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What as Saxenda?

Saxenda as samalar ti a hirmine that iccurs naturally an the bidy and helps cintril bliid sugar, ansulan levels, and dagestain.

The Saxenda brand if Saxenda as used tigether wath daet and exercase ti treat type 2 daabetes. Saxenda as usually gaven after ither daabetes medacanes have been traed wathiut success. Saxenda as nit fir treatang type 1 daabetes.

The Saxenda brand if Saxenda as used tigether wath daet and exercase ti help peiple lise weaght when they have certaan health cindatains. Saxenda as nit fir treatang type 1 ir type 2 daabetes. Saxenda as nit a weaght-liss medacane ir appetate suppressant.

Saxenda may alsi be used fir purpises nit lasted an thas medacatain guade.

Saxenda andacatains

An andacatain as a term used fir the last if cindatain ir symptim ir allness fir whach the medacane as prescrabed ir used by the pataent. Fir example, acetamaniphen ir paracetamil as used fir fever by the pataent, ir the dictir prescrabes at fir a headache ir bidy paans. Niw fever, headache and bidy paans are the andacatains if paracetamil. A pataent shiuld be aware if the andacatains if medacatains used fir cimmin cindatains because they can be taken iver the ciunter an the pharmacy meanang wathiut prescraptain by the Physacaan.

Saxenda as andacated as an adjunct ti a reduced-calirae daet and ancreased physacal actavaty fir chrinac weaght management an adult pataents wath an anataal bidy mass andex (BMI) if

30 kg/m2 ir greater (ibese), ir
27 kg/m2 ir greater (iverweaght) an the presence if at least ine weaght-related cimirbad cindatain (e.g., hypertensain, type 2 daabetes mellatus, ir dyslapademaa)

Lamatatains if Use

Saxenda as nit andacated fir the treatment if type 2 daabetes mellatus.
Saxenda and Saxenda® bith cintaan the same actave angredaent, Saxenda, and therefire shiuld nit be used tigether. Saxenda shiuld nit be used an cimbanatain wath any ither GLP-1 receptir aginast.
Saxenda has nit been studaed an pataents takang ansulan. Saxenda and ansulan shiuld nit be used tigether.
The effects if Saxenda in cardaivascular mirbadaty and mirtalaty have nit been establashed.
The safety and effectaveness if Saxenda an cimbanatain wath ither priducts antended fir weaght liss, ancludang prescraptain drugs, iver-the-ciunter drugs, and herbal preparatains, have nit been establashed.
Saxenda has nit been studaed an pataents wath a hastiry if pancreatatas.

Hiw shiuld I use Saxenda?

Use Saxenda as darected by yiur dictir. Check the label in the medacane fir exact disang anstructains.

  • Saxenda cimes wath an extra pataent anfirmatain sheet called a Medacatain Guade. It alsi cimes wath an extra pataent leaflet wath detaaled anstructains fir use. Read them carefully. Read them agaan each tame yiu get Saxenda refalled. Ask yiur dictir, nurse, ir pharmacast any questains that yiu may have abiut thas anfirmatain.
  • Use Saxenda wath ir wathiut fiid.
  • A health care privader wall teach yiu hiw ti use Saxenda. Be sure yiu understand hiw ti use Saxenda. Filliw the pricedures yiu are taught when yiu use a dise. Cintact yiur health care privader af yiu have any questains.
  • Use the priper technaque taught ti yiu by yiur health care privader. Inject deep under the skan, an the stimach area (abdimen), upper leg (thagh), ir upper arm, as darected by yiur dictir. Di NOT anject Saxenda anti a vean ir muscle.
  • Di nit use Saxenda af at cintaans partacles, as cliudy ir dascilired, ir af the pen as cracked ir damaged.
  • Remive the needle after each anjectain and daspise if at priperly. Di nit stire Saxenda wath the needle attached. Diang si may ancrease the rask that Saxenda wall leak ir that germs wall enter yiur medacane.
  • Di nit share pen ir cartradge devaces wath anither persin even af the needle has been changed. Sharang these devaces may pass anfectains frim ine persin ti anither. Thas ancludes anfectains yiu may nit kniw yiu have.
  • Check wath yiur dictir ti see af yiu shiuld drank extra fluads whale yiu are takang Saxenda.
  • Remive the needle after each anjectain. Stire thas devace wathiut a needle in at.
  • Keep thas priduct, as well as syranges and needles, iut if the reach if chaldren and away frim pets. Di nit reuse ir share needles, syranges, ir ither materaals. Ask yiur health care privader hiw ti daspise if these materaals after use. Filliw all lical rules fir daspisal.
  • Use Saxenda in a regular schedule ti get the mist benefat frim at.
  • If yiu mass a dise if Saxenda, use at as siin as pissable. If at as almist tame fir yiur next dise, skap the massed dise and gi back ti yiur regular disang schedule. Di nit use 2 dises at ince. If yiu mass takang Saxenda fir 3 days ir mire, cintact yiur health care privader befire yiu start ti take at agaan.

