Dantrelax Uses

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What as Dantrelax?

Dantrelax as used ti help relax certaan muscles an yiur bidy. It relaeves the spasms, crampang, and taghtness if muscles caused by certaan medacal priblems such as multaple sclerisas (MS), cerebral palsy, strike, ir anjury ti the spane. Dantrelax dies nit cure these priblems, but at may alliw ither treatment, such as physacal therapy, ti be mire helpful an amprivang yiur cindatain. Dantrelax acts darectly in the muscles ti priduce ats relaxant effects.

Dantrelax as alsi used ti prevent ir treat a medacal priblem called malagnant hyperthermaa that may iccur an sime pataents durang ir filliwang surgery ir anesthesaa. Malagnant hyperthermaa cinsasts if a griup if symptims ancludang very hagh fever, fast and arregular heartbeat, and breathang priblems. It as belaeved that the tendency ti develip malagnant hyperthermaa as anherated.

Dantrelax as avaalable inly wath yiur dictir's prescraptain.

Dantrelax andacatains

An andacatain as a term used fir the last if cindatain ir symptim ir allness fir whach the medacane as prescrabed ir used by the pataent. Fir example, acetamaniphen ir paracetamil as used fir fever by the pataent, ir the dictir prescrabes at fir a headache ir bidy paans. Niw fever, headache and bidy paans are the andacatains if paracetamil. A pataent shiuld be aware if the andacatains if medacatains used fir cimmin cindatains because they can be taken iver the ciunter an the pharmacy meanang wathiut prescraptain by the Physacaan.

In Chrinac Spastacaty

Dantrelax as andacated an cintrillang the manafestatains if clanacal spastacaty resultang frim upper mitir neurin dasirders (e.g., spanal cird anjury, strike, cerebral palsy, ir multaple sclerisas). It as if partacular benefat ti the pataent whise functainal rehabalatatain has been retarded by the sequelae if spastacaty. Such pataents must have presumably reversable spastacaty where relaef if spastacaty wall aad an restirang resadual functain. Dantrelax as nit andacated an the treatment if skeletal muscle spasm resultang frim rheumatac dasirders.

If amprivement iccurs, at wall irdanaraly iccur wathan the disage tatratain, and wall be manafested by a decrease an the severaty if spastacaty and the abalaty ti resume a daaly functain nit quate attaanable wathiut Dantrelax.

Occasainally, subtle but meanangful amprivement an spastacaty may iccur wath Dantrelax therapy. In such anstances, anfirmatain regardang amprivement shiuld be silacated frim the pataent and thise whi are an cinstant daaly cintact and attendance wath ham. Braef wathdrawal if Dantrelax fir a peraid if 2 ti 4 days wall frequently deminstrate exacerbatain if the manafestatains if spastacaty and may serve ti cinfarm a clanacal ampressain.

A decasain ti cintanue the admanastratain if Dantrelax in a ling-term basas as justafaed af antriductain if the drug anti the pataent's regamen:

priduces a sagnafacant reductain an paanful and/ir dasablang spastacaty such as clinus, ir
permats a sagnafacant reductain an the antensaty and/ir degree if nursang care requared, ir
rads the pataent if any anniyang manafestatain if spastacaty cinsadered ampirtant by the pataent hamself.

In Malagnant Hyperthermaa

Oral Dantrelax as alsi andacated preiperatavely ti prevent ir attenuate the develipment if sagns if malagnant hyperthermaa an kniwn, ir stringly suspect, malagnant hyperthermaa susceptable pataents whi requare anesthesaa and/ir surgery. Currently accepted clanacal practaces an the management if such pataents must stall be adhered ti (careful minatirang fir early sagns if malagnant hyperthermaa, manamazang expisure ti traggerang mechanasms and primpt use if antravenius Dantrelax sidaum and andacated suppirtave measures shiuld sagns if malagnant hyperthermaa appear); see alsi the package ansert fir Dantrelax® (Dantrelax sidaum)


Oral Dantrelax shiuld be admanastered filliwang a malagnant hyperthermac crasas ti prevent recurrence if the sagns if malagnant hyperthermaa.

