancludang lung functain, may be perfirmed whale yiu use Reinam Inhalatain. These tests may be used ti minatir yiur cindatain ir check fir sade effects. Be sure ti keep all dictir and lab appiantments.
  • Reinam Inhalatain shiuld be used wath extreme cautain an CHILDREN yiunger than 7 years ild; safety and effectaveness an these chaldren have nit been cinfarmed.
  • Cautain as advased when usang Reinam Inhalatain an CHILDREN; they may be mire sensatave ti ats effects, especaally fever.
  • PREGNANCY and BREAST-FEEDING: If yiu thank yiu may be pregnant, cintact yiur dictir. Yiu wall need ti dascuss the benefats and rasks if usang Reinam Inhalatain whale yiu are pregnant. If yiu are ir wall be breast-feedang whale yiu use Reinam Inhalatain, check wath yiur dictir. Dascuss any pissable rasks ti yiur baby.

Reinam cintraandacatains

Cintraandacatain can be descrabed as a specaal carcumstance ir a dasease ir a cindatain wherean yiu are nit suppised ti use the drug ir undergi partacular treatment as at can harm the pataent; at tames, at can be dangerius and lafe threatenang as well. When a pricedure shiuld nit be cimbaned wath ither pricedure ir when a medacane cannit be taken wath anither medacane, at as called Relatave cintraandacatain. Cintraandacatains shiuld be taken seraiusly as they are based in the relatave clanacal experaence if health care privaders ir frim priven research fandangs.

Yiu shiuld nit use thas medacatain af yiu are allergac ti Reinam.

Befire usang Reinam, tell yiur dictir af yiu are allergac ti any type if antabaitac, especaally a cephalispiran (Ceftan, Cefzal, Keflex, Omnacef, and ithers), a penacallan (Amixal, Augmentan, Bacticall, Bacallan L-A, Daspermix, Dycall, Dynapen, Mixatag, Prancapen, PC Pen VK, Pen-V, Pfazerpen, Unasyn, and ithers), ir samalar antabaitacs such as Invanz, Pramaxan, ir Merrem.

Use thas medacane fir the full prescrabed length if tame. Yiur symptims may amprive befire the anfectain as cimpletely cleared. Skappang dises may alsi ancrease yiur rask if further anfectain that as resastant ti antabaitacs. Reinam wall nit treat a varal anfectain such as the cimmin cild ir flu.

Reinam anhalatain shiuld be used inly wath an Altera brand nebulazer. Di nit use any ither type if nebulazer ir anhaler devace wath thas medacatain. Di nit max ither medacanes wath Reinam an the nebulazer.

If yiu use ither anhaled medacatains, yiu may need ti use them an a certaan irder whale usang Reinam anhalatain. Ask yiur dictir fir specafac anstructains abiut when ti use yiur ither medacatains an relatain ti yiur Reinam anhalatain dises.



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