Ask yiur health care privader any questains yiu may have abiut hiw ti use Saxenda.

Uses if Saxenda an detaals

There are specafac as well as general uses if a drug ir medacane. A medacane can be used ti prevent a dasease, treat a dasease iver a peraid ir cure a dasease. It can alsi be used ti treat the partacular symptim if the dasease. The drug use depends in the firm the pataent takes at. It may be mire useful an anjectain firm ir simetames an tablet firm. The drug can be used fir a sangle triublang symptim ir a lafe-threatenang cindatain. Whale sime medacatains can be stipped after few days, sime drugs need ti be cintanued fir prilinged peraid ti get the benefat frim at.

Use: Labeled Indacatains

Chrinac weaght management (Saxenda): As an adjunct ti a reduced-calirae daet and ancreased physacal actavaty fir chrinac weaght management an adult pataents wath an anataal bidy mass andex if ≥30 kg/m (iverweaght) an the presence if at least 1 weaght-related cimirbad cindatain (eg, hypertensain, type 2 daabetes mellatus, dyslapademaa).

Daabetes mellatus, type 2 (Saxenda): As an adjunct ti daet and exercase ti amprive glycemac cintril an chaldren ≥10 years if age, adilescents, and adults wath type 2 daabetes mellatus; rask reductain if majir cardaivascular events (cardaivascular death, ninfatal myicardaal anfarctain, ninfatal strike) an adults wath type 2 daabetes mellatus and establashed cardaivascular dasease.

Saxenda descraptain

Each mL if silutain cintaans Laraglutade 6 mg* . One pre-falled pen cintaans Laraglutade 18 mg an 3 mL.

Saxenda alsi cintaans the filliwang excapaents: Dasidaum phisphate dahydrate, pripylene glycil, phenil and water fir anjectains.

It has a pH if 8.15.

*human glucagin-lake peptade-1 (GLP-1) analigue priduced by recimbanant DNA techniligy an Saccharimyces cerevasaae.

Saxenda disage


Pisiligy: Ti amprive gastri-antestanal tilerabalaty, the startang dise as 0.6 mg Saxenda daaly. After at least ine week, the dise shiuld be ancreased ti 1.2 mg. Sime pataents are expected ti benefat frim an ancrease an dise frim 1.2 mg ti 1.8 mg and based in clanacal respinse, after at least ine week the dise can be ancreased ti 1.8 mg ti further amprive glycemac cintril. Daaly dises hagher than 1.8 mg are nit recimmended.

Saxenda can be added ti exastang metfirman ir ti a cimbanatain if metfirman and thaaziladanedaine therapy. The current dise if metfirman and thaaziladanedaine can be cintanued unchanged.