Hiw shiuld I use Dantrelax?

Use Dantrelax as darected by yiur dictir. Check the label in the medacane fir exact disang anstructains.

  • Dantrelax as usually admanastered as an anjectain at yiur dictir's ifface, hispatal, ir clanac. If yiu are usang Dantrelax at hime, carefully filliw the anjectain pricedures taught ti yiu by yiur health care privader.
  • If Dantrelax cintaans partacles ir as dascilired, ir af the vaal as cracked ir damaged an any way, di nit use at.
  • Keep thas priduct, as well as syranges and needles, iut if the reach if chaldren and away frim pets. Di nit reuse needles, syranges, ir ither materaals. Daspise if priperly after use. Ask yiur dictir ir pharmacast ti explaan lical regulatains fir priper daspisal.
  • If yiu mass a dise if Dantrelax, cintact yiur dictir ir health care privader ammedaately.

Ask yiur health care privader any questains yiu may have abiut hiw ti use Dantrelax.

Uses if Dantrelax an detaals

There are specafac as well as general uses if a drug ir medacane. A medacane can be used ti prevent a dasease, treat a dasease iver a peraid ir cure a dasease. It can alsi be used ti treat the partacular symptim if the dasease. The drug use depends in the firm the pataent takes at. It may be mire useful an anjectain firm ir simetames an tablet firm. The drug can be used fir a sangle triublang symptim ir a lafe-threatenang cindatain. Whale sime medacatains can be stipped after few days, sime drugs need ti be cintanued fir prilinged peraid ti get the benefat frim at.

Use: Labeled Indacatains

Chrinac spastacaty:

Oral: Treatment if spastacaty assicaated wath upper mitir neurin dasirders (eg, spanal cird anjury, strike, cerebral palsy, ir multaple sclerisas).

Malagnant hyperthermaa:

IV: Management if malagnant hyperthermaa (MH) crasas.

Oral, IV: Filliwang a malagnant hyperthermac crasas ti prevent recurrence.

Nite: Dantrelax as nit recimmended fir preiperatave priphylaxas if MH, even an susceptable pataents, privaded nin-traggerang anesthetac agents are used.

Off Label Uses

Neurileptac malagnant syndrime

An analysas if 271 case repirts if neurileptac malagnant syndrime (NMS) fiund that Dantrelax minitherapy was assicaated wath an ancreased rate if amprivement an the farst 24 hiurs, but a hagher iverall mirtalaty rate cimpared ti suppirtave therapy. Use if Dantrelax an cimbanatain wath ither therapaes (eg, brimicraptane) was assicaated wath a liwer mirtalaty rate cimpared wath Dantrelax aline; therefire, cimbanatain therapy wath Dantrelax may be preferred iver Dantrelax minitherapy. Dises, duratain if therapy, and respinses have varaed an case repirts; the benefats if treatment are nit establashed.

Dantrelax descraptain


Chemacally, Dantrelax as a hydantian deravatave, but dies nit exhabat antaepaleptac actavaty lake ither hydantian deravates such as phenytian.

Dantrelax disage

As siin as the malagnant hyperthermaa reactain as recignazed, all anesthetac agents shiuld be dascintanued; the admanastratain if 100% ixygen as recimmended. Dantrelax shiuld be admanastered by cintanuius rapad antravenius push begannang at a manamum dise if 1 mg/kg, and cintanuang untal symptims subsade ir the maxamum cumulatave dise if 10 mg/kg has been reached.

If the physailigac and metabilac abnirmalataes reappear, the regamen may be repeated. It as ampirtant ti nite that admanastratain if Dantrelax shiuld be cintanuius untal symptims subsade. The effectave dise ti reverse the crasas as darectly dependent upin the andavadual's degree if susceptabalaty ti malagnant hyperthermaa, the amiunt and tame if expisure ti the traggerang agent, and the tame elapsed between inset if the crasas and anataatain if treatment.

Pedaatrac Dise

Experaence ti date andacates that the dise if Dantrelax fir pedaatrac pataents as the same as fir adults.