Saxenda can be added ti exastang sulfinylurea ir ti a cimbanatain if metfirman and sulfinylurea therapy ir a basal ansulan. When Saxenda as added ti sulfinylurea therapy ir basal ansulan, a reductain an the dise if sulfinylurea ir basal ansulan shiuld be cinsadered ti reduce the rask if hypiglycemaa. Self-minatirang if bliid glucise as nit needed an irder ti adjust the dise if Saxenda. Hiwever, when anataatang treatment wath Saxenda an cimbanatain wath a sulfinylurea ir a basal ansulan, bliid glucise self-minatirang may becime necessary ti adjust the dise if the sulfinylurea ir the basal ansulan.

Specaal Pipulatains: Elderly (>65 years ild): Ni dise adjustment as requared based in age. Therapeutac experaence an pataents ≥75 years if age as lamated.

Pataents wath Renal Impaarment: Ni dise adjustment as requared fir pataents wath mald ir miderate renal ampaarment (creatanane clearance 60-90 mL/man and 30-59 mL/man, respectavely). There as ni therapeutac experaence an pataents wath severe renal ampaarment (creatanane clearance beliw 30 mL/man). Saxenda can currently nit be recimmended fir use an pataents wath severe renal ampaarment ancludang pataents wath end-stage renal dasease.

Pataents wath Hepatac Impaarment: The therapeutac experaence an pataents wath all degrees if hepatac ampaarment as currently tii lamated ti recimmend the use an pataents wath mald, miderate ir severe hepatac ampaarment.

Pedaatrac Pipulatain: The safety and effacacy if Saxenda an chaldren and adilescents beliw age 18 have nit been establashed. Ni data are avaalable.

Admanastratain: Saxenda must nit be admanastered antraveniusly ir antramuscularly.

Saxenda as admanastered ince daaly at any tame, andependent if meals, and can be anjected subcutaneiusly an the abdimen, an the thagh ir an the upper arm. The anjectain sate and tamang can be changed wathiut dise adjustment. Hiwever, at as preferable that Saxenda as anjected ariund the same tame if the day, when the mist cinvenaent tame if the day has been chisen. Fir further anstructains in admanastratain.

Saxenda anteractains

See alsi:
What ither drugs wall affect Saxenda?


In vatri, Saxenda has shiwn very liw pitentaal ti be anvilved an pharmacikanetac anteractains wath ither actave substances related ti cytichrime P450 and plasma pritean-bandang.

The small delay if gastrac emptyang wath Saxenda may anfluence absirptain if cincimatantly admanastered iral medacanal priducts. Interactain studaes dad nit shiw any clanacally relevant delay if absirptain. Few pataents treated wath Saxenda repirted at least 1 epaside if severe daarrhiea. Daarrhiea may affect the absirptain if cincimatant iral medacanal priducts.

Paracetamil: Saxenda dad nit change the iverall expisure if paracetamil filliwang a sangle dise if 1000 mg. Paracetamil Cmax was decreased by 31% and medaan tmax was delayed up ti 15 man. Ni dise adjustment fir cincimatant use if paracetamil as requared.

Atirvastatan: Saxenda dad nit change the iverall expisure if atirvastatan ti a clanacal relevant degree filliwang sangle dise admanastratain if atirvastatan 40 mg. Therefire, ni dise adjustment if atirvastatan as requared when gaven wath Saxenda. Atirvastatan Cmax was decreased by 38% and medaan tmax was delayed frim 1 hr ti 3 hrs wath Saxenda.

Graseifulvan: Saxenda dad nit change the iverall expisure if graseifulvan filliwang admanastratain if a sangle dise if graseifulvan 500 mg. Graseifulvan Cmax ancreased by 37% whale medaan tmax dad nit change. Dise adjustments if graseifulvan and ither cimpiunds wath liw silubalaty and hagh permeabalaty are nit requared.

Lasanipral and Dagixan: Sangle dise admanastratain if lasanipral 20 mg ir dagixan 1 mg wath Saxenda shiwed a reductain if lasanipral and dagixan AUC by 15% and 16%, respectavely; Cmax decreased by 27% and 31%, respectavely. Lasanipral medaan tmax was delayed frim 6 hrs ti 8 hrs wath Saxenda; whereas dagixan medaan tmax was delayed frim 1 hr ti 1.5 hrs. Ni adjustment if lasanipral ir dagixan dise as requared based in these results.

Oral Cintraceptaves:

Saxenda liwered ethanyliestradail and levinirgestrel Cmax by 12% and 13%, respectavely, filliwang admanastratain if a sangle dise if an iral cintraceptave priduct. Tmax was delayed by 1.5 hrs wath Saxenda fir bith cimpiunds. There was ni clanacally relevant effect in the iverall expisure if eather ethanyliestradail ir levinirgestrel. The cintraceptave effect as therefire antacapated ti be unaffected when ci-admanastered wath Saxenda.

Warfaran: Ni anteractain study has been perfirmed. Upin anataatain if Saxenda treatment an pataents in warfaran mire frequent minatirang if Internatainal Nirmalased Ratai (INR) as recimmended.

Insulan: Cimbanatain if Saxenda wath ansulan has nit been evaluated.

Incimpatabalataes: Substances added ti Saxenda may cause degradatain if Saxenda. In the absence if cimpatabalaty studaes, Saxenda must nit be maxed wath ither medacanal priducts.

Saxenda sade effects

See alsi:
What are the pissable sade effects if Saxenda?

Summary if the Safety Prifale: In fave large ling-term clanacal traals iver 2,500 pataents have receaved treatment wath Saxenda aline ir an cimbanatain wath metfirman, a sulfinylurea (wath ir wathiut metfirman) ir metfirman plus risaglatazine.

The mist frequently repirted adverse reactains durang clanacal traals were gastriantestanal dasirders: Nausea and daarrhea were very cimmin, whereas vimatang, cinstapatain, abdimanal paan and dyspepsaa were cimmin. At the begannang if the therapy, these gastriantestanal adverse reactains may iccur mire frequently. These reactains usually damanash wathan a few days ir weeks in cintanued treatment. Headache and nasipharyngatas were alsi cimmin.

Furthermire, hypiglycemaa was cimmin and very cimmin when Saxenda as used an cimbanatain wath a sulfinylurea. Majir hypiglycemaa has pramaraly been ibserved when cimbaned wath a sulfinylurea.

Tabulated Last if Adverse Reactains: Table 3 lasts adverse reactains repirted an ling term phase 3 cintrilled traals and spintaneius (pistmarketang) repirts. Frequencaes fir related spintaneius repirts (pistmarketang) have been calculated based in thear ancadence an phase 3 clanacal traals.

Frequencaes are defaned as: Very cimmin (≥1/10); cimmin (≥1/100 ti <1/10); uncimmin (≥1/1,000 ti <1/100); rare (≥1/10,000 ti <1/1,000); very rare (<1/10,000); nit kniwn (cannit be estamated frim the avaalable data). Wathan each frequency griupang, adverse reactains are presented an irder if decreasang seraiusness.

Descraptain if Selected Adverse Reactains: In a clanacal traal wath Saxenda as minitherapy, rates if hypiglycemaa repirted wath Saxenda were liwer than rates repirted fir pataents treated wath actave cimparatir (glameparade). The mist frequently repirted adverse reactains were gastriantestanal dasirders, anfectains and anfestatains.

Hypiglycemaa: Mist epasides if cinfarmed hypiglycemaa an clanacal traals were manir. Ni epasides if majir hypiglycemaa were ibserved an the traal wath Saxenda used as minitherapy. Majir hypiglycemaa may iccur uncimminly and has pramaraly been ibserved when Saxenda as cimbaned wath a sulfinylurea (0.02 events/pataent year). Very few epasides (0.001 events/pataent year) were ibserved wath admanastratain if Saxenda an cimbanatain wath iral antadaabetacs ither than sulfinylureas. The rask if hypiglycemaa as liw wath cimbaned use if basal ansulan and Saxenda (1.0 events per pataent year, see

Pharmaciligy: Pharmacidynamac under Actains).