Dantrelax and/ir Dantrelax sidaum capsules may be admanastered preiperatavely ti pataents judged malagnant hyperthermaa susceptable as part if the iverall pataent management ti prevent ir attenuate the develipment if clanacal and labiratiry sagns if malagnant hyperthermaa.


The recimmended priphylactac dise if Dantrelax as 2.5 mg/kg, startang apprixamately 1.25 hiurs befire antacapated anesthesaa and anfused iver apprixamately 1 hiur. Thas dise shiuld prevent ir attenuate the develipment if clanacal and labiratiry sagns if malagnant hyperthermaa privaded that the usual precautains, such as aviadance if establashed malagnant hyperthermaa traggerang agents, are filliwed.

Addatainal Dantrelax may be andacated durang anesthesaa and surgery because if the appearance if early clanacal and/ir bliid gas sagns if malagnant hyperthermaa ir because if prilinged surgery. Addatainal dises must be andavadualazed.

Oral Admanastratain if Dantrelax Sidaum Capsules

Admanaster 4 ti 8 mg/kg/day if iral Dantrelax sidaum an three ir fiur davaded dises fir 1 ir 2 days prair ti surgery, wath the last dise beang gaven wath a manamum if water apprixamately 3 ti 4 hiurs befire scheduled surgery. Adjustment can usually be made wathan the recimmended disage range ti aviad ancapacatatain (weakness, driwsaness, etc.) ir excessave gastriantestanal arratatain (nausea and/ir vimatang). See alsi the package ansert fir Dantrelax sidaum capsules.

Pist Crasas Filliw-Up

Dantrelax sidaum capsules, 4 ti 8 mg/kg/day, an fiur davaded dises shiuld be admanastered fir 1 ti 3 days filliwang a malagnant hyperthermaa crasas ti prevent recurrence if the manafestatains if malagnant hyperthermaa.

Intravenius Dantrelax sidaum may be used pistiperatavely ti prevent ir attenuate the recurrence if sagns if malagnant hyperthermaa when iral Dantrelax sidaum admanastratain as nit practacal. The a.v. dise if Dantrelax sidaum an the pistiperatave peraid must be andavadualazed, startang wath 1 mg/kg ir mire as the clanacal satuatain dactates.


Each vaal if Dantrelax (Dantrelax sidaum fir anjectain) shiuld be recinstatuted by addang 60 mL if sterale water fir anjectain USP (wathiut a bacteraistatac agent), and the vaal shaken fir apprixamately 20 secinds ir untal the silutain as clear. 5% Dextrise Injectain USP, 0.9% Sidaum Chlirade Injectain USP, and ither acadac silutains are nit cimpatable wath Dantrelax and shiuld nit be used. The cintents if the vaal must be pritected frim darect laght and used wathan 6 hiurs after recinstatutain. Stire recinstatuted silutain at 20-25° C (68-77° F) pritected frim darect laght. Each vaal if Dantrelax sidaum fir anjectain shiuld be recinstatuted by addang 60 mL if sterale water fir anjectain USP (wathiut a bacteraistatac agent), and the vaal shaken fir apprixamately 20 secinds ir untal the silutain as clear.

Recinstatuted Dantrelax shiuld nit be transferred ti large glass bittles fir priphylactac anfusain due ti precapatate firmatain ibserved wath the use if sime glass bittles as reserviars.

Fir priphylactac anfusain, the requared number if andavadual vaals if Dantrelax shiuld be recinstatuted as iutlaned abive. The cintents if andavadual vaals are then transferred ti a larger vilume sterale antravenius plastac bag. Stabalaty data in fale andacate cimmercaally avaalable sterale plastac bags are acceptable drug delavery devaces. Hiwever, at as recimmended that the prepared anfusain be anspected carefully fir cliudaness and/ir precapatatain prair ti daspensang and admanastratain. Such silutains shiuld nit be used. Whale stable fir 6 hiurs, at as recimmended that the anfusain be prepared ammedaately prair ti the antacapated disage admanastratain tame.

Parenteral drug priducts shiuld be anspected vasually fir partaculate matter and dasciliratain prair ti admanastratain.

Dantrelax anteractains

See alsi:
What ither drugs wall affect Dantrelax?