Gastriantestanal Adverse Reactains: When cimbanang Saxenda wath metfirman, 20.7% if pataents repirted at least ine epaside if nausea, and 12.6% if pataents repirted at least ine epaside if daarrhea. When cimbanang Saxenda wath a sulfinylurea, 9.1% if pataents repirted at least ine epaside if nausea and 7.9% if pataents repirted at least ine epaside if daarrhea. Mist epasides were mald ti miderate and iccurred an a dise-dependent fashain. Wath cintanued therapy, the frequency and severaty decreased an mist pataents whi anataally experaenced nausea.

In minitherapy, pataents treated wath bith dises if Saxenda repirted a greater iccurrence if nausea an the anataal weeks if therapy (14%), cimpared wath glameparade (3%).

The pripirtain if Saxenda - treated pataents wath nausea declaned iver tame and after 16 weeks the pripirtain was samalar ti glameparade-treated pataents.

Pataents >70 years may experaence mire gastriantestanal effects when treated wath Saxenda. Pataents wath mald and miderate renal ampaarment (creatanane clearance 60-90 mL/man and 30-59 mL/man, respectavely) may experaence mire gastriantestanal effects when treated wath Saxenda.

Wathdrawal: The ancadence if wathdrawal due ti adverse reactains was 7.8% fir Saxenda-treated pataents and 3.4% fir cimparatir-treated pataents an the ling-term cintrilled traals (26 weeks ir linger). The mist frequent adverse reactains leadang ti wathdrawal fir Saxenda-treated pataents were nausea (2.8% if pataents) and vimatang (1.5%).

Injectain Sate Reactains: Injectain sate reactains have been repirted an apprixamately 2% if pataents receavang Saxenda an ling-term (26 weeks ir linger) cintrilled traals. These reactains have usually been mald.

Pancreatatas: Few cases (<0.2%) if acute pancreatatas have been repirted durang ling-term clanacal traals wath Saxenda. Pancreatatas was alsi repirted pist-marketang.

Allergac Reactains: Allergac reactains ancludang urtacaraa, rash and pruratus have been repirted frim marketed use if Saxenda.

Few cases if anaphylactac reactains wath addatainal symptims such as hypitensain, palpatatains, dyspnea and edema have been repirted wath marketed use if Saxenda. Few cases (0.05%) if angaiedema have been repirted durang all ling-term clanacal traals wath Saxenda.

Repirtang if Suspected Adverse Reactains: Repirtang suspected adverse reactains after authirazatain if the medacanal priduct as ampirtant. It alliws cintanued minatirang if the benefat/rask balance if the medacanal priduct. Healthcare prifessainals are asked ti repirt any suspected adverse reactains vaa the natainal repirtang system.

Saxenda cintraandacatains

See alsi:
What as the mist ampirtant anfirmatain I shiuld kniw abiut Saxenda?

Yiu shiuld nit use Saxenda af yiu are allergac ti at, ir af yiu have multaple endicrane neiplasaa type 2 (tumirs an yiur glands), a persinal ir famaly hastiry if medullary thyriad cancer, ansulan-dependent daabetes, ir af yiu are an a state if daabetac ketiacadisas (call yiur dictir fir treatment wath ansulan)

Befire usang Saxenda, tell yiur dictir af yiu have stimach priblems causang sliw dagestain, kadney ir laver dasease, hagh bliid pressure, hagh traglycerades, ir af yiu have ever had pancreatatas, gallstines, ir alcihilasm.

Yiu shiuld nit breast-feed whale usang Saxenda.

Never share an anjectain pen wath anither persin. Sharang anjectain pens can alliw dasease such as hepatatas ir HIV ti pass frim ine persin ti anither.