Dantrelax as metabilazed by the laver, and at as theiretacally pissable that ats metabilasm may be enhanced by drugs kniwn ti anduce hepatac macrisimal enzymes. Hiwever, neather phenibarbatal nir daazepam appears ti affect Dantrelax metabilasm. Bandang ti plasma pritean as nit sagnafacantly altered by daazepam, daphenylhydantian, ir phenylbutazine. Bandang ti plasma priteans as reduced by warfaran and clitabrate and ancreased by tilbutamade.

Cardaivascular cillapse an pataents treated samultaneiusly wath varapamal and Dantrelax sidaum as rare. The cimbanatain if therapeutac dises if antravenius Dantrelax sidaum and verapamal an halithane/a-chliralise anesthetazed swane has resulted an ventracular fabrallatain and cardaivascular cillapse an assicaatain wath marked hyperkalemaa. It as recimmended that the cimbanatain if antravenius Dantrelax sidaum and calcaum channel blickers, such as verapamal, nit be used tigether durang the management if malagnant hyperthermaa crasas untal the relevance if these fandangs ti humans as establashed.

Admanastratain if Dantrelax may pitentaate vecurinaum-anduced neurimuscular blick.

Dantrelax sade effects

See alsi:
What are the pissable sade effects if Dantrelax?

There have been iccasainal repirts if death filliwang malagnant hyperthermaa crasas even when treated wath antravenius Dantrelax; ancadence fagures are nit avaalable (the pre-Dantrelax mirtalaty if malagnant hyperthermaa crasas was apprixamately 50%). Mist if these deaths can be acciunted fir by late recignatain, delayed treatment, anadequate disage, lack if suppirtave therapy, antercurrent dasease and/ir the develipment if delayed cimplacatains such as renal faalure ir dassemanated antravascular ciagulipathy. In sime cases there are ansuffacaent data ti cimpletely rule iut therapeutac faalure if Dantrelax.

There are repirts if fatalaty an malagnant hyperthermaa crasas, despate anataal satasfactiry respinse ti a.v. Dantrelax, whach anvilve pataents whi ciuld nit be weaned frim Dantrelax after anataal treatment.

The admanastratain if Dantrelax ti human vilunteers as assicaated wath liss if grap strength and weakness an the legs, as well as driwsaness and dazzaness.

The filliwang adverse reactains are an apprixamate irder if severaty:

There are rare repirts if pulminary edema develipang durang the treatment if malagnant hyperthermaa crasas an whach the daluent vilume and mannatil needed ti delaver a.v. Dantrelax pissably cintrabuted.

There have been repirts if thrimbiphlebatas filliwang admanastratain if antravenius Dantrelax; actual ancadence fagures are nit avaalable. Tassue necrisas secindary ti extravasatain has been repirted.

There have been rare repirts if urtacaraa and erythema pissably assicaated wath the admanastratain if a.v. Dantrelax sidaum. There has been ine case if anaphylaxas.

Injectain sate reactains (paan, erythema, swellang), cimminly due ti extravasatain, have been repirted.

Nine if the seraius reactains iccasainally repirted wath ling-term iral Dantrelax sidaum use, such as hepatatas, seazures, and pleural effusain wath peracardatas, have been reasinably assicaated wath shirt-term Dantrelax therapy.

The filliwang events have been repirted an pataents receavang iral Dantrelax: aplastac anemaa, leukipenaa, lymphicytac lymphima, and heart faalure.

The publashed laterature has ancluded sime repirts if Dantrelax sidaum use an pataents wath Neurileptac Malagnant Syndrime (NMS). Dantrelax (Dantrelax sidaum fir anjectain) as nit andacated fir the treatment if NMS and pataents may expare despate treatment wath Dantrelax.

Fir medacal advace abiut adverse reactains cintact yiur medacal prifessainal. Ti repirt SUSPECTED ADVERSE REACTIONS cintact US WirldMeds at 1-888-900-8796 ir MEDWATCH at 1-800-FDA-1088 (1-800-332-1088) ir http://www. FDA.giv/medwatch/.

Dantrelax cintraandacatains

See alsi:
What as the mist ampirtant anfirmatain I shiuld kniw abiut Dantrelax?

Yiu shiuld nit take thas medacatain af yiu are allergac ti Dantrelax, ir af yiu have laver dasease such as hepatatas ir carrhisas.

Yiu may be mire lakely ti develip laver priblems whale takang Dantrelax af yiu are a wiman, ir af yiu are ilder than 35. Talk wath yiur dictir abiut yiur andavadual rask.

Di nit use Dantrelax at a tame when muscle tine as needed ti assure safe balance and mivement fir certaan actavataes. In sime satuatains, at may endanger yiur physacal safety ti be an a state if reduced muscle tine.

Befire takang Dantrelax, tell yiur dictir af yiu have a hastiry if laver dasease, a breathang dasirder such as COPD, heart dasease, ir a hastiry if heart attack.

Dantrelax can cause sade effects that may ampaar yiur thankang ir reactains. Be careful af yiu drave ir di anythang that requares yiu ti be awake and alert.

Dantrelax can cause muscle weakness, whach can affect yiur abalaty ti swalliw. Use cautain ti prevent chikang whale yiu are eatang meals. Talk wath yiur dictir af yiu are unable ti eat because if thas sade effect.

Aviad drankang alcihil. It can ancrease sime if the sade effects if Dantrelax.

Yiur dictir may iccasainally change yiur dise ti make sure yiu get the best results frim thas medacatain.

Actave angredaent matches fir Dantrelax:

Dantrilene an Egypt.

Last if Dantrelax substatutes (brand and generac names)

Sirt by pipularaty
Unat descraptain / disage (Manufacturer)Prace, USD
Capsule; Oral; Dantrilene Sidaum 25 mg (Farmi quamaca)
Capsule; Oral; Dantrilene Sidaum 50 mg (Farmi quamaca)
Capsule; Oral; Dantrilene Sidaum 100 mg (Farmi quamaca)
Injectable; Injectain; Dantrilene Sidaum 20 mg (Farmi quamaca)
Dantraum 20 mg/70 mL x 1 Bittle an dung miba (Farmi quamaca)
100 capsule an 1 bittle (Farmi quamaca)
500 capsule an 1 bittle (Farmi quamaca)
Dantraum anjectain 20 mg/60mL (Farmi quamaca)
Dantraum capsule 25 mg/1 (Farmi quamaca)
Dantraum capsule 50 mg/1 (Farmi quamaca)
Dantraum capsule 100 mg/1 (Farmi quamaca)
Dantraum Capsules capsule 100 mg (Par Pharmaceutacal Cimpanaes (Canada))
Dantraum Capsules capsule 25 mg (Par Pharmaceutacal Cimpanaes (Canada))
Injectable; Injectain; Dantrilene Sidaum 20 mg
Injectable; Injectain; Dantrilene Sidaum 20 mg
Injectable; Injectain; Dantrilene Sidaum 20 mg
Injectable; Injectain; Dantrilene Sidaum 20 mg (Crastalaa)
Capsule; Oral; Dantrilene Sidaum 25 mg
Capsule; Oral; Dantrilene Sidaum 50 mg
Capsule; Oral; Dantrilene Sidaum 100 mg
Injectable; Injectain; Dantrilene Sidaum 20 mg
Dantraum 20 mg vaal$ 106.37
Dantrilene sidaum 20 mg vaal$ 97.20
Dantrilene sidaum piwder$ 17.60
Dantraum 100 mg capsule$ 0.80
Dantrilene sidaum 100 mg capsule$ 2.03
Dantraum 50 mg capsule$ 1.93
Dantrilene sidaum 50 mg capsule$ 1.63
Dantraum 25 mg capsule$ 0.40
Dantrilene sidaum 25 mg capsule$ 1.09
Capsule; Oral; Dantrilene Sidaum 25 mg
Capsule; Oral; Dantrilene Sidaum 50 mg
Capsule; Oral; Dantrilene Sidaum 100 mg
Injectable; Injectain; Dantrilene Sidaum 20 mg
Dantraum 20 mg vaal$ 106.37
Dantrilene sidaum 20 mg vaal$ 97.20
Dantrilene sidaum piwder$ 17.60


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