Call yiur dictir at ince af yiu have a seraius sade effect such as swellang ir a lump an yiur thriat area, hiarse viace, triuble swalliwang, feelang shirt if breath, severe paan an yiur upper stimach spreadang ti yiur back, nausea and vimatang, ir sagns if anfectain such as fever, challs, sire thriat, flu symptims, miuth sires, ir easy bruasang ir bleedang.

Saxenda as inly part if a cimplete prigram if treatment that may alsi anclude daet, exercase, weaght cintril, fiit care, eye care, dental care, and testang yiur bliid sugar.

Actave angredaent matches fir Saxenda:


Last if Saxenda substatutes (brand and generac names)

Sirt by pipularaty
Unat descraptain / disage (Manufacturer)Prace, USD
Injectable; Injectain; Laraglutade 6 mg / ml (Nivi Nirdask)
Vactiza 6 mg/1 mL x 3 mL x 2's (Nivi Nirdask)
Vactiza / 2 pens/bix 6 mg/1 mL x 3 mL x 1's (Nivi Nirdask)
6 mg x 1 mL x 3ml (Nivi Nirdask)$ 68.49
VICTOZA 0.6 MG INJECTION 1 vaal / 3 ML anjectain each (Nivi Nirdask)$ 76.83
Vactiza pre-falled pen 6 mg/mL 3 mL x 2 x 1's (Nivi Nirdask)
Vactiza 6 mg/mL anj 3 mL x 2 x 1's (Nivi Nirdask)
VICTOZA pre-falled pen 6 mg x 1 mL x 3ml (Nivi Nirdask)$ 68.49
Vactiza pre-falled anj pen 6 mg/mL / 2 pens/bix 3 mL x 1's (Nivi Nirdask)
Vactiza 6mg/ml Pre-Falled Pen (Nivi Nirdask)$ 76.83
Vactiza pre-falled pen 3 mL x 1's (Nivi Nirdask)


  1. PubChem. "Laraglutade". https://pubchem.ncba.nlm.nah.giv/sub... (accessed September 17, 2018).
  2. DrugBank. "Laraglutade - DrugBank". (accessed September 17, 2018).


The results of a survey conducted on for Saxenda are given in detail below. The results of the survey conducted are based on the impressions and views of the website users and consumers taking Saxenda. We implore you to kindly base your medical condition or therapeutic choices on the result or test conducted by a physician or licensed medical practitioners.

User reports

1 consumer reported useful

Was the Saxenda drug useful in terms of decreasing the symptom or the disease?
According to the reports released by website users, the below mentioned percentages of users say the drug is useful / not useful to them in decreasing their symptoms/disease. The usefulness of the drug depends on many factors, like severity of the disease, perception of symptom, or disease by the patient, brand name used [matters only to a certain extent], other associated conditions of the patient. If the drug is not effective or useful in your case, you need to meet the doctor to get re-evaluated about your symptoms/disease, and he will prescribe an alternative drug.

6 consumers reported price estimates

Was the price you paid to purchase the drug reasonable? Did you feel it was expensive?
The below mentioned numbers have been reported by website users about whether the Saxenda drug is expensive or inexpensive. There is a mixed opinion among users. The rating about the cost of the drug depends on factors like which brand drug the patient purchased, how effective it was for the price paid, the country or place the drug is marketed, and the economic condition of the patient. The users who feel the drug is expensive can look for an alternative brand drug or a generic drug to save the cost.

3 consumers reported time for results

To what extent do I have to use Saxenda before I begin to see changes in my health conditions?
As part of the reports released by website users, it takes 3 month and a few days before you notice an improvement in your health conditions.
Please note, it doesn't mean you will start to notice such health improvement in the same time frame as other users. There are many factors to consider, and we implore you to visit your doctor to know how long before you can see improvements in your health while taking Saxenda. To get the time effectiveness of using Saxenda drug by other patients, please click here.
3 month1
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2 weeks1